Can we use FX format lenses for DX format cameras?

Yes - in fact, if you currently own a crop sensor DSLR and are considering which lenses to buy, go for FX lenses if you can afford to, especially if you plan to stick with the brand (Nikon in this case) and upgrade to a full frame camera in time. Whilst the technology in camera bodies changes and improves with time, making it worth upgrading them,

How does the delayed streaming for the upcoming BTS Muster work? If I have a 2-day pass but cannot watch the second day live, can I only access the delayed streaming for D2, or can I watch the replay of the one I streamed live, too?

If you are unable to watch the second day you can watch it again when it replays. You will also be able to watch the first one too. Below is the date and times for the delay showing. You can watch both since you paid for both.,10pm KST, 9am EST, 8am CST, 7am MST, 6am PST, 1pm GMT

Who owns the most expensive house in the Philippines?

That's a hard one to answer since there is no public list of such houses in the Philippines. But my guess is that it belongs to any of these families: Ayalas, the Sys, The Tans, the Gokongweis, etc. They are the richest families in the Philippines who operate the biggest business conglomerates in the Philippines. These families, however, try to pla

How can I reduce execution time on my CC++ code?

Where it is needed?Without this point, no discussion can be started. First and the most important part of optimizing a computer program is to find out where to optimize, which portion or which module of the program is running slow or using huge memory. If each part is separately being optimized then the total program will be automatically faster.,T

What are some of the different ways to texture walls?

This is the list of necessary tools and materials that youu2019ll be required to texture a wall. All these items you may already have, and if not, then theyu2019re easily available in the market, you can buy them.,Drop cloths,Painteru2019s tape,Plastic sheeting,Drywall compound,Drywall knife,Flat paint or drywall primer,Drill and paint mixer attach

What are Japans main islands?

Japan consists of Five Major Islands in which four are main islands and one located in South of 400miles From mainland. From North to South (HOKKAIDO, HONSHU, SHIKOKU, KYUSHU and OKINAWA) let's look at the Map edited by me.,In details,1.HOKKAIDO - 2nd Largest Island Of Japan, agricultural rich islands among all.Rice, Wheat, beetroot and vegetables

What does the Year of the Tiger symbolize?

Just as we here in the West have our Zodiac or Star signs the Eastern culture also has a system of star signs, each with specific and individual strengths and weaknesses attached. The only difference is that the animals and symbols attached vary. So you instead, for instance, Aquarius they would have the Dragon, Ox, Cockrell and so forth, each with

Why is the price of Apple stuff so much higher? What is the main reason behind it?

Why Is Apple So Expensive?Each of us has owned an Apple product or envied our friendu2019s latest iPhone.,However, it is commonly agreed that Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod are usually the most expensive toys around compared to Windows or Android devices with similar functionality.,Furthermore, the list doesnu2019t end at gad

What are the best dogs?

I believe that most dog owners believe that their dog is the best dog in the world.,Take Jake, for example:,This is Jake when he was still a puppy. Heu2019s a pitbull mix. I adopted him almost 8 years ago from the SPCA of Luzerne County in Wilkes Barre, PA.,Of course, to me, he is the best dog in the world!,He can sing:,He can follow commands such

Why is there not a single Indian university within the worlds top 100 index list?

1. Lies, Darn Lies and Rankings ;-)As soon as I saw that Iowa State University and Indiana Univerisity ranked way above any of the top Indian institutes, I was curious to see the methodology [1]. ,n,They ignore any institution that does not have enough undergraduates. That means institutions such as IIMs, ISB IISc and IISERs are out of contention.

How long can I be in Chernobyl without dying?

Chernobyl is a defunct nuclear power plant in which is being decommissioned and decommissioned. No one stays there. It is a work site.,The City of Chernobyl is a small city south east of the nuclear power plant site. You can stay alive there as long as the Ukraine government allows you to stay there. People live there, but they are not that large i

What is the reason why we hang wreaths on our doors at Christmas?

Welcome your guests with an endearing and lovely handcrafted Christmas wreath holding tight the front entryway. These wreath thoughts, going from conventional evergreen to present day yarn wreaths, will make them create the ideal entryway embellishment for your home right away.,In Christianity, Christmas wreath is a form of saying thank you symboli

How do I recover deleted messages in WhatsApp if I didnt backup the messages?

As we all know WhatsApp is a well-known messaging app available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. It provides users a convenient way to chat for free with families, friends, and workmates. However, no doubt WhatsApp messages are deleted frequently. Hence if you're worried about it recovering deleted WhatsApp messages it is justifiable. Becaus

Is Spotify Premium worth the money? Why?

In my opinion, absolutely not, though I am biased for a good reason.,Back when Spotify released on PS4, I immediately subscribed, as I was under the belief that it was needed in order to even function. Sounded legit, a fee for a library of music I could listen to while gaming.,What I did not like about it was the extremely obnoxious ads. Back when

How is rice made with cream of chicken soup?

If you mean the Thai Style Chicken Rice or Hainanese chicken Rice,I should say it is yummy.,Chicken Rice is very famous in Southeast Asia, and it always goes with some plain chicken and vegetable, digging with spicy source. It is very common to see people eating Chicken Rice in some small restaurants in Thailand or Singapore.,To me, boiled rice is

Is chocolate from the USA considered good in Europe?

Nope.,I moved from Belgium to New York in 2001, and was very please to find a Godiva and a Neuhaus shop in mid-town. Prices were higher than Europe and about the same, which was strange (as Neuhaus was significantly cheaper than Godiva in Brussels at the time), but I soon learned why.,The Neuhaus tasted like u201chomeu201d because it was made in Be

What is it like to live in Surat?

Hello everyone ,I am basically from Jodhpur (Rajasthan) ,have traveled to most of the places in India and from past two years living in SURAT ..!,So I wont be biased and will give some positive and negative aspects.,POSITIVE:1.CLEANLINESS :Surat is one of the cleanest city I have been to, the roads ,railway stations ,highways ,localities everything

Whats the toughest phone call youve ever madereceived?

I can tell about the toughest phone call Iu2019ve ever received, and the toughest one Iu2019ve ever had to make, in one answer.,My daughter and her husband and their two children lived with me and my spouse for a while. The two granddaughters were Katie, 3 and Hayden, 10. Hayden had been sick, and the doc diagnosed her with strep throat. It was clo

How many celebrities can be real princesses or queens in the world?

Not that many. Being a celebrity is not the same as being real royalty. Celebrities get this status because itu2019s their career and chose this life for themselves. Being real royalty is not a career. Itu2019s a role they are born into or married into. They see it as their duty and lifetime commitment to their country. They donu2019t do it for the

Are there any whole house water filter systems available in India?

A whole house water filtration system is located at the source of water and is different from point of use water filters. Some of the best water filters available today are:,Express Water WH300SCKS Whole House Water Filter,iSpring WKB32B Whole House Water Filter,Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter,Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water F

How can I find a 24-hour fast food chain?

There is something called u201cGoogle Mapu201d.,Instead of me telling you which restaurant chain, why donu2019t you just check on Google Map (just search u201cFast Foodu201d), and find one near you, and the opening hours.

Is "all-purpose flour" the same thing as "cake flour"?

Unless you've found some source of scammy cake flour, cake flour, all-purpose flour, and bread flour are different things.,They differ in the amount of protein they contain, which in turn is determined by the kind of wheat that is used to make the flour, or, sometimes, the parts of the flour derived from the wheat.,Cake flour and bread flour are on

What are the best places to visit by a solo traveler?

You can go to most places alone. But to pick out the best, I think a place has to be,Cheap. Since you donu2019t have someone to split cost with,Safe. u2018nuff said,Friendly. So you can feel at ease without a companion and potentially befriend some residents,Has lots of other travellers. So you can meet new people,Full of things to do. So you wonu2

Temperature: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the coldest place on Earth?

Earthu2019s average temperature is 61 degrees F, 16C (if you listen to Google). Space.comagrees ! Now, according to the World Meteorological Organization, the coldest place on Earth is Vostok Station in Antarctica where it once reached minus 128.6 F (minus 89.2 C).,The coldest, regularly inhabited place on Earth goes to the very happy and freezing

Who was classified as white in Apartheid-era South Africa?

If this answer is behind a paywall, click HERE to read it for FREE, or copy the,,To Tara Beelsley,I am a white American, and I lived in South Africa as a preteen during the early years of Apartheid. (I was nine when my family moved there in 1957 d