Is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich healthy?

Well, considering ure talking about supermarket quality bread, cheese and ham, all of those foods are highly, highly proccessed, the bread alone has 20 ingredients! considering u would make a sandwich from sourdough bread(2u20134 ingredients max), used raw or high quality cheese and minimally proccesed ham (no nitrates), then it would actually rese

How do I keep bananas from spoiling?

Bananas must be kept at room temperature (65 - 75u00b0F) until they are as ripe as you like them. At that point, you can put them into the refrigerator. They will stop ripening. Even after taking them out of the fridge they will not continue ripening. You can store them in the fridge for much longer than they would have lasted out on the counter. H

How do I calculate break even in number of units?

The formula for calculating the units needed to breakeven is n,nWhere:n,Fixed costs $ are the total of those costs that don't change in proportion to changes in sales volume and are expressed as $ per month/year (i.e. rent, salaries of managers, insurance),Gross Profit % is the (Selling price - Cost of Goods Sold COGS) / Selling Price,Variable Cost

Which is the most famous song?

Having done a little research into your interesting question, I cannot find any definitive answer. Every website I've looked at seems to have differing opinions.,However, I do remember reading - a long time ago - and it makes perfect sense when you think about it, that the most popular and most sung song in the world is Happy Birthday:)

Are meal preps for a week healthy?

TOP Healthy Meal Prep Recipes to Make For The WeekRoasted Chicken and Veggies Meal Prep. Seasoned with olive oil and Italian spices then roasted to perfection, this...,Spiralized Zucchini Pad Thai Meal Prep. These Spiralized Pad Thai Chicken Meal Prep Bowls are a healthier, low-carb...,Spring Roll Bowls. No time for a full meal prep? No matter how

Where can I find a good, affordable camera bag?

Here is a quick camera bag guide to walk you through the most popular types of camera bags that could be used by a professional photographer in different situations: Great Camera Bags for 2021The following bags are compared in the article above:,Hazard 4 Pillbox,The Camera Pack by Nomatic and Peter McKinnon,Wandrd HEXAD Access Duffle,f-stop Sukha,P

Would a 54-year-old male thats only chased business, God, and tail (that order from my summation), ever really want to settle down? Highly successful; no kids; married and divorced briefly once at 19?

Yes. Without a doubt. You want to know why? Science and statistics, that's why.,Single men really don't do well when they get older. In fact, single women don't fare too well either, but their odds are slightly better.,Scientists have found that being married, or being in a permanent stable relationship, could lead to a longer life. Statistics has

What is your favorite kpop group? Who are the members?

.,My ult Kpop group is TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT),.,It is a 5 member Kpop group that debuted in March 2019,,The members (from oldest to youngest) are:,Yeonjun,Soobin,Beomgyu,Taehyun,Huening Kai,Here are the member profiles:,Yeonjun:Stage Name: Yeonjun (uc5f0uc900)nBirth Name: Choi Yeon Jun (ucd5cuc5f0uc900)nEnglish Name: Daniel ChoinPosition: Rapper

Is there a way to video screen capture from iPhone?

There are two ways you can video screen capture from your iPhone. However, you have to know that Apple introduces the screen recording option on their phones from iOS 11. In this thread, many have answered how you can use the default screen recorder of your iPhone if it is updated to the latest version.,I will suggest to you a third-party app that

What tools are necessary for social media marketing in 2022?

Statistics have shown that to be a successful marketer, your strategy should include social media marketing. Thatu2019s why itu2019s crucial to have your hand on the pulse when it comes to the latest and greatest technology designed for social media management.,Your goal is to stand out among your competitors. But with so many social media tools av

Baking: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How do you make great bread?

Practice. Seriously. And nobody struggled more with baking bread than me. Just look at this:,Iu2019ve tried and given up too many times to count. Then, like all eleventy billion of us on Earth, the Covid19 Pandemic forced me to sit at home and keep my distance from others. Being married to a nurse whose patients are infected (where he had insuffici

Does Dell Inspiron 14 3000 series support all programming languages?

It depends on the specifications of the particular laptop you buy.,The Inspiron 14 3000 u201dseriesu201d,(u201cseriesu201d, as you yourself have written in the question, implying multiple models, not a single) has laptops starting at the bottom with Celeron, going all the way up to i3/i5/i7 processors.,RAM is another parameter that will vary depend

Why cant my son pause when playing League of Legends?

There was an interesting answer that popped up a while back, which I will shamelessly copy.,Imagine that League of Legends is a game of pickup basketball on the street; itu2019s a 5 on 5. All the players have bet a trip to the local McDu2019s on the outcome of the game, and milkshakes are on the person - and team - who scores the least points. Midw

Is AMD Radeon 520 good for gaming?

No it's slightly better than the Intel HD 520 but you can get much better graphics card for example Nvidia GTX 940mx for casual gaming(cs go, overwatch,etc) but don't expect PUBG to run smoothly.If youu2019re planning to buy a laptop then search for at least Nvidia MX150 or GTX 10** series.

What are some good ingredient combinations for omelettes?

I like a spinach and feta omelette. The earthiness of the spinach, the salty feta, the combination is just yummy. Right now, I have the last of a batch of spinach and mushroom stuffing I used to make hand pies wrapped in phyllo, and I plan to toss that in an omelette tomorrow morning.,But I like a lot of things in omelettes. Caramelized onions and

What are some simple keto recipes for beginners?

Breakfast u2013 Eggs, bacon and guacamole. Itu2019s really pretty basic but here are your options. The avocado can be substituted for spinach or broccoli. You can fry it in the residual bacon fat after cooking the eggs or you can alternatively just fry it in butter. You can substitute the pork bacon with turkey bacon or chicken sausages. If you are

Who is the hottest celebrity in India?

Jason Momoa- no doubt. He oozes an incredibly strong sex appeal that you can feel intimidated by his presence.,He's got all the package- rocking body, a set of smoldering eyes, loves sports; mountain climbing,he can ride a motorcycle, he can play a guitar, heu2019s also a writer, producer,director,model and he's got a senses of humor.,No wonder wom

What is the true color of indigo?

If the sky is blue because of the color reflection from the ocean, then what makes the ocean blue?Well, youu2019re starting off with a false premise. The sky is not blue because it reflects from the oceans. Think about it. If that were true, then wouldnu2019t the sky over land be green? Wouldnu2019t the sky over the arctic be white? No, there has t

How is iOS 11.3 working on an iPhone 5s (compared to iOS

Slower. Boot up time has been increased. Fingerprint Recognition has a very negligible delay. app launching lags are evident, signal strength fluctuates while using mobile data. battery life has remained the same, Siri has improved a lot more. App support has been drastically increased. Widget screen lag fixed. Control centre seems smoother. Screen

Where can I find good tutorials about photo editing with Photoshop?

I discovered that the best tutorials for Photoshop is not the written ones, as they consume a lot of time to read and visualize and understand then implement; in the other hand videos are quicker, faster to watch and understand and implement, more over you can write a comment or a question in the video channels, and in most cases you will get an a

Which is your favourite Indian dessert?

Life is short eat dessert first. u2014 goes the quote which I love.Here are some I have tasted:Dharwad Pedha u2014 is a sweet delicacy unique to the state of Karnataka, India. It derives its name from the city of Dharwad in Karnataka.2. Jahangir u2014 is a dessert introduced by Mughal cooks to India.3. Obbattu/ Holige u2014 is a sweet flatbread fro

What are the jobs you can do with a criminology and criminal justice degree?

Thanks for the A2A, Gober Millford.,Here are a few of the many jobs that you can get with a degree in CJ. This is not an exchaustive list, so use it accordingly.,Probation Officer,Forensic Science Technician,Police Officer,Correctional Officer,Private Detective,Fish and Game Warden,Security Guard,State Trooper,Crime Scene Investigator,Computer Fore

What are some good hacks for clicking better photos from your smartphone?

Here are some cool photography tips!,These tips improve photography even if you donu2019t have flagship mobiles.,1.Rule of thirds:Enable grid in your camera settings. The object you are focussing while taking a picture should coincide with any two of the four intersection points formed by the lines of the grid.,2.Symmetry:Symmetry can be really use

How do you plan a wedding?

Practical planning tips:n,Use Google spreadsheets or other shared software. To stay organized, use this religiously. This also saves you stress knowing all your thoughts and open to-do's are in one place.,Use various online and offline resources. There are great reviews, forums and books (e.g. Bridal Bargains -

What is the best lighting for a room painted white?

One thing we must keep in mind before painting our walls white that white is color which gets dusted easily so the lighting options preferred for the white wall is low lighting ideas which can be an industrial light just shown in the picture above.,Other option is these pendant lights which are hanging from the ceiling ad creates a perfect vibes. W

Why do we have kundalini?

When we are born, we are born not just with physical matter, there is also life-force,,The left-over life force is stored in the sacrum (notice the link to the word u2018sacredu2019). Kundalini means u2018coiled energyu2019.,You can also add to and replenish this store through eating right and certain sexual practices.,There it is locked. But it ca

Is it true that most Europeans think English food is terrible?

I think it is true, and itu2019s largely because, encouraged by the English themselves, theyu2019ve been using a very narrow and outdated definition of what English food actually is.,The British (the English, Scots, Welsh) are historically terrible at exporting or even being basically enthusiastic about traditional English food, and very enthusiast

What kind of things do you get for your Asian mother for Mothers Day?

One of the best ideas I've seen is a handmade scrapbook filled with all the photos you have from growing up. Put some funny captions for each photo you want to put into the scrapbook. On the last page, write a letter to her, saying how much you appreciate her giving up part of her life caring for you. Add some personal touches and wrap it up and gi