What do investment bankers do?

Imagine youu2019re a small company, who used to be a nonexistent company.,You initially started your business, but you couldnu2019t get it moving too well without up-front money. So, a venture firm came into place and provided that cash to get you going.,A few years later, youu2019re making decent cash. Now, you want to be able to maneuver your ind

What are some good hacks for clicking better photos from your smartphone?

Here are some cool photography tips!,These tips improve photography even if you donu2019t have flagship mobiles.,1.Rule of thirds:Enable grid in your camera settings. The object you are focussing while taking a picture should coincide with any two of the four intersection points formed by the lines of the grid.,2.Symmetry:Symmetry can be really use

What is the saddest scene you have ever seen in an ER?

The saddest and one of the most bizarre all at the same time.,A mother brought her 11-year-old daughter because the daughter had been sick and was complaining of severe abdominal pain.,We did the standard workup including a pregnancy test. The girl was pregnant. Needless to say her mother flipped out. The girl had no idea what pregnant even meant.

What is a business model template?

Business model template or framework is a set of blocks, sometimes in visual form, that helps you understand key aspects of the business system that you want to build.,For example, there is a u201cBusiness Model Canvasu201d template or framework that can be found on some services like Miro or Canvanizer or Strategyzer or Figma:,It helps you underst

What does the government do for its citizens in the US?

There is no easy answer. Since you said in the US I will assume you mean the federal government. The federal government appoints federal judges such as the Supreme Court and those people make decisions on laws to determine their constitutionality (ensure that the law doesn't violate the rules set for the government). But most things you would think

What are some extremely quick and healthy lunch and dinner ideas?

What are some extremely quick and healthy lunch and dinner ideas?I am looking for something very quick, easy and healthy. I am fine to cook twice a week. I don't have any restrictions or allergies (I am just too lazy and too busy). I don't even have the motivation to cook.Currently, I am eating outside.Please share your experiences.PS: I am 27, 5u2

Which zodiac sign is the most beautiful woman ever (personality wise, internally)?

Ok so you donu2019t already know about how you look and you are looking for some points which would help you to derive a decesion about your own looks (which is funny in a way). Letu2019s talk about it -,People are attracted towards you especially opposite sex ( simple to understand). They like having you around and they make a move first to talk t

How do I add a black border to an image in Photoshop?

It'su200b quit smiple process for adding a black or any color border to an image in Photoshop.,Select the Particular image in layer pannel and go to fx (effects) and select stroke from the blending options.,You can also increase or decrease the size of border as per your visual.

What personality characteristic screams "loser" to you?

NONE. Absolutely none. Every personality characteristic exists for a reason. Even combinations that seem totally unredeemable have their advantages (at least for the person who has them).,There was an episode of Brain Games (a TV program on the National Geographic channel while I was living in the US), which talked about sociopaths. A set of person

Will an exercise physiologist help with my rheumatoid arthritis?

Greetings,,There is a reason that the joints become stiff, and toes overlap for some folks and that is internal relative to the nutritional elements in the body. Time and time again I can show people through hair tissue mineral analysis why it began and what was off balance. Otherwise, you are trying supplement and modality one after the other if y

What is the significance of Rahu-Ketu transit this year?

The transits of the lunar nodes act on a person in a slightly different way than the movements of certain planets. And such perturbations can sometimes be quite significant. By and large, in astrology, there are no trifles at all. Absolutely everything is important, even the most insignificant changes in the celestial sphere.,And although the lunar

Where is the best place to play Poku00e9mon GO in Europe?

Well you didn't mention you were looking for Co ordinates or you are actually in one specific location where you want play PoGO.,So here's the thing.,If you are a type of Flying throughout then United Kingdom's u201cREGENTS PARKu201d is best of em all.Also you can try u201c Hyder Parku201d i don't know if its really spelled like that But yes other

What are the best dogs?

I believe that most dog owners believe that their dog is the best dog in the world.,Take Jake, for example:,This is Jake when he was still a puppy. Heu2019s a pitbull mix. I adopted him almost 8 years ago from the SPCA of Luzerne County in Wilkes Barre, PA.,Of course, to me, he is the best dog in the world!,He can sing:,He can follow commands such

What is the most satisfying thing in the world for a flight attendant?

Having a very long day and you stand up all day long in heels. You have not slept so well before the flight. You are so tired and had demanding passengers. The cabin doesnu2019t smell nice at all. You have had crying kids on board. After several meal services on board you guys are finally done. Uniform on and you guys go and sit in your jump seats.

Is the OPPO A55 worth buying?

Oppo A55 5G smartphone was launched on 25th January 2021. The phone comes with a 6.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720x1600 pixels at a pixel density of 480 pixels per inch (ppi). Oppo A55 5G is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. It comes with 6GB of RAM. The Oppo A55 5G runs Android 11 and is powered by a 50

What are biological solutions to societyu2019s data storage problems?

Researchers have proposed to use DNA to store information. Although it can potentially store more information in a given volume, it has lots of challenges; Currently, data is read and written at a frequency of several hundreds of MHz (almost 1 bit for every 2u20135 ns) (ignoring the time spent in seeking information, which takes a ms or so). Althou

Will work from home become the norm after this Pandemic?

I guess my answer to this question will be NO.,Work from home is only possible when there are some tough situations which an employee is facing and he has no option other than not coming to office and working. In this pandemic also the work from option is forced because of the complete lockdown enforced by the Government so that this virus doesnu20

What does the Bible say about doing good deeds?

These are just some verses that speak on the subject.,Titus 3:14nu201cAnd let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.u201dTitus 2:7nu201cShow yourself in all respects to be a model of good works;u201dGalatians 6:9nu201cAnd let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season

Which clothing brands produce their products in the US?

apple bottomsnlouis vuittonnhollister . contom fordnversacenarmaninburberrynlevisntommy hilfigernzaranUS polo,ngiovaninlacostenmichael korsnralph laurennguessncalvin cliennvoguenchanelnguccinfendindiornpradandolce & gabbananvalentino,thats all what i know :)

Why are some salts coloured?

Majority of all the colored compounds have transition element(s) ions in them like the examples you've mentioned "Copper Sulphate is sky blue. Copper nitrate is dark blue", Copper is a well known transition element due to its anomalous electronic configuration which defies the general trend as one moves from left to right across a periodic table. ,

Do you accept Arab people?

Of course! Thatu2019s a question with an obvious answer (for me). I donu2019t see anything bad with them. I think theyu2019re awesome with those long satin headdress and those nice and soothing music.,Yeah, maybe there are some of them who fights and obscenely murders people but that doesnu2019t mean all of them are. And, also, THEY are part of the

What is going on in Russia at this early year of 2022?

Hello from brutalsky Russia,,Today, on 15 January 2022 by Julian calendar, I show and tell about new micro-region Nekrasovka in the south-east of Moscow, why Putin is the best president since Khan Batu, and why Russia is prosperous, peaceful, future-oriented and well-developed. Please upvote and leave comments so that captain Ivanov give me bonus.,