My major is English education, what else can I do except be an English teacher?

Absolutely anything.,But, my advice would be to find the industry/job you love and feel passionate about.,Your major does not limit you in what you can do.,In my own experience, most people are doing work unrelated to their major.,The other two questions are more important:,(1) How do you get skills the employer is looking for?n(2) What do you real

Is all-purpose flour the same as plain flour?

No.,Here in the US All Purpose flour is milled from both hard and soft wheat which gives it a higher amount of protein > gluten than plain flour. It is All Purpose in that it is what most people reach for but it has limits. It will make an ok bread but if you're are baking from scratch bread flour is a better choice.,Plain flour is another term

How much does IKEA charge for installing a kitchen?

IKEA does provide kitchen installation services in 2022, which is carried out by authorized third-party providers. Generally, it costs around $10,000 to install kitchens from IKEA, including the labor, cabinets, counter topics, faucets, appliances, and safety tests. A typical installation takes around 2-3 days.,IKEAu2019s kitchen installation servi

How do I look for living room ideas that are simple yet high on style quotient?

Best living room interiors of 2016The most common choice when it comes to living room design is to choose a sophisticated and personalized decor scheme, which is both nice to watch and comfortable to use. Most of all, the living room has to be enabled to accommodate more people.,When it comes to choosing something elegant, home owners are not suppo

Whats a dish that looks and tastes as if its hard to make but is actually very easy?

Stuffed bell peppers seem like they would be a big deal, but they're actually really easy.,You start out by boiling a pot of water. Slice the tops off of some bell peppers and remove all the innards. I like to use different colored ones, Iu2019ll show you why later,When the water is boiling drop the peppers in, make sure they are all submerged, and

How can one prepare for the IB English Language and Literature paper 1 and 2?

AP English Language focuses more on the language conventions of English, and especially, develops the idea of writing commentaries on non-fiction texts. Per se, it asks you to analyze how the meaning of an advertisement, for example, is portrayed. Is it through the use of contrasting light and dark colors, etc. etc. There is much less focus on the

Why cant I move my ring fingers and pinkies independently from each other?

The motor system in humans is an amazingly complex system, with several different layers of control and reflexes, but when it comes to the specific, voluntary, control of oneu2019s muscles the primary motor cortex reigns supreme. This area of the brain is a long strip of tissue that can be divided by what parts of the body their neuronal projects c

What are some jaw dropping pics of Pippa Middleton?

When it comes to Pippa Matthews (nee Middleton) there is only one picture that springs to mind, and iu2019ve no doubt itu2019s the one everyone else remembers..,Yes she was the beautiful sister of the then Kate Midddleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge) but that day Pippa too made her mark and left people in no doubt of her natural beauty and slende

Which camera is better, a Canon 6D mark II or a Nikon D750?

These two cameras have really similar specs and probably would provide the same quality of images. The real 6D Mark II specs are the same as proposed in advance by Canon while announcing it:,Canon EOS 6D Mark II: A Full Frame on the Cheap - here is its comparison with 6D specifications, and that flexible LCD display make it direct competitor for Ni

What are some popular tourist destinations that you have no desire to ever visit?

Machu Picchu looks like a yoga parlor these days. Also like speed dating. Pretty sure every woman on Bumble and Hinge in my city has been there recently. Because itu2019s a fad like yoga and internet dating.,Alternative: Arequipa or Lake Titicaca. Iu2019d go to either of those places in a flash. But I agree with another answer here: Machu Picchu lo

What are the main things that people from the U.S. notice when they move to Australia?

A shift to another country is a big move for anyone. There are probably bound to be some changes you like and some that you donu2019t. Itu2019s good that youu2019re getting yourself prepared.,Iu2019ve only been to the USA twice, but here are some things I can think of:,Driving on the left hand side of the road - This takes some time to adjust to, e

What are ingredients for fried rice?

You can use any type of rice, meat, and vegetables that you like to make fried rice and it will be good. Those items aren't the u201csecretu201d to good fried rice.,The key to good fried rice is three fold. First of all you need to use cold day old rice. Day old rice is dry so it absorbs a lot of flavor and there's no moisture to dilute the flavor

Should I go for a SanDisk Extreme or Extreme Pro?

Go for SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64Gb one. You wonu2019t find a lot of difference. When you are copying a file and if you compare the 2, you might not find a lot of difference,in the time. So you can get 64GB instead to 32GB by compromising for a few seconds of transfer time. Hope this helps :)

How many 14 cups does it take to make 2 cups?

4 of them would make one cup. Look at it like this 1/4 cup is actually a cup divided into 4 equal partsu2026. So 1/4 cup is 1 out of the 4 it takes to make a whole cup.,So if you need 2 cups you would need 8 of the 1/4 cups.,If 4 of them equals one full cup, then you need to do it twice. Altogether 8 of the 1/4 cups makes 2 full cups

What are the best laptops for video editing in 2022?

i will just let you know the specifications because laptopsu2019 models come and go but overall the specifications remain sort of constant.,for normal 1080p/720p editing- go for an i5/ryzen 5 processor paired with 8gb of ram. if you can get 16gb ram, get it because extra ram will always help you when dealing with larger projects. also this goes whe

What does it mean when you dream of riding a glass elevator with your long lost love, climbing up over old ruins while exchanging the I Love You you never had a chance to share in real life?

Dreams are symbolic in nature. They are also egocentric. Every character in dreams represents an aspect of your life, psyche, or prominent emotional direction etc. In order to interpret a dream you find the overarching theme of the dream.,Sounds like regret. The ruins are of importance because they signify something that crumbled. Interesting that

How do I properly care for a Monstera plant?

Give your monstera plenty of bright, indirect sunlightOne of the biggest frustrations I hear from monstera owners is that the leaves wonu2019t split! After all, whatu2019s a monstera without the characteristic splits and holes?,The best thing you can do to encourage your monstera leaves to fenestrate is to put it near a bright window, but not direc

How would the military take over North Sentinel Island?

While I do understand the Indian governmentu2019s position on leaving the island completely isolated, Iu2019m not convinced it is the correct one. It kind of reminds me of the story of Ota Bengau2026 A Pygmie tribesman that was actually kept in the Bronx Zoo around the turn of the century as a quasi great-ape. Who among us would call that humane? W

How long can one safely thaw meat from a frozen state on a kitchen counter?

Experts recommended not thawing meat on the kitchen counter at all. That being said it depends on what you want to thaw on the counter.,I will thaw a thin piece of meat, like a steak or piece of chicken, on the counter because they arenu2019t very big and thaw quickly. Then cook them right away.,A large roast, a whole chicken or turkey is problemat

How much money would I need for a week in Thailand?

I did the Bangkok and Pattaya trip with my family from December 18 to 24, 2015. I booked flights on my own from Chennai to Bangkok on Air Asia. It cost INR 12k/head for return tickets. Visa cost was roughly INR 2k/head (1K Baht to be specific)n nI got a great deal on the land only package with the following inclusions:n nPattayaSriracha tiger zoo -

How do you keep homemade burgers from falling apart?

Let me guess, you grab a pack of ground beef and you split it apart and make some really awesome burger patties. And then you put it on the grill and you see the little cracks on the sides get wider and wider. and the burger breaks up into large chunks. You end up eating something that looks closer to a Sloppy Joe than a huge burger.,(from Tasting

Who discovered the sea route to India via the Cape of Good Hope?

Vasco da Gama is credited with the honour of having discovered the sea-route from Europe to India via the Cape of Good Hope.,A gist of the historical events that led to the discoveryBartolomeu DiasBartolomeu Dias is credited for discovering the route around the Cape of Good Hope but not for reaching India. had explored the areas of the Atlantic Oce

How can I make chicken gravy?

Depending on how much you want to make and how thick you want it your basic ingredients will be:,A fat,Butter,Oil,Rendered fat,Flour,And chicken stock,Plus drippings or renderings from a roast chicken.,Fat and flour should be equal amount by weight and cooked until golden,***side not if you don't want to measure add enough flour to make your roux (