Why did everything in the 1950s and 60s look better than it does today?

That depends on your tastes. I think that the '50s for furniture and interior design were quite elegant, rather like the '30s. In contrast, the '60s were quite brash but fun. The '70s were the '60s on LSD or something similar. However, I think that modern kitchens and bathrooms look better than they've ever done. I quite like some contemporary inte

What are some examples of ISPs?

Service providers (SP) are those who provides services like voice, video, data to their customers.,Few ISPs in India are Bharti, Reliance, Vodafone etc.

What is Criminal justice?

The criminal justice system consists of Police, Courts and Corrections. Each section plays a part in the administration of law and order and justice for all , both criminal and victim.,The police apprehend the criminal when there is probable cause for arrest. The alleged criminal is entitled to a trial in the courts where guilt must be proven beyon

What car does Jennifer Aniston drive?

What car does Jennifer Aniston drive?,Toyota Prius Jennifer Aniston believes in staying practical and protecting the environment as much as they can. So it comes as no surprise that she owns Toyota Prius.,She also has a Bentley

Why doesnu2019t Oregon have a sales tax?

Oregonians have had many opportunities to vote to have a sales tax, but except for very special forms of sales tax, always voted against them.,Many of the things that in other states would be paid for by a sales tax are paid for by personal income tax and property tax.,Now, you might think that Oregonians would think to replace both of these taxes

What are fun and easy cooking recipes for vegans?

2 easy vegan recipes,1. Ultimate Tofu Breakfast Burrito Bowlsn,Tofu scrambles up just like eggs, and with some clever spices, even non-vegans will barely notice the difference. Try setting out toppings to let family or guests assemble their own burrito bowls.,Great for breakfast or dinner, these hearty bowls will keep you full for hours. Scrambled

What is the least costly SIM-only contract with unlimited internet in UK?

i think it is monthly plan.. it is very helpful. Today every network service provider including leading and new networks provides SIM only deals. These deals are quite popular especially among tablet users as tablet can be used as pocket PCs. If you are using a tablet like iPad Pro then you will want uninterrupted broadband connectivity so that you

Whats the size of the statue of Lord Ram being made in Ayodhya?

Image courtesy : Google.,The proposed size of the statue in Ayodhya will be 251 meters. In Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, dedicated to the Lord Ram statue will be 251 meters tall including plinth and umbrella, and will be tallest statue of the World. The cost of the statue will be u20b92,500 crore (US$350 million), which will be built on the bank o

How should I decorate my bedroom if I have a vintage white desk, dresser, wicker trunk, end table I also have two modern black bookcases and one modern white plastic bookshelf my room is pale pink and I like it?

In 1974, I was employed full time, and also a full time student. I shared a house with the SIL of a friend.,This kitty was always a determined being. She walked in the open back door of our house one day, very clearly looked around, and said, u201cWell, thisu201dll dou201d, and moved right in. My roommateu2019s three year old immediately picked her

Why were the 3 branches of government established?

We have 3 branches of government to minimize the possibility of too much power in the hands of a single person, who could become a despot.,Obviously, we want the judiciary to be as independent as possible, as the judiciary tends to be our last recourse for defending our rights from a tyrannical government.,In Britain, the legislative and executive

What is an essay about quantitative research?

Generally an essay is, according to Wikipedia, u201ca piece of writing that gives the author's own argument.u201d So once you have defined what quantitative research is (some good definitions in other answers here), you need a thesis statement that shows your point of view about it. Something like this would work: u201cQuantitative research only go

Which is a better destination for a beach - enthusiast, Greece or The Philippines?

Philippines and Greece are 2 major beach sea destinations and are known for endless kilometers of coastline and thousands of islands. However there are some strengths to both places to why both countries are wonderful.,Both have too many islands and coastline for anyone to ever be able to explore all in a single lifetime.,1. Marine diversity and ov

What is IMF?

In popular culture, the IMF is the fictional organization that is central to the u201cMission: Impossibleu201d franchise - a franchise consisting at least of 2 TV series and half a dozen movies.,IMF stands for u201cImpossible Missions Forceu201d.,In the original TV series, produced by Bruce Geller, the head of the IMF was Dan Briggs, played by Stev

Is the movie "Grave Encounters" based on a true story?

No. None of the film crew died. The hospital exists but its not called "Collingwood" its called " Riverview Hospital". All of the experiments on patients etc was real. They renamed the hospital to stop people from going to the actual hospital.

Is the movie Cats (2019) really that bad?

Many years ago, on reaching what passes with me for adulthood, I started to travel more, and I developed anxiety about flying.,In an attempt to control my anxiety, I researched air accidents, to see if my fears were realistic.,I read many air accident reports, trying to better understand how accidents happen.,I came to understand that air accidents

Before the internet updating, how did game developers handle bugs?

Good question.,In the good olu2019 days (1980s through the 1990s), you had two major classes of platforms: home computers and video game consoles. Letu2019s address them separately.,Home computersThe good olu2019 Apple II! These were wildly popular back in my olu2019 stomping grounds of Silicon Valley (image credit)As Yamen Ou2019Donnell notes, the

What is a good recipe for thin boneless pork chops?

Season flour with salt and black pepper. Add hot sauce (Texas Pete, or Crystal, or Franku2019s) to buttermilk until it looks like Pepto. Dredge the chops in the flour, than soak fifteen minutes in the buttermilk. Dredge them again in flour, and panfry for a couple of minutes.,Serve over grits and greens, topped with a fried egg. Itu2019s redneck fo

How do you substitute sour cream in baking?

Bicarbonate of soda is an alkali that needs an acid to activate it. This is why cakes or other baked goods often call for bicarb plus an acidic ingredient like milk, buttermilk, cream of tartar or yoghurt.,The thing that gives sour cream its name is the lactic acid bacteria that is added to cream to ferment it. So you need to choose a substitute th

What are some of your created food recipes which tastes good but is not known by many?

Hello & Namaste !,It has to be Black Forest Rasgulla Cake which I baked for my sonu2019s birthday!,The cake tasted as impressive as the name does .,All I did was , layered the slices of Rasgulla in my Black Forest cake and baked it. We loved the taste of it. It was a complete dessert ! Yammyy ! Having said that, I do fancy baking mini Gulab Jamun /

What is the best credit card for small businesses?

I must agree with Lucas and Brian: there is no one right answer. People use the term "Small" businesses to describe a range from a sole proprietor with 4 or 5 transactions a month to companies with dozens of employees and millions of dollars of annual revenue. Clearly, the best terms for a merchant agreement will differ among these. ,As a small bus

What are medium format cameras?

Medium format cameras are cameras with a sensor size (or film size) that is larger than 35mm film and smaller than large format (4x5 inches).

How did your boss respond when you told himher you quit?

I did this several times in my career. Not every company is good at furthering your career so sometimes you have to do that yourself by getting a better job.,Most accepted it, but one company did not and announced they were going to offer me a grievance procedure. They then proceeded to intimidate the u2018friendu2019 nI was allowed to take into it

How do you improve interpersonal relationships at work?

Funny story. I had just started my first professional job after graduating from college. It was in the financial district of a large US city. Everyone at this conservative firm wore formal business attire (e.g., suits and ties).,I had been working there a week or two. Back in the day I used to play a lot of hoops. I was recruited by a co-worker to

What are some of the rare jobs which people dont know about?

I employ napkin folders.,My restaurant has 576 seats, so we use a metric fuck ton of napkins, which must be folded.,Itu2019s a mindless job but obviously low impact and super easy.,Hawaii is easing towards an $18.00 minimum wage by 2025, so itu2019s never going to be a hard billet to fill. 18 bucks an hour to fold napkins. Thatu2019ll be a dream jo