How many children does Anne Hathaway have?

Anne Hathaway have 2 children.Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman,Jack Shulman,Anne and Adam welcomed their first child, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman, into the world on March 24, 2016. Like some celebrities who enjoy their privacy, Anne doesn't typically share photos of Jonathan on social media.,Anne confirmed the name of her son Jack in an Oct. 26 episode of

What job interview question tripped you up the most?

It was the third-to-the-last question. It caught me totally flat-footed.,There I was. Iu2019d recently left the Army after a twelve-year stint as an Intelligence Analyst. Iu2019d only applied for one Federal job in the same line of work. After a few months, I got the call - I had to go to the closest office to conduct a written test, and a telephon

What is the worst form of discrimination?

I'm going to have to go with the soft bigotry of low expectations.,You know the type. The ones who want to swoop into an inner city neighborhood and and u201cclean it upu201d with a lot of publicity and good intentions, and zero understanding of the actual problem beyond a deluded fantasy centered on a savior complex.,The folks that think voter ID

What are some lean savory snacking alternatives to potato chips?

You might want to try snacking on edamame (soy beans), which are savory and probably a lot better for you (health wise) than potato chips.,Before saying "yuck," give them a try. Usually, you can find them in the frozen food section of any Asian supermarket (some mainstream supermarkets may have them). They are very easy to prepare. Just boil them f

Is it ok to eat too much sugar one day?

Nothing. Seriously. Nothing.,Youu2019re talking about an acute response. Thatu2019s not the same as the long term responses.You will:,Get no micronutrients because sugar gives you only, well, only glucose.,Your blood glucose will rise.,Your pancreas will secret insulin to deal with that blood glucose.,Insulin will shunt glucose into your muscles mo

When you worked on cruise ships, whats the shadiest thing youve seen a passenger do?

This isnu2019t super shady but it was pretty common in the photo department.,When a guest purchased a photo, we would first slip it into a transparent protective sleeve and then into a nice, logou2019d display folder. This was a reflexive actionu2014indeed, the first thing we did before even ringing up the sale.,Weu2019d frequently have people walk

Is Japan an Eastern country? How do you identify the East on a map?

The word East u2018comes from Middle English est, from Old English u0113ast, which itself comes from the Proto-Germanic *aus-to- or *austra- "east, toward the sunrise", from Proto-Indo-European *aus- "to shine," or "dawn".u2019 [wiki],Japanu2019s autonym Nippon (u65e5u672c) loosely translates as u201cLand of the Rising Sunu201d. Itu2019s even on th

Im doing online school. Like most kids, I have many missing essays that I cant submit anymore. I donu2019t know what to do and have been busy. What should I do?

As a teacher who has had to switch to online teaching I can tell you that you are definitely not alone. Lots of children have found the transition very difficult. My advice is to email your teacher, in general we are much more understanding about missed work online because we know how technical issues, family situations etc can affect people's abil

What are the differences between Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro in general?

Their strategic locations, population sizes and economic standings, all decided by differing historical backgrounds.Cebu was an industrial giant of a city that serves as the main maritime trade entrepot and transportation nexus of the whole central Philippines, while Davao is a city oriented towards exportation of fruit products such as bananas and

How do you clean Pixiu?

1)Start cleansing by cleaning the physical surface of your Pixiu bracelet.,2)Then, begin cleansing on an energy level. There are multiple ways to do this. You can try any of the methods below:,Moonlight or Sunlight CleansingnUse the moon or sun energy to recharge your feng shui cure. In this method, place the item directly under the moonlight or su

Why are the UK trade talks with the EU such a big deal? Similar conditions and restrictions are made in trade agreements round the world all the time.

Not exactly. While trade talks about globally, the UK-EU talks are somewhat special for 2 reasons.,The first is that the 2 economies were tightly intertwined and this makes the trade talks much harder. Where does the old line stop and the new one begin? How many divorces are pleasant for all involved?,The second is that the requests from the UK to

What is life like for poor people in Singapore?

I'll answer this based on my personal experience. I grew up in a single parent household. My father totally abandoned us (My mum and 4 kids) when I was about 6 years old. Prior to that, he was never around anyway. He left for the Philippines and never returned. My mother is not highly educated and only has her GCE O levels. At one point she had to

Which pair of headphones from this bunch is recommend for bass lovers and non-bass lovers, the Sony MDR 950 BT N1 and 1000x, SkullCandy Crusher Wireless, Bluedio Victory and Vinyl, Beats Studio 3, Bose QC 3535 ii, Audio Technica M50x?

Iu2019m not going to answer this questionu2026,What I will say is that most people (probably including the asker) canu2019t tell the difference between these $150 headphones and a $35 pair. For a Bluetooth headset, I chose the Matrix2 by MEE Audio after having a pair from that company that I used for 3+ years. I switched because the ear cuffs on my

What is the best way to prepare for an annual performance review?

I assume this question is being asked from the perspective of an employer.,There are a few steps:,1: SchedulingA comprehensive, annual performance review is time-consuming. Pick your dates so that they do not interfere with other large projects or company events. In the case that the review requires feedback and commentary from your managers and em

What is the most rugged mobile phone in the world today?

Which brand is not recommended, but the better model of the mobile phone I use can be recommended,iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 8 has a more advanced 12MP camera with a larger and faster sensor, new color filters, deeper pixels, and optical image stabilization for photos and videos. With powerful camera function, it is a very good phone.,Ulefone Armor X7.

What are the pros of studying in Paris?

1.,Three colleges and universities in Paris are ranked within the top 115 higher education institutions in the world by QS World University Rankings. Ecole normale supu00e9rieure, Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, and Universitu00e9 Pierre et Marie Curie offer high quality programs in the liberal arts, sciences, technology, and medicine. These and other

How do you create a good quality image with a clipping path?

A clipping path in layman's terms is an outline of a dedicated or specified product, clothing, model, etc. This allows photographers; studios; magazines and other image-related companies to cut out a product from a certain background or focus on a centerpiece.,One of the other major uses for this would be in the fashion industry for both product an

Why is there a lot of inequality in global cities?

In a word, ego. Many people think they deserve more than others. Thereu2019s always been and always will be inequality. If you disagree, then ask yourself how many people you have met in your life that you were willing to become friends with; now ask yourself why you did not want to be friends with those you passed by. The simple truth is that you

As an airline Captain have you ever gotten frustrated by a poorly flying First-officer?

Yes, I had a First Officer that was a former flight engineer. When we got jets, the FEs had to get a commercial ticket to remain employed The second officers were both a pilot and FE.,THE FEs had the option, seniority permitting, of moving up as far as Captain. Some only made it to copilot. Some became permanent second Officers.,I gave my copilot t

Was medieval Europe more advanced than the Roman Empire?

In a lot of ways it was more advanced, indeed.Especially concerning the living conditions of the u201ccommonersu201d.,For starters, there was no large scale slavery any more. Sure, being a serf isnu2019t exactly a dream career, but it is better than being a slave.,Whatu2019s more, the lack of slaves forced Europeans to use and invent quite a bit of

What is the best bakery in Los Angeles?

My "faves" (jury's still out re cupcakes):,La Brea Bakery for bread:n,Amandine for French goodies:n,Sweet Lady Jane for cakes:n up: Hansen's and Phoenix for the classic Chinese spongeca

How is the Cost of Goods Sold calculated?

Opening Stock of (Raw Material+Work in Progress + Finished Goods) +Purchases of Raw Material + Conversion Cost (Labour & Overheads) - Closing stock of (RM + WIP + FG)

Which Android phone has the best camera and battery life?

Depends on your thresholds and expectations,All the major flagships at the moment have top-notch cameras - S22/Plus/Ultra, Pixel 6/Pro, Vivo X80 Pro. They have their strengths and weaknesses, like the Vivo exceeds at extreme stabilization but the color profile is often too saturated, the Pixel excels at extreme situations like very dark photos or w

Which is the best 4K resolution monitor for photo editing?

Editing photos is ok to do on basic monitors, but if you plan to make a career of it, or what to level up on your photo editing skills, then youu2019ll need a monitor with color clarity up to industry standards.,There are a few different things you need for a photo-editing monitor. Weu2019ve compiled a list of the best monitors for your editing and

What is the single most useless thing ever?

Ever heard of this brand?No? Well let me bring you up to speed.,Goop is the brainchild of Hollywood veteran Gwyneth Paltrow, a u201clifestyle brandu201d of sorts.,The only caveat? It's built on an array of dubious foundations. If you could start a company whose success could be attributed to u201cfake newsu201d, youu2019d get something along the li