Is Japan expensive? If it is, then why are the salaries there so low?

Japanese salaries are low vs some Western equivalents. If you are looking to make money, and fast, there are definitely better places to move to than Japan; the US, Singapore, HK (though that now comes with other strings), Switzerland and other specific cities (London, Paris, Dubai etc).,Salaries at Western companies in Japan tend to be slightly hi

What are some recipes for cooking corn on the cob?

i peel the outer layers of the husk to access the silk ( the hairy stuff), then soak in a light brine (water with a little salt) for about 20u201330 minutes. be sure to keep fully submerged. Remove from brine and roast on grill turning a couple times to keep from catching fire. should take about 10u201350 minutes depending on how hot your grill is.

What are some amazing pictures of food garnishing?

Since I have no habit of clicking food items and also I am not an expert in garnishing, I am presenting some pictures from internet which amazed me.,1. Tricolor rice: May be u2018Independence day special.,2. Edible Rangoli: Generally rangolis are filled with powdered colours or petals of flowers. But how about this edible rangoli, made with fruits,

Will the stock market ever crash as bad as it did in 1929?

u201cCould the stock market crash of 1929 happen again?u201d,Of course, and it has, several times, for the same reason. 1968, 1980, 1987, 2000, 2008, 2020, all inflation-fueled boom-bust cycles, just like 1929. And, for that matter, 1920.,Oh? Youu2019ve never heard of the Depression of 1920? Here:,The stock market crash of 1929 was not at all speci

What happens to people who died before Jesus was born, or didnu2019t hear of Jesus?

OKu2026There is a fairly short answer; but you might need some background to help understand the answer, and that is a bit long. Bear with me. Christians believe that the Jews and those Gentiles who believed in the God of the Jews were looking forward in faith to the Messiah (Savior) for their salvation, even as we look back on the Savior at the cr

In the Constitution, what are checks and balances?

Legislative BranchImpeachment power (House),Trial of impeachments (Senate),Selection of the President (House) and Vice President (Senate) in the case of no majority of electoral votes.,May override Presidential vetoes.,Senate approves departmental appointments.,Senate approves treaties and ambassadors.,The best examples of checks & balance is that

How can I root my phone?

How to Root your Android PhoneSometimes Android users root their Android to keep their device from draining easily. Here's one of those issues. "My battery drains quickly and I have to charge my phone a lot, usually once or twice a day. And when I have a business trip, I have to worry that my Android runs out of battery and I will miss some importa

Why were the 3 branches of government established?

We have 3 branches of government to minimize the possibility of too much power in the hands of a single person, who could become a despot.,Obviously, we want the judiciary to be as independent as possible, as the judiciary tends to be our last recourse for defending our rights from a tyrannical government.,In Britain, the legislative and executive

How do I make a great spaghetti sauce?

The secret to perfect spaghetti sauce is the same as the secret to any great dish: quality ingredients and good technique.,Whenever I make tomato sauce I start with a firm sweet onion, a few cloves of California garlic, good olive oil, high quality canned tomatoes (Red Pack, Muir Glen, Bella Rosa, etc.), a can of good tomato paste, fresh Thai basil

If the Indian government wants to change their currency from the Indian rupee to its own Indian dollar, is it possible? What would be the effect on the Indian economy?

What's in a name? That which we call a rosenBy any other name would smell as sweet.,nThe above saying (from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) holds true for currencies as well. There is absolutely nothing that stops the Government of India from rechristening the Rupee as Indian Dollar. ,The word dollar is itself derived from the German word "thaler"

How do you clean a microwave oven?

For more information on microwave cleaning and cleaning of many other types of surfaces and appliances, you may find my book Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master a useful resource.,For general cleaning, fill a sink with hot, soapy dish water. Use ONLY a microfiber cloth or a NON-SCRATCH scrubbing sponge. The dish soa

What is the largest cruise ship in service?

The largest cruise ship in service is Royal Caribbean's MS Oasis of the Seas. It will soon be joined (in December 2010) by a sister ship, the MS Allure of the Seas. Both ships will carry more than 6,000 passengers.,Here's the Wikipedia article on the MS Oasis of the Seas:

What is mutual agency (features of partnership firm)?

Existence of mutual agency which is the cardinal principle of partnership law, is very much helpful in reaching a conclusion in this regard. Each partner carrying on the business is the principle as well as agent of others partners. So, the of one partner done on behalf of firm, binds all the partners. If the elements of mutual agency relationship

What are some good ideas for a YouTube channel?

There are many tips and good ideas I can think of. New YouTuber must know he has to work very very hard if he wants to get YouTube success with all the benefits that come with that.,Some basic tips every new YouTuber must know -,1. Quality Video - I do not mean a camera that costs a lot of money or a nice room/view. I mean a video that can be seen

What type of electromagnetic waves have the shortest wavelengths?

My short answer to the question is that currently, we, the physicist community, do not know or agree on the shortest wavelengths of photons (electromagnetic waves), as of Y2021. Please, let me elaborate on my sort of tongue-in-cheek answer and show that I am serious, not least frivolous.,The most of the answers so far on the question say that it is

How could the one set an effective mission and vision statement?

Clarity and focus, also the participation of members of your company in formulating them (buy-in).,A Mission Statement defines the company's business, its objectives and its approach to reach those objectives.,A Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company.,Some Health Care and Government examples (with analysis) can be fou

What is the best bookkeeping software for a small company?

Depends on the complexity of your firm. If you want free, check out WAVE, Freshbooks, Kashoo or FreeAgent. If you want desktop or user friendly, use Quickbooks or SAGE. If you want something to manage your process, check out the solutions like XERO or FinancialForce.

What database is best for storing financial statements?

This is coming from a CPA.,Have you ever read a set of financial statements? The footnotes are an ESSENTIAL part of them.,How does ANY database handle such long verbage properly?,If you are just look at numbers pretty much any database will work.,If you are looking at the complete financial statements then I would suggest a simple PDF.

How do I convert CR2 to JPG in Windows 10?

Since the CR2 is the Canons RAW image file, just download the Canon Digital Photo Professional program.,For clarity, RAW files are not converted, but processed and then exported as a JPEG image file.

How much is 20 dollars in pesos?

What country pesos? A number of countries around the world use pesos as their national currency. Each has a different exchange rate with the U.S. dollar. Or were you referring to the Canadian or Australian dollars? Be clear with your question.

Do you get a BA or BS in business?

In the US, the usual business degree is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, or BSBA. Some colleges may call it a Bachelor of Arts or BA instead, but the degree title BA vs BS is usually irrelevant.,Outside the US, a business degree may be called a Bachelor of Commerce or B. Com.

What is the opposite color of grey?

What is the opposite color of grey?A true, colorless gray has no opposite color. It doesnu2019t exist on the color wheel, and therefore has no corresponding color on the other side of the wheel.,However, most grays are mixed with a small amount of color, and their opposite would be a gray of the same tone, found on the opposite side of the color wh

What is normal in your country but weird in the rest of the world?

(This is an expanded version from my answer in a similar question),Iu2019m from the Philippines. Hereu2019s my list in addition to those already posted by some of my countrymen here:,We use umbrellas on sunny daysI guess the correct term would be parasol, but these arenu2019t in fashion in the west anymore and I rarely see people doing it in the US

Where can I purchase Food boxes in bulk?

Bulk food boxes are easily available at B2B platforms. Back in time finding and contacting corrugated box suppliers was difficult because of a lack of connectivity. But thanks to digitalization it has come extremely easy through B2B websites. If you wish to find corrugated box sellers for your business I suggest you check out online trading website

What do pre-colonial Philippine cities look like?

u201cLittle organic houses.u201d,In 2018, I did a walking tour of the old Spanish settlement of Intramuros, Manila. The tour guide, Carlos Celdran (RIP) said that this is what the Spanish saw when they first set foot in the islands. Apparently there is not much in the way of natural sources of rocks for buildings in these parts. So houses were made

How can I make chocolate cupcakes?

I am sharing you my own recipe of eggless chocolate cupcakes (for 6 person),You'll be needing the following items-,Flour (8 tablespoons),Powdered sugar ( 6 tablespoons),Cocoa powder (3u20134 teaspoons),Vanilla Extract ( 1/2 teaspoon),Melted Butter/Oil (6u20137 teaspoons),Warm milk (3 tablespoons),Baking Soda (1/2 teaspoon) It is optional to add thi

Where do California condors live?

Today, the recovery efforts have released them into the mountains of southern California north of the Los Angeles basin near Santa Barbara, in the Big Sur area in the mountains of central California coast, over in the Sacramento Valley, near the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the Vermilion Cliffs, and in the mountains of Baja California. They are expan