What caused the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines?

Geologists believe that the hills were formed through weathering carving marine limestone on top of a clay layer. Its color is the main reason it's called Bohol Chocolate Hills. In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills in the Philippines gives them a soft and lush appearance.

Why did you use an alternative to a diamond wedding ring?

The top one is my 1.75 Ct Chrome diopside engagement ring. When I got married in 1983 this stone was unheard of. My father was a jeweler. He bought this for me at the Denver Gem Expo in March of 1983. I was married in November. We ordered the mounting from Roseco. Everyone was stunned about my engagement ring. I tried to show the colors but with it

What is PayPals currency conversion rate from USD to ZAR?

I donu2019t think you can convert ZAR.,However Paypal charges you a % of your transaction plus a fix fee. Then, if a currency conversion is applied, they will charge an hidden fee of 2,5%.,Paypal does not admit this fee exists. The Paypal system is designed in a way than even Paypal account managers donu2019t see this fee.,The fee is charged to bot

What made Taylor Swifts "Blank Space" so special?

I think it's special because it's a song she wrote as a joke. The media has always portrayed Taylor as this serial killer dater who "gets a new boyfriend more than you do your laundry". This upset Taylor at first but now she's laughing about it. Taylor said she wondered what song this girl that the media has made up would write. And she began to wr

What is the difference between coagulation, precipitation and denaturation of protein?

Coagulation.,Change to a viscous, jellylike, or solid state especially : a change from a liquid to a thickened curdlike state not by evaporation but by chemical reaction. Examples are the spontaneous coagulation of freshly drawn blood, the coagulation of milk by rennin.,Precipitation:,In chemistry,the action or process of precipitating a substance

What type of cameras can we use for photography?

Iu2019m frankly tired of the u2018itu2019s not the camera, itu2019s the photographeru2019 trope constantly making itu2019s way around the community. Itu2019s both.,As a full time photographer in NYC that just returned from a 4 day assignment that took me to capitol hill; in reference to brand, make, and model, in the world of professional photograp

Whats the best MP3 downloaded?

The most popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music are the most common ways to discover and listen to music on the go, but on the condition that the monthly or annual fee is paid to fully access all the streaming features and unlock the offline mode. But sometimes you might also be interested in some extra ways to free download MP3 music

What is the best way for a beginner to start an online business without investing money?

Here the perfect success model to start an online businessu2026,Buy a Mac or PC (New or used)Get a high speed internet connection,Invest in your training using online courses.,Try somethingu2026,Failu2026,Get up and try againu2026Hustle,Hustle,Hustle,Invest in more coursesu2026 be focusedHustle,Hustle,Try something elseu2026,Failu2026,Get up and tr

What are the pros and cons of attaching a Canon body to a Nikon lens?

Pro: If you already own a certain lens for one system, you may save some money by purchasing an adapter instead of a lens for the other system.,Cons: Even if an adapter works, in terms of letting you attach the lens to the camera body, on newer DSLR camera/lens systems in particular, the camera will most likely not be able to communicate electronic

Can a Gemini be a soulmate for a Virgo?

Virgo man soulmates:,Aquarius woman,Gemini woman,Scorpio woman,Cancer woman,Aries woman,Virgo woman,Virgo woman soulmates:,Leo man,Libra man,Sagittarius man,Taurus man,Capricorn man,Virgo man

Former FBI special agent said it is unprecedented for the FBI to execute a search warrant on former president. Do you think Trump has been treated unfairly?

So here was the start of Trumpu2019s Sidious Presidency.,On May 10, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump disclosed classified information to Russian government representatives, creating political and security concerns in the United States and its allies, especially Israel. Soon after the meeting, American intelligence extracted a high-level covert sou

What is a list of renewable and nonrenewable resources and how are they used?

Renewable : Solar, hydro power, wind energy, biogas, and geothermal energy,Non renewable : Oil, Natural gas, and Coal,Hydro power and wind energy sectors use turbine and generators inorder to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy,Solar energy is gerenated by using solar cells or photovoltaic cells made up of semiconductors which converts l

What are some important distinguishing tests in organic chemistry class 12?

From what I've come across so far, there are only a few distinguishing tests which are sometimes asked in the class XII boards. They are:,1. Baeyer's test: Aqueous bromine when added to unsaturated organic compound, gets decolourised. DOES NOT work for aromatic hydrocarbons.,2. Lucas's test: Used to distinguish 1u00b0, 2u00b0 and 3u00b0 alcohols. (

Do you mind showing a picture of your house and telling us how much it is worth?

Paradise 18 is what my house is known. We live in a condominium in Bangkok, and I bought this house in a small town, Hua Hin, 200 Km away down south of Thailand.,This house has been designed with a thatched roof, a mature garden in a resort setting.,With a land area of 5,726 Sq. ft. and 1,700 Sq. ft. built-in area, with 2-huge en-suite bedroom, goo

Which do you think is the most beautiful city in Ukraine and why?

As others have mentioned, Lviv and Chernivtsy are among the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Lviv has experienced some incredible change in the last 10 years which was spearheaded by their former mayor. He did amazing things for the city. My wife and I regularly visit. it is one of our favorite cities in the whole world, not just Ukraine, and we a

What is a good non-US accounting software (for a small business)?

I would recommend you to go for a free accounting software that is SlickPie accounting software. It is the Canadian based software. I have been using it to handle my business accounting. Such as -,PayPal, Stripe, and credit card processing,Bills management,Financial reports,Expense management,Auto payment reminders,Auto invoices recur to regular cl

Is "all-purpose flour" the same thing as "cake flour"?

Unless you've found some source of scammy cake flour, cake flour, all-purpose flour, and bread flour are different things.,They differ in the amount of protein they contain, which in turn is determined by the kind of wheat that is used to make the flour, or, sometimes, the parts of the flour derived from the wheat.,Cake flour and bread flour are on

What are your favourite Romanian idioms sayings?

The city of Ploieu0219ti, 1925There are really many idioms and sayings and one answer couldnu2019t do justice to the semantic inventiveness and sense of humor of the Romanian language, which is why I encourage you to read all of the other answers as well. However, I hail from the city of Ploieu0219ti, which is why I u201chave tou201d chose the foll

Is it worth it to apply for scholarships online?

These are usually smaller scholarships, but even $500 might help with books or living expenses. Some are more significant. If you qualify it is certainly worth applying. My dd got a $20,000 (total) scholarship, paid over 4 years ($2,500 per semester) through a private funder. The application was online, but it was not a paid service nor a general a

Why does Gordon Ramsay eat crab cakes first when determining a restaurants quality? Is there something specific about their taste or texture that is an indicator for him?

It's not actually about crab cakes in itself that he is interested in but the care and attention that went in to making it. Quality is the culmination of the choices you make in ingredients and method, the attention to detail and care you apply to execution.,Crab cakes are a fairly simple recipe but every step of the way in the preparation will tel

Should I go with Nvidia or AMD GPU for gaming?

Nowadays, the choice between Nvidia or AMD GPU for gaming boils down to availability (due to the extreme shortage on the market caused by cryptocurrency mining) and your budget. If you're looking for GPUs with a small price tag, this list https://techcompact.com/best-graphics-card-under-100/ is worth checking out. Nvidia has always been the winner,

Is there a church in Senegal (Dakar) named Saint-Louis Roman Catholic Church where a Libyan girl named Hadi Abdel is a refugee who has requested me to be her foreign partner to get help to leave the refugee camp?

Over 10 years ago I bought three vintage suitcases (over 100 years old) at various second hand stores and flea markets. When cleaning one of them I found a Panama Canal Medal in an inside pocket.,I learned a lot about the canal and the men & women who built it. In addition to the heavy manual labor involved, the heat, humidity, Malaria and insects

What are the best ways to make Nestle toll house cookies soft?

If you look at the Toll House recipe, you will see it calls for 2 u00bc cups of flour. Increase it to 2 u00bd cups. Then you can either make a bar cookie or drop the cookies. You make the bar cookie by spreading the dough over a greased cookie sheet and baking. When it comes out and cools, you can then cut the single piece into bars. If you make dr

How do you develop a preparedness plan to guide you on what to do before, during, and after a sizable hydrometeorological hazard, specifically typhoon?

In general, there are two responses to an emergency - bug out or hunker down. So it doesnu2019t really matter whether weu2019re talking about a typhoon or an earthquake, what matters is coming up with a plan to do those two things, and putting more effort into the more likely option.,Since your interest is in a typhoon, it depends on where you are.

How do I repot aloe vera plants indoors?

Repotting Aloe vera is easy. Aloe vera is a hardy plant and doesn't undergo stress. So you can easily re-pot it. You can easily take the plant out of the pot just by pulling it, Then re-pot it in well-drained potting soil.,Aloe vera grows well indoors than outdoors.

What should I absolutely not do when visiting Italy?

At breakfast1. Avoid Starbucks (there is only one in Milan, lucky us ;-)),2. If you want an italian breakfast, look for a cafu00e9 with good interiors and if you see many Italians with a croissant (cornetto) in their hands, go in, immediately.,3. Never ask for "cappuccino" after 10:00. It's unusual. Anyway you can have a cup of coffee at any time,

Is there any PC better than iMac?

This is my setup - iMac 5 27u2033 and side by side with a Windows laptop (Dell XPS 13 9360) with a 27u2033 display.,I use both. So I feel I can comment without bias.,I use the iMac for my Photo and Video work (creative work). I use the Windows laptop for my office/WFH work (bread and butter work). Both have advantages and disadvantages.,But one thi