What is the best way to cook meatballs in tomato sauce?

It's actually to only finish the meatballs in the sauceu2026,Grab your favorite u201cthicku201d frying pan and place on the stove next to your simmering sauce. Preheat it to medium to medium-high while you roll out or pluck the prepaid meatballs from the fridge. You'll need the oven preheated to about 400 degrees as well. Melt a tablespoon or more

How do I manage subscriptions on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app.,Tap your name.,Tap Subscriptions. (If you don't see "Subscriptions," tap "iTunes & App Store" instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.),Tap the subscription that you want to manage.,If you donu2019t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already ca

What is the best mid-range CPU for gaming in 2020?

AMD Ryzen processors have bounced back in the last couple of years, and their sales are currently rising. However, there are older Intel processors models that are still good for gaming. For example, some consider Intel Core i7-4790K to be the best cpu for streaming and gaming among entry-level models. It's an older model with CPU socket type LGA 1

What was the ideology of the Khmer Rouge? Why did the mass killings happen and how?

KHMER ROUGE REGIMEOVERVIEWOVERVIEWDOWNLOAD AS PDFWhen one thinks about Cambodia, two things often come to mind. The first is Angkor Wat, an ancient temple complex built during the Angkorian period from the ninth to 15th centuries. The Angkorian period featured a powerful and vast Khmer Empire that was highly cultured and produced magnificent art an

Are Bamboo plants really lucky?

The Lucky Bamboo house plant can grow to about 2 to 3 feet in height. It cannot survive under direct sunlight and can grow in soil or water.,Lucky Bamboo is a plant that is well-known for bringing good luck and is one of the essential elements of Feng Shui.The botanical name of Lucky Bamboo is Dracena sanderiana.The Lucky Bamboo plant is also known

What is the best video creating and editing software?

In Short: Based on pricing, ease of use, editing tools, fastness Filmora Video Editor for Mac is the best video creating and editing software. Iu2019ve used this software for a while, and till now happy with the service.,But, Why you should choose Filmora?By using this software, I came to like a few things about this software thatu2019s why Iu2019m

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

If youu2019re a black hot coffee drinker: any of the reserved coffees made from the Clover.,If youu2019re a black cold coffee drinker: a cold brew.,If youu2019re a sweet hot coffee drinker: a caramel macchiato with toffee nut instead of vanilla syrup.,If youu2019re a sweet cold coffee drinker: a cold foam cascara nitro. (Are these worldwide?),If yo

Cooking: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the recipe for garlic bread?

My favourite garlic bread is made from high quality flattish cibatta bread with that lovely open structure. Slice in half horizontally and place cut sides up on a baking tray. The garlic butter mix is by eye as the strength of garlic varies widely and so do preferences... start with half a cup of unsalted butter and mix in very finely chopped garli

An online company has owed me money (about $1k) for years. They always say they will send it but never do. What legal jargonfalse threat of lawsuit can I say to maybe scare them into actually paying me?

Iu2019m not clear as to your location, John Morgan, but it seems youu2019re getting answers related to the UK at a rate of 2u20131 over the US. In either respect, let me add a few items for the US Law. Letu2019s start with the u201cfalse threatu201d language.,Being very careful when using any legal claims or trying to u201cthreatenu201d any debtor

How do I cook hot dogs in an oven?

Why would you? Hotdogs are meant to be boiled or grilled, both are direct heat techniques. I canu2019t see a point to trying to cook hotdogs in an oven. If you need to cook a lot of hotdogs at once, use a bigger pot!

How many pesos will $50.00 American dollars be?

In Mexico pesos it would be around 1000 mxn (1008) but remember, there are plenty of countries in Hispanic America that also uses pesos so I would edit the question to clarity about which country pesos you are talking about.,All the countries in green use currencies named peso.

Why do kids dislike broccoli so much?

Not if itu2019s cooked the way my dad used to prepare it for us when we were kids.,Very simple actually - any person with a basic understanding of cooking can whip up this dish in no time flat.,Just stir-fry broccoli with prawns (I believe Americans might call them u201cshrimpu201d), carrots, some cashew nuts, and use garlic, oyster sauce (we alway

What are some interesting things about Adobe Photoshops latest version?

A2A by Red Vistas.,There are two interesting things in latest versions of photoshop.,They are 1. Content aware fill and 2. content aware scale,These two are incorporated in Adobe Photoshop from Adobe CS6.,I have already explained how we can use content aware fill to remove unwanted objects from a photo in my answer How can I clean a photo of my hou

How do you scan a document from your HP printer to your computer?

I have had several HP OfficeJets. Before Windows XP I had to load the sometimes cumbersome HP application to scan, yet since Windows XP became available, once Windows recognizes the printer, connected with USB, wired or Wi-Fi Ethernet I have been using Windows Scan utility.

Which country celebrates the New Year first, New Zealand or Australia?

While fireworks exploding over Sydney harbour usually symbolises the start of global New Yearu2019s festivities for most Brits, it may surprise you to hear that Australia is not the first country in the world to welcome the New Year.,The Pacific island of Tonga rang in 2019 at 10am GMT on December 31 u2013 making the tiny island nation the first to

Whats the most popular country in the world?

Hi, Lucas, and thank for the A2A. Ernest W. Adams beat me to it: Popular in what respect? Based on immigration it's the U.S.: 10 Most Popular Countries For Immigrationn nThe problem with raw numbers, of course, is that they don't adequately factor-in variables, e.g. "per capita," (relative) ease-of-access, affordability, etc. n nRe. tourism, France

What will be a high end DSLR camera in 10 years time?

Right now, there are three DSLR manufacturers: Nikon, Canon, and Pentax. Nikon and Canon have just introduced mirrorless camera systems, the Z and EOS R systems. So naturally, they are scrambling to support those systems.,The Year of Mirrorless and the 10th Anniversary2018 was interesting, in that it was the 10th Anniversary of the first mirrorless

Does Coca Cola Zero really contain no calorie?

Almost, but not quite. Coke Zero contains aspartame as a sweetener, which provides about four calories per gram, which is about the same as the caloric content of sugar. However, aspartame is vastly sweeter than sugar, so they can use much less aspartame to achieve the same flavor. A 12 oz. can of regular Coke contains 39 grams of sugar. An identic

Can you use GoPro Quik on a Mac?

The cheapest and most straightforward solution would be a Teradek VidiU for $699 to stream the HDMI signal from your GoPro (or any HDMI capable camera) to a server with a 2mbps sustained or greater uplink bandwidth. You may or may not need yagi type directional antennas attached to an wireless access point and your home base router to ensure an uni

Is there historical evidence of Jesus Christ outside of the Bible?

Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian SourcesMichael Gleghorn,In the introduction to one of his books, F.F. Bruce tells about a Christian correspondent who was told by an agnostic friend that "apart from obscure references in Josephus and the like," there was no historical evidence for the life of Jesus outside the Bible.[1]This, he wrote t

Have you ever been offended by a gift that you had received for Christmas?

My dad repeatedly gave me gifts that offended me all throughout my childhood.,After quietly putting up with it and exchanging the gifts once I got home for almost a decade, I spoke up. I was either still in high school or had just graduated and my dad had purchased the exact style of clothes I wanted. Which was a huge deal, because he didnu2019t ap

In living standards, was the Soviet Union better than the USA in anything?

In the USSRu2014like nowu2014we were spared the epic costs of health insurance, higher education, and exorbitant housing expenses. Otherwise, looking back, it was middling, at best.,A couple of pictures of me at home as a humble propaganda student in the early 1980s, with comments. For context, both my parents were pensioners at the time, which alo

What drink will help to lose belly fat?

It's not about eating or drinking one food for Losing fat or gaining weight.,Your overall Calorie intake matter.,So, for losing fat you need to eat less than your maintaince Calories which is Calorie Deficit.,And, always remember it's a Lifestyle .,So, make small changes in your r...

What is going to happen after the 2020 election?

Republicans will be called racists and sexists. Democrats will be called socialists and communists.,Pundits and politicians from either side will declare that their opposition has gone too far to the [right or left] and needs to [return to the center/kick out the fringes/do more outreach to groups that donu2019t support them].,Democrats in particul