Was Newt Gingrich named after an amphibian?

Mr. Gingrichu2019s name at birth was Newton Leroy McPherson. Later, Newtonu2019s mother remarried, and he took his stepfatheru2019s surname, Gingrich. His mother always called him u201cNewtie.u201d,Looking through several biographical articles on Gingrich, I couldnu2019t find any mention of why he was given the name Newton. I would guess it was aft

What is Aphrodites origin story?

As her name denotes. She was born out of the foam of the waves. Her birthplace is the sea of Paphos-Cyprus near the Yeroskipou town which come from the ancient Greek words > which means holy garden.,Aphrodite. The Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure passion, and procreation. Associated with the Roman goddess Venus. The unfaithful wife of Hephaestu

What is a good action camera that costs less than $150?

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera $54.99Xiaomi's Yi camera raised a few eyebrows when it was announced recently and the result is enough to make even the most well-known GoPro stop in their tracks. Xiaomi's Yi Action Camera is a compact action-travel camera made for the non-sedentary photographer.,The YI Mini Dash Camera features a high-end video processor t

How do I decide if I should become a Psychiatrist, Psychiatric nurse Practitioner, clinical or Counseling psychologist, or therapist? I know the general difference between the careers, but not in much detail.

A psychiatrist went to medical school and specialized in psychiatry. If you have the opportunity, ability, and money to do this, this is the one you want. You would make much more money.,Nurse practitioners are like underpaid doctors, they are able to prescribe medication and have extensive schooling. Typically they start as a registered nurse, get

Can a camera shutter count be reset?

That would be like rolling back the speedometer mileage on a car. If you go to sell your camera with a reset shutter count that would be fraud.,Cameras like cars last a finite amount of time and the buyer has the right to accurately know what theyu2019re getting.,Iu2019m pretty sure manufacturers anticipated this and make it difficult to change cou

Will Adobe Premier Pro work on a 1GB RAM PC?

Hi Varun Nair,,Old versions may work in 1GB RAM capacity systems. But, you cannot do creative and effective by using old versions. Latest software recommends minimum 8GB RAM for system. For Details about system requirements for windows and Mac, click on this link Premiere Pro System Requirements for Mac OS and WindowsThank You, If you like the answ

Which iPhone 11 Pro color do you think looks best?

Both colours look great. But you can choose as per your lifestyle. White tends to get a bit yellow after 1u20132 years and is a bit hard to maintain whereas gold is an easy deal. So yes if you can maintain your phone properly then you can go for any of them. But if youu2019re careless just like me, then go for gold.,Ps: White would look classier is

What are some endangered species people dont know?

Hereu2019s a few of my favorites:,Saiga antelope:,A unique bovid that is a true ice age relict, saiga had a broad expanse across the Northern Hemisphere during the Pleistocene epoch, roaming the vast Mammoth Steppe alongside the ecosystemu2019s namesake shaggy elephants as well as woolly rhinos, cave lions, and cave hyenas. In modern times, theyu20

Have you ever written a poem about Gods love for you? If so, do you want to share it?

WHAT GREATER LOVE?n:nWhat greater love on Earth compares... with God's amazing grace?nEternal life to grant through prayers... as soon as they take place...nTo pass from judgement every time... by faith in Jesus Christ...nWho paid the cost for sin and crime... through all He sacrificed...nWe enter Heaven free from shame... our armour shining bright

What is the best travel destination in Indonesia?

I am planning to visit Bali on my birthday this August. However, the primary reason why I am going is because my friends wanted to visit it. It is also easier to go to from the Philippines.,But if I have a choice, I will ditch Bali for:,Mt. Bromo,Borobodur,and,Rajah Ampat

What if I take 10 laxoclear (constipation medicine) at a time?

You would be in alot of pain. Never take more of the reccomend dose. If you are having bad constipation try something more natural such as metamucil and eat foods high in fiber. Which is more gentle on the stomach and will relieve your self without causing so much pain.

Can we connect an Epson printer to a MacBook?

1.Download and run the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.,2.Click Continue.,3.Agree to the Software License Agreement by clicking Continue, and then Agree.,4.Click Install, and then click Close.,5.Select your product, and then click Next.,Note: If the window doesn't automatically appear, open a Finder window and select Application > Epson Soft

What are some data analysis methods in a research paper?

Basically I can say there are two methods for data analysis. Quantitative data analysis, and Qualitative data analysis.,Quantitative is method is where you are dealing with numbers and you what to derive mathematical and statistical analyses from your data, by tabulations and cross tabulations.,Qualitative is the method of analyzing text/transcript

Does 1 cup of dry pasta have the same calories as 1 cup of cooked pasta? If I put 1 cup of dry pasta in water and just boiled it, would it increase the calories even though the weight of pasta increases?

The calories are greater in 1 cup of dry pasta than in 1 cup of cooked pasta. The dry pasta is more compact so more will fit in 1 cup. Once you cook it, it swells up with water, which has no calories, and takes up more space, so fewer actual noodles will be in 1 cup, but it will be heavier because of the water. So, fewer noodles in the cup, fewer c

Iu2019m going to buy an iPhone 11 just for PUBG and camera. How many years does it last if I use it in a convenient way with full care and only download few apps apart from PUB G? Neglect its battery life.

It would last as long as you donu2019t exploit beyond its capacity. Otherwise you find smooth performance on iPhone 11 on playing pubg. However, I doubt how much would PUBG last or go out of trend.,iPhone 11 is a great choice, it would be supported by Appleu2019s software updates for at least 5 years. But if you are an avid gamer you should conside

What equipments are needed to create a hard light photography for a product shoot? I choose to invest in continuous lighting. 1. How many watts do I need? 2. Do I need a softbox? 3. Do I need another source of light (instead of just one) & what type?

I agree with the earlier comment, an education in product photography is a must. It can be something as short as a good youtube video. And unless your product is a Body Builder where you want to emphasize his muscles, hard light is not the best. Soft light is much better especially if you are photographing things like jewelry (a light tent would be

Why do all other animals have similar faces while humans have distinct faces only?

This is a very intriguing question! And one I definitely plan to return to with more insightful in-depth information, once I have the chanceu2026 (look for and EDIT/UPDATE in the near future),Because I am not an evolutionary geneticist (or any kind of geneticist) so this question is out of my field of experience or depth of knowledge, and itu2019s

The (rented) house that I live in has yellow walls. What color curtains can I put up?

The bright yellow goes well with the dark blue, the lighter shade of yellow and the colour white. If you are someone who wants to add to the pop of colours to your home then going with bright yellow wall with the navy blue or dark blue curtains will be the best. The interior design ideas has to be aligned to some colour palette and thatu2019s how t

If I wanted to copy a Frank Lloyd Wright house, would I owe somebody royalties?

Reproducing any historic house of any period accurately would be a challenge and reproducing a house by Frank lloyd Wright would be a good deal more difficult and expensive. When someone has an idea like that what results is more typically something vaguely similar or an approximate image or pastiche.,And that was what done by someone who built wha

Whats the best internet speed test site?

All that any individual speed test can do is give you a snapshot of what's happening between you and that server. If you perform multiple tests with different services, you may be able to gain an idea of how well your own connection performs for some tasks, and whether or not its performance is better or worse than it has been in the past.,But, ult

What book is the best book to read about innovation?

The Complete Works of Shakespeare - read the book in chronological order and watch Shakespeare take literary innovation to new places. Its effect on our understanding of our language and human nature cannot be overstated.

What is maturity? How can the maturity of a person be defined?

I have earned 3500 rupees in share market recently.I had two choices:,I am going to goa next week so I can use that money for myself.My mom is using old shoes for her gym. So I can gift her nike shoes.One thought came to my mind :- Whenever I want anything, my parents give it to me without hesitating by sacrificing their own needs.But they have alw

How is the SanDisk SSD superior to other brands?

There are several factors that add up to make SanDisk SSD superior to all the other SSDs. The blazing-fast 1050 MBPS read and write speed is the main factor that stands out.,Apart from that, the sleek design, up to two-meter drop protection, the IP55 water, and dust resistance ensures that it is your go-to partner on all your trips and adventures.,

Mike Lindell says that he will be sending nearly 50,000 affidavits to the Georgia State Capitol proving fraud in the 2020 Georgia election for President. Are those affidavits authentic? If not, isnu2019t producing a false affidavit a crime?

Hm.,When is an affidavit not worth the paper itu2019s printed on?,When itu2019s full of suspicions, theories about what the witness thinks might have happened, hearsay, and not a shred of proof or evidence. Junior could claim on an affidavit that the ballots he saw being burned were real votes for Trump, but the claim falls apart upon close examina