What is the best site to download free PDF nursing and research books?

Medicos PDF can be suitable site for nursing students to download good books.,They have included books of:,> Child Health Nursing,> Communication and Educational Technology,> Community Health Nursing,> English for Nursing,> Gerontological Nursing,>Management of Nursing Services and Education,> Nutrition,> Pathology and Genet

What are some original Italian recipes?

I'm going to celebrate my Sicilian side of the family by mentioning my absolute favourite:,AranciniThey are balls of rice, with a filling of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, peas, mince meat. But there are many other varieties of filling as well.,Covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried.,They are a favourite beloved food in Sicily.,(Pictures from goog

How many users can use Adobe Creative Cloud for teams?

There is no upper limit to the max number of licenses under Adobe CC for teams, if thatu2019s what you are asking. Each license may be installed on at most 2 machines but CC canu2019t be run at the same time on both.

What are the differences between the philosophies of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle?

First, let's begin with the connection. Plato was a student of Socrates, and Aristotle of Plato.,We all know Socrates didn't leave any written work. So, all that is attributed to him are based on Platou2019s works. He uses Socrates as the major interlocutor in his dialogues. Factually, Socrates may have been a fictional character, but let's not get

Why is my chicken always tough and stringy when I bake it in the oven?

Chicken is easily overcooked, especially skinless boneless chicken breasts. Itu2019s not as big a problem with dark meat or a whole chicken.,Use a thermometer. Stop cooking breasts at 160F and rest them afterward. The temperature will rise some just resting. A final internal temperature of 165F is the target.,Skin-on, bone-in chicken is more forgiv

As a video editor, how does DaVinci Resolve compare to Premiere Pro?

True editing features in DaVinci Resolve were only recently added in version 12, upgraded in v12.5 and made even more robust in v14. Premiere Pro was created to be an NLE (non-linear editor) from the very beginning. Just regarding the editing portion of the programs if you were to become a pro in Premiere Pro you would, most likely, be able to do m

How do I hook up my phone to the TV with a USB cord?

There should be a USB port on the side of your TV. You need to make sure your phone is set to USB Mass Storage Mode and on your TV (needs to be a Smart TV) you navigate to Videos. You will then see a list of external devices connected (either on network or whatever is connected to your USB port), just tap on your phone. On my Vizio TV it shows thre

Which is the largest shopping mall in India?

As on December 2021, Lulu Mall, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), is the largest shopping mall in India with a retail area of over 2Million Sq.ft. It is situated in the capital city of Kerala State - Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum).,It also houses the largest food court, largest indoor gaming area, Asiau2019s largest hyper market, and 12 Screen P

What are some of the volcanoes found in the Philippines?

There are 25 active volcanos in the Philippines. From where I was in San Fernando in La Union Province, the closest volcano was Pinatubo. While I was in country, I did travel to see Mayon and Taal (even witnessed an eruption of Taal ) and traveled to see both Mt Cabuyo and Pinatubo (Pinatubo was dormant when I was there).,Other actives volcanos inc

What is unique birthday gift for girlfriend?

i have suggestions,if sheu2019s a new girlfriend then consider,flowers (choose the ones that u think it represent her),box of (body/face lotions + her favourite chocolates / maybe a candle if she likes it ),if u were together for a long time you can take her for a trip then drop her to the,b-party with the same presents above,the most important tha

What are some common mistakes made when designing a floor plan for a house?

Here are a few that I see oftenu2026,Closet Cramps - Walk-in closets that are not correctly dimensioned or laid out give me a specific peeve. In many plans, I see a corner in a closet crossed with a hanging rod in two directions. You cannot use the corner where they meet, and since you need two feet of depth to hang clothes, that 4 square foot area

Whatu2019s the best breakfast in the morning?

In my opinion, no one eats a better breakfast than the Cantonese.,This is what youu2019ll find if you Google u201cCantonese breakfast.u201d,Cantonese people call it Yum Cha, meaning (morning) tea drinking. We know them as dim sum. I don't know how many different varieties of these small dishes exist.,Typical morning at a dim sum restaurant.,However

What are some simple kitchen design ideas for 2022?

Here are some simple kitchen ideas for 2022:-,Kitchen Cabinet Colors,Kitchen Tile and Backsplash,Kitchen Countertops,Kitchen Appliances,Kitchen Hardware,Scullery In Kitchens,Arches In Kitchens,Kitchen Sinks,Wood Pieces

Why is watching a screen harmful to ones eyes?

Harm to one's eyes when using a screen is typically because of improper viewing habits and viewing environments. Though screens do not cause permanent eye damage, they can cause eyestrain because of various factors such as: screen position relative to the head/eyes, lighting of the room, lighting of the screen, and infrequent breaks from screen vie

What are some tips for emailing a prospective employer?

I personally think the key is to be short, positive, and direct. Make your greetings and then get right into the subject:,Dear ________ [actual person, not just u201csiru201d],,My name is Aaditi Kulkarni. I would love to schedule an informational interview with you.,Iu2019m looking for a new opportunity in the field of __________. Iu2019ve worked i

What colors go well with beige?

I canu2019t think of many that donu2019t go with beige. The whole point of beige is to be neutral and go with anything.,However, I think there are some colors that donu2019t work well with it. For instance, two beiges that are close but not exactly the same. It looks like an unsuccessful attempt to match wardrobe pieces or that one piece has faded.

What are some brilliant and hidden meanings found in Kamal Haasans movie?

Came across this following nuances in visharoopam by karlara,Now, it can be safe to assume that almost all would have seen Vishwaroopam. Alongside critical technical acclaim, it has grossed numbers that other film makers could only dream of. To gross such figures, a movie needs to be commercial so that it could reach all segments. Is Vishwaroopam r

What things can I do in my 20s to become a millionaire by 30?

To help you reach the seven-figure mark by 30, we rounded up 11 pieces of advice from people who became millionaires at a young age and people who have studied hundreds of self-made millionaires.,We can't guarantee millionaire status, but following this advice won't hurt your odds.,1. Focus on earning"You cannot save your way to millionaire status,

Is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich healthy?

Well, considering ure talking about supermarket quality bread, cheese and ham, all of those foods are highly, highly proccessed, the bread alone has 20 ingredients! considering u would make a sandwich from sourdough bread(2u20134 ingredients max), used raw or high quality cheese and minimally proccesed ham (no nitrates), then it would actually rese

I have a large combine living room and kitchen. Walls are freshly painted light grey. Kitchen cabinets are white. New sofa is light brown. So what colors would would to make a farmhouse feel?

Itu2019s not necessarily u201ccolorsu201d to make a farmhouse feelu2026itu2019s materials, furniture style, accents, and accessories (art, and hardware). Do you have sliding barn-style doors inside your house? Clearly, shiplap (like barn-style walls) and worn wood either as panel or furnitureu2026primative, rough styled furniture will go along way!

What made you feel disgusted today?

A girl texted me on Instagram, she shared some issues regarding her breakup. She was crying, being a writer I could feel this. We never talked before.,She shared each and everything. I felt a bit low but the only thing which touched me was, her ex and his friends, used to tease her and call her u201cSl*tu201d or blah blah blah. Like why?,I asked he

What Japanese city is known to have the best sushi?

The most delicious sushi in Japan is in Toyama Prefecture. There is Toyama Bay, one of Japan's three largest bays.,There, a warm current meets a cold current and many fish can be caught.,The famous sushi toppings are "white shrimp" Gunkanmaki, which is called the jewel of Toyama Bay.,$690 per basket! Phantom White Shrimp,Other than that, the sea ur