What is the greatest comeback of a washed-up has-been movie star?

Gloria Swanson was one of the biggest stars of the silent era, big enough to be involved in the founding of United Artists with Charlie Chaplin Doulas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Talkies were introduced shortly after and the transition was difficult for these independent movie makers, especially with a thick Swedish accent. Swanson made 5 films in

How do I remove app from internal memory to SD card?

For instance, my Galaxy Note4 ,1. open the setting ,2.Find the Applications, open the application manager,3.click the app you want to move,,4. tap the move to SD card. ,The android device is similar in this operation. You can also download other application manager tools to move apps.

How can data analytics help in your small business?

Data is everywhere. But, the quality and, more importantly, analysis of this data plays a vital role in maintaining an organizationu2019s relevance. Analyzing the data they collect can offer valuable insights and play a central role in the growth and success of all businesses, big or small.,Traditionally, data analytics is believed to be helpful on

How does strategic management benefit a company?

The term u2018strategic managementu2019 is used to denote a branch of management that is concerned with the development of strategic vision, setting out objectives, formulating and implementing strategies and introducing corrective measures for the deviations (if any) to reach the organizationu2019s strategic intent. It has two-fold objectives:,To

What are some unique things to do at home to cure your boredom?

Learn a new recipe,Organize drawers with little plastic trays,Rearrange the furniture,Cut the insides of the pages out of an old hardcover book and use it as a secret hiding place for money or spare keys,Build something, even something basic, like shelves or a giant jenga set for the backyard,Offer to walk a neighbors dog, or walk/train your own do

Why do you like your Instant Pot? Apparently, no one likes it.

Newbie anxiety does not translate to u201cno one likes the Instant Potu201d. I find the question based on the clickbait article misleading, but, considering the nervousness the mere mention of u201cpressure cookeru201d brings to many, perhaps understandable in its hyperbole.,I like my Instant Pot despite a number of less than lovely results and one

So I want to try writing a novel. Itu2019s plot is basically just the shenanigans a group of friends get up to, slice of life, is what I think itu2019s called. Iu2019m writing this for fun, but I donu2019t want it to be sloppily written, so any tips?

A novel has at least one problem that the main character or characters take the entire book to solve.,In Anne of Green Gables Anne's major problem is to be accepted and even respected by a small parochial community. She is an orphan and an outsider (She was not born in Prince Edward Island and, unlike Sarah Stanley in The Story Girl, her mother was

How long can I be in Chernobyl without dying?

Chernobyl is a defunct nuclear power plant in which is being decommissioned and decommissioned. No one stays there. It is a work site.,The City of Chernobyl is a small city south east of the nuclear power plant site. You can stay alive there as long as the Ukraine government allows you to stay there. People live there, but they are not that large i

What is the Chinese zodiac of 2022?

2022 is Year of the Tigerud83dudc2f- house cats are 96% genetically similar to tigers.,The time-lapse below shows the development of a 2-day-old kitten to a 10-month-old cat.

How do I dial an 1 800 India toll free from US?

Is that the only number to call ? Usually in US and UK they provide an alternative landline for people calling from abroad.,1-800 is generally not available for people calling from outside the county

What or can anyone help me with link to pick tickets to Burj Khalifa top floor?

Burj Khalifa at top @ AED 65Are you excited to see Dubai from the top of Burj Khalifa but have budget problem? If so you must be amazed to know that Emaar and RTA joined hand on 13 th July 2017 and announced that all UAE resident are eligible to visit the iconic Burj Khalifa at top for just AED65 per person by getting the discounted voucher.,How to

What are the most amazing photos you have ever taken?

nThis is one of my favourite photographs, mainly because of the perseverance required to take it, and the thrill of finally getting the right conditions. ,Vancouver doesn't get temperature inversions that often, but in January we had a few days where they occurred early in the morning, with the resultant fog typically dispersing by midday.,I'd been

Do wireless doorbells really work?

Absolutely yes. They are a boon for the professional and families that are out all day and would like to keep tabs on their front door.

What bird is the plague doctor mask based on?

The bubonic plague which swept through the known world on a regular basis. The mask along with other clothing items comes from 17th century pandemics. Here is a good NatGo article about it.

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is just the right thing to do. Yes, there are positive affects on a company's growth (from a monetary and workforce standpoint). But I believe the conversation needs to shift from "What can CSR do for our company?" to "How can we make a difference in the community?"

How do you fry chicken with butter?

Yesu2026 Nou2026 Wellu2026..,So, butter, in its natural state has a lot of milk solids in it. These do not taste very good if they become burnt. Also they cause the butter to smoke at a low temperature.,Now, you can use clarified butter, which has a higher smoke point(485 F vs 300 F for unclarified), but filling a deep fryer with clarified butter o

What is the biggest mountain in India?

While talking about the Highest Mountain in India, the Himalaya comes in the mind frequently where Mount Everest is situated. Due to nearest of India, it looks like its own but reality is this that it is in Nepal and Kangchenjunga is highest peak in India.,There is a short information on Kangchenjunga Peak: -

How do stock traders manage their lunch times in trading hours?

This is how my whole day passes!,Morning wake up at 6 am.,6 to 7.30 getting ready for the day!,7.30 to 8.30 analyzing global markets and getting ready for the day!,8.30 to 9 analyzing previous days movement and checking daily events going to happen.,9u20139.15 analyzing top gainers and top losers in the market.,9.15 to 11.30 strict trading.,11.30u2

What is the proudest of yourself youu2019ve ever been at your father-in-lawu2019s house?

I was told by my mother-in-law I was a bad cook, she'd never tasted my cooking. I heard her tell many people how bad it was. She always demanded we bring a covered dish to every craptacular. I was usually told everyone refused to eat it.,Once she called and specifically told me to make potato salad with mayo. She looked over her list and no one was

What are characteristic examples of a patriarchal society?

Three Wives One Husband | Netflix (this is patriarchy at its worst for the women) : the husband can choose as many wives as desired even though the existant wives would like him to stop. One of them was met with a conversation saying u201cif you don't like it, you can leaveu201d but she owns nothing so she can'tactually leave.,u201cYou throw like a

Whats good about Odisha?

Thanx for A2A Eddie Brock.,I just want to say one thing, Question asked by Eddie Brock and I could not control my laugh. So I want to explain that Everything is here I mean in Odisha and everything is good about Odisha.,,I have written few answers on Odisha before. So here again I would add tiny details of my state .I would try to cover whole Odish

I have been getting dreams of getting reunited with my ex- bf. What does this mean?

It is your sub-conscious mind bring up your suppressed emotions..,Whole day you might be busy working, ignoring your exu2019s thoughts but by the end of the day, you cannot run from your own emotions..,You need to give time to mourn over your emotional loss, to heal yourself, it does not happen in one day, it takes time..,This dream means that you

What is the best food to eat on an empty stomach?

Soaked AlmondsSoaked almonds are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. When you soak them, their nutrient value is enhanced. After a long fasting period it is good to eat 5-10 almonds. It gives you nutrition early morning and also improves satiety through the day.,Amla JuiceFresh amla juice should be taken on an empty stomach but after havin

How can I edit raw camera images in GIMP photo editing software?

There is (or used to be) an open-source project called camera raw. That is how I used to deal with RAW images before I bought the much lamented bibble (which sadly was sold to Corel, better known as Black Dwarf). If the reason for your enquiry is that you want to process RAW images on Linux, then look at RawTherapee (I did, and stayed away, but YMM

What are the best content marketing strategy templates?

A good strategy always answers two main questions:,What are we trying to accomplish?,How are we going to get it done?,Hereu2019s a sample template you can use (I wrote at length on this for Buffer, where you can download the template for yourself):,What are you trying to accomplish?Write down what youu2019re selling, if applicable,Whatu2019s the ma