What are some designs for building pergolas?

Whether itu2019s a family morning breakfast or late-night parties, there is no better place other than backyards and outdoors to do these events. A patio roof is now commonly referred to as a pergola, which is a stylish outdoor shelter with no walls. It provides decent shelter from the sun, rain, and wind while adding comfort and aesthetics.,Genera

Who owns Bondi Beach, Australia?

Who owns Bondi Beach, Australia?That would be me.,As a citizen of Australia, I own 0.00000004 of it, along with every other resident of the country. If it was made of instant coffee instead of sand, my share would be almost enough to make a cuppa. (If you come for a visit, and if you donu2019t mind weak coffee, Iu2019ll be happy to share a cup with

What is the best-priced beach resort in Cebu?

There are several beach resorts in Cebu. If you are planning to stay near the city, I suggest check out the resorts in Mactan. There are several 5 star resorts located there. A quick internet search will show you a lot of hotels to choose from.,However, if you are planning to stay outside the city. I suggest you go to Bantayan Island. Not many choo

Where can you buy Sagrada Familia tickets?

Iu2019d suggest buying them online - in advance. You can also buy them onsite, but when my family went there, they were sold out for the next three days and we could only see the outside.

Do drones only have low range transmissions with under 1 hour flight times in case people use them to spy on people, etc., just like military drones do in the Middle East?

Depend on how much you want to spend on your drone. Even a relatively small drone could carry a mobile phone that could work in any serviced area. They could also carry a satellite phone conection that could weigh less than 2KGs. Larger civilian UAVs are being developed to carry packages for delivery services. Some drones can carry 5kg. So you coul

Im 14, what canshould I do?

I donu2019t know how much this applies to all 14-year-olds, but Iu2019ll give it a shot. I am almost 15, you know..,(Am forced to) wake up early,Sleep late,Skip breakfast,Eat a poor breakfast,Regret not eating enough,Eat the same lunch. Every. Single. Day,Remember my mom still packs my lunch,Imagine what it would be like to be able to drive,Freak o

What is the best phone for gaming in 2021?

Xiaomi is a private company that designs, develops and sells smartphones, an operating system based on Android and other consumer electronics. Xiaomi also manufactures fitness trackers, televisions, air purifiers and tablets. It is been more popular for its Android phones and tablets u2013 MIUI. The company largely sells its phones via Flash sales

What are some extremely quick and healthy lunch and dinner ideas?

What are some extremely quick and healthy lunch and dinner ideas?I am looking for something very quick, easy and healthy. I am fine to cook twice a week. I don't have any restrictions or allergies (I am just too lazy and too busy). I don't even have the motivation to cook.Currently, I am eating outside.Please share your experiences.PS: I am 27, 5u2

Where can I find a free omnigraffle template for an organizational chart?

I find some alternatives else with more free download organizational chart templates. You can find out resources like org chart with employee photos, names, titles, departments, FLSA counts, salaries etc. And all sizes of business included from small to large scale enterprises in different industries: service, technology, government, and so on.

How do you know that you have become an adult?

You realise you've become an adult when:,Itu2019s Friday night and youu2019re in your PJs checking your e-mailItu2019s almost the weekend and baby, you feel alive! JK youu2019re probably sleepy, playing a chill folk-y playlist Spotify curated for you, reading e-mails replying to them before your inbox reaches quadruple digits. So what? It feels cat

Would it be possible for a specific fiat currency to become globally rejected (outside the issuing country)? What would the likelihood be of that happening?

Depending on how you define u201cglobally rejectedu201d it happens all the time. In fact, itu2019s easier to answer in reverse. Of 180 national currencies recognized by the United Nations, only 18 are u201cfreely convertibleu201d according to the International Monetary Fund. Call these u201cglobally acceptedu201d:,Australian dollar,Bahrain dinar,Ca

Why do some people not want children?

Iu2019m 25 years old. My boyfriend, Parker, is 26.,Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go on a 10 mile hike. It was an arduous hike with sheer rock walls with little ledges that we had to traverse for a good portion. Halfway through the hike we looked at each other and said u201chow the fuck are we going to get down from here?u201d.,Next wee

Does Texas have the most powerful military in the US?

If your asking state militia and national guard wise, then no. Pennsylvania has the largest national guard in the United States. Pennsylvania has an entire Division of the army national guard under its control (28th Infantry Division, only army national guard unit to use the Stryker family of vehicles). If your talking about sheer number of militar

How can I study during heavy tension?

Let me introduce a term u201crelativity of tensionu201d (Maybe coined by me, if it is not already there),Itu2019s a very common sentence that I am not able to study because I am in tension.,Relativity of tension: In reality, tension is all relative. Let me explain what does relativity in tension means.,Kids: All throughout our life we have had a te

What are some decor ideas for a small home office?

Small Home Office Decor Ideas:A home office is a workplace inside the house where you can work comfortably for long hours. People who work from home may get tedious and annoying to work on laptops or computers for a protactic period.,The place should be comfortable, and it should inspire you to work more. It could be a small area in your living roo

What are some tips for developing a pricing strategy?

You would have observed these pricing tactics around but this answer will tell you how these strategies actually play with your psychology as a consumer:,The 99 EffectnIf there are two products, one selling for $2 and the other selling for $1.99, research shows that the second product sells more. The reason is that by using 99, you can lower the le

What are the best bathroom floor tiles?

It is important to choose a flooring material that prevents moisture from seeingping beneath the surface and causing harm. Additionally, it should not be slippery when wet. The final decision is usually a compromise between style and budget. This guide will help you to choose the right tile for your bathroom floor.,Vinyl TilesVinyl is the most pref

What type of paint is best in kitchens?

A paintu2019s sheen, or finish, describes how glossy or reflective the paint is when itu2019s dry. Common finishes include flat or matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Glossier finishes are better for busy rooms like kitchens and bathrooms because they are resistant to moisture and easier to clean.,Satin finish is the most popular typ

What is the ancient name of Istanbul?

The name u201cConstantinopleu201d or the Ottoman correspondence u201cKonstantiniyyeu201d was used even after the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923. However, as of the Postal Service Code declared in 28 March 1930, the city's name was officially changed to u0130stanbul which had been used occasionally during the Ottoman rule. It was announced

What filemedia recovery software for Windows 10 actually works?

Recoverit by Wondershare is widely regarded as a free Windows 10 file recovery software.It is cross-compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. For Windows users, and supported on all Windows OS between Windows XP, Windows 10.,This program employs a powerful recovery algorithm that deep scans the Windows 10 drive and extracts all type of deleted media

How is soft-serve ice cream made?

Soft serve is generally lower in milk-fat (3 to 6 percent) than ice cream (10 to 18 percent) and is produced at a temperature of about u22124 u00b0C (25 u00b0F) compared to ice cream, which is stored at u221215 u00b0C (5 u00b0F). Soft serve contains air, introduced at the time of freezing. The air content, called overrun, can vary from 0 to 60 perc

What is the best DSLR camera under Rs. 10,000?

dude you can't buy an dslr under 10,000 also there is no any dslr's at that price point if your budget is around 40,000 you can go to canon 200d it offers its best at its price it is also good for making videos for youtube it is one of the best camera at the price for 40,000

If Israel had lost its war of Independence, what would the current status of the country be - for Arabs, Jews (if any would remain) and any others? Would it be an extension of - and similar to - Jordan? Would that be of benefit to someone?

Since Mr. McCormick has seen fit to disable direct responses, Iu2019d like him to answer this: Which reflects the actual Arab intention, your citation of Arab documents or the public statements of those same Arab leaders and indpendenrt sources?,u201cI do not want to impugn anybody but only to help the refugees. The fact that there are these refuge

Why is my computer running slow and freezing up?

There are many reason that can lead to this problem.,Software- format your system and reinstall windows or any other operating system. Most of the problem will be solved,If you are giving extra load to the system then try to upgrade with ram or SSD.,Hardware- if there is no software issue, then you should check for hardware, show your computer to e

What is the best recipe ever for a chocolate cake?

Google gives these results on the first page,The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe {Ever} - Cooking | Add a PinchnThe Best Chocolate Cake | My Baking AddictionnTop Rated Chocolate Cake RecipenBest Chocolate Cake Recipesn20 Decadent Chocolate Cake RecipesnThe Best Chocolate Cake Recipes You'll Ever MakeI have not tried any of them, so none of those are the