What are different market segmentation?

Market Segmentation begins with the persona that fits the mold of the audience that a marketer wants to appeal with starting the online marketing journey.,Customer Relationship Management provides data to work with to create an audience that is attracted to feel the burning desire to become advocates with a sensation to feel they want more of this.

If I write a sentence or couple of sentences that are verbatim from either the textbook or from Wikipedia in my history GCSE (from memory) is that plagiarism? Would it be ok if I reword it slightly?

Natasha, I think the kind people attempting to answer this so far are living on too elevated an academic level. They don't understand about GCSEs.,I do, but on the other hand it's a very long time since I took O level History (which stopped at 1914)! But let's have a gou2026,Firstly, unless you have been given specific definitions or phrases to lea

How do you compute for the Return of Investment? Is there a formula for this?

This answer will challenge the traditional way to look at ROI.Below is the traditional way to look at ROI:,However, the above calculation doesnu2019t take account of one key component-time.,In this traditional way of looking at ROI, a passive investment that produces, on average, 9% per year, is not as good as an investment that is producing 9.1% w

What are the best modern interior style trends in 2020?

I have some ideas related to modern interior design for bedrooms.,1. WAXWING SLIDING DOORS:The Two-Door Waxwing Sliding Wardrobe Is A Stylish Wardrobe With Two Sliding Doors On The Two Sides. It Has Many Racks And Drawers For Putting Hangers, Garments, And Different Accessories, For Example, Wallets And Belts.,2. MIRROR DOORS:In The Event That You

Will Apple ever create a notebook that uses iOS?

Yes. ,As it stands today OS X is already operating on iOS devices. The foundation of iOS is OS X. It may seem OS X, proper runs on Intel [1] architecture and iOS runs on ARM [2] based architecture. However in reality the core basis of OS X runs on both Intel and ARM. The road for a convergence is already mapped out.,At some future date there may no

Why is China not giving in to Donald Trumps trade deal?

Another way to answer this question is to ask, why would China give in to Trumpu2019s trade demands?,I canu2019t think of a single reason why. They have enough size to absorb short term losses and the government isnu2019t as effected by the suffering of its people as America is. America, in that sense, is in a much more vulnerable situation.,All Ch

Do EXO members love and care for each other as much as BTS do for each other?

Okay. So letu2019s get facts straight. Iu2019ve known exo since like the end of 2014. Even though Iu2019ve only gotten to really know them at the start of 2017. Same with bts.,Both groups have different kinds of friendships. Because both groups have different kinds of people, personality wise.,In bts usually people that donu2019t know the members v

I am travelling to Manila, Philippines in coming march for two weeks, and have about a week to visit local nearby and cheap tourist attractions. Any suggestions?

If you have to mix business with pleasure, you'll be limited to the environs around Manila, where land travel is a pain because of the awful traffic conditions. Be sure to ask for local suggestions or have a Filipino friend guide you around. Download Google Maps of the local areas. Below are some of my suggestions:,La Mesa Dam - it's a forested par

Why did President Obama decide to rename Mt. McKinley to Denali?

Much like the Penny only continues to be minted, despite each coin costing 1.7 cents to mint, only because the Senators and Congress Critters from Illinois have a thing about Lincoln being on the coin, Mt. McKinley has only kept that name because of the foaming silliness of the Senators and Congress Critters from Ohio.,If you believe the term 'foam

How many minutes does it take to soft boil an egg?

That would depend upon what you consider soft boiled.,Of course, the greater the amount of time, the harder the whites and yolks will become.,Here are eight eggs opened at various cooking times. Take your pick on how you like yours. For me, about five minutes or so sounds about right.,,nThere are a several of factors that may affect the boiling tim

What are some unique aspects of Finnish culture?

I started to think of all cliches of Finnish culture and I felt that I don't want to perform them once again. So I started to think what would really, deeply and genuinely be uniquely Finnish and had a hard time to find anything. Something luckily remained, and I'm afraid, some cliches included.,So, I'd like to say, that there is very little anythi

Why is the Philippines a disaster?

Philippines being a disaster goes back from a long, long time of historical foul-ups that help shape the psyche of its people. Many events from the past to present shaped Philippines into what it is today. It didnu2019t help that it had a very different history compared to its other Southeast Asian counterparts, in fact probably pariah different fr

What do investment bankers do?

Imagine youu2019re a small company, who used to be a nonexistent company.,You initially started your business, but you couldnu2019t get it moving too well without up-front money. So, a venture firm came into place and provided that cash to get you going.,A few years later, youu2019re making decent cash. Now, you want to be able to maneuver your ind

Do flight attendants cheat in relationships?

Thanks for the A2AnCheat? I almost laughed out loud... but as usual, I'm too tired and hungry right now.nGood Lord, they're fortunate, to say the least, if they can find a relationship to begin with. With their lifestyle of being on the go for most of their career, even to maintain a relationship (for those fortunate ones ?) is a huge challenge in

Whatu2019s the difference between interest compounded annually and simple interest?

The difference between the two is that in compounding the interest is calculated on interest as well as on the principal amount. Accordingly, the amount of interest increases every compounding cycle.,On the other hand, in simple interest, the interest rate is applied only on the principal amount, resulting in the same amount of interest throughout

What are some good recipes for fat bombs when you are following a keto diet?

4 Healthy Fats to Add to Your Diet u201cFat bombs should be something you use around your training or when you're in a bind on-the-go,u201d she adds. u201cGenerally, one to three per day will be sufficient,u201d says Garrison. Eating at least three strips of bacon daily when on the keto diet adds about 2000 milligrams of natural sodium to your norm

What was the cheapest edible thing to put in a sandwich 50 years ago?

I vividly remember, my wife and I landed at the Toronto Airport in the early 70 s with total assets of 508 dollars.,My wife is very wise, frugal, and the kind of person she would stay hungry if she has to feed the family.Since we were very new in this country, no relation, no link to anyone, and we had no idea when we could find some work, we both

What do I do with a pork belly?

Here's a good Korean recipe. It's simple and delicious. ,1) Slice it into thin pieces and pan fry the slices until they're crispy. A griddle with a grate to do away with the excess the oil is best. You can also fry some thinly sliced garlic. n2) Julienne some green onions and make a light salad by adding a dash of sesame oil, red pepper flakes, sal

Are there Photoshop actions that mimic Instagram filters?

Daniel Box made a filter-for-filter action set of Instagram's entire offeringnhttp://dbox.tumblr.com/post/5426249009/instagram-filters-as-photoshop-actions,The direct download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18590/photoshop-instagram-actions-by-dbox.zip

How can I get ideas to start a big business?

Yes !!!,Yes, your question is how can we build a big business ?,Great question I want to give my opinion here.,Personally, I don't think a big business can grow big on its own. It starts with a small business.,A small business, its transformation, a willingness to work hard, a lot of hard work will have to face big challenges.,Our Asia continent is