What is the best oil for hair?

To avoid weighing down fine hair, itu2019s critical to only use the lightest oils possible.,Besides utilizing a very light oil, itu2019s best to only apply the smallest amount possible. Itu2019s also important to be careful to only apply oil to the most damaged sections.,Although I personally love jojoba oil for all types, textures and conditions o

Which is better, Logitech MX Master 3 or Logitech G Pro?

I havenu2019t tried MX Master 3. but I have the predecessor MX Master 2s (which is more or less the same purpose as the 3) and Logitech G Pro.,And I can say from experience, these two mice are for different purposes.First, I will explain the MX Master.If you want productivity, MX Master 3 is the one you want.,Its features really complement the need

What is Tim Cook like?

Tim Cook is intensely, intensely private.,When Steve Jobs made iMovie a flagship product, he instructed his top executives to each make a short film with the software and present. The idea of iMovie was to make computers useful and accessible to families. Other employees documented their vacations, their children's birthdays, and so on. Not Tim, hi

What does your culture usually have for Christmas dinner?

An English answer:,Roast turkey,Roast potatoes,Roast parsnips,Boiled peas,Boiled broad beans,Yorkshire pudding,followed by,Christmas pudding (plum pudding),Brandy butter,White sauce (custard without the yellow but with the brandy),followed by,Cheese,Port

How do I remove Instagram from my Facebook app?

I was able to get back my account by contacting Facebook experts at JA.,This was after I had tried everything according to Facebooku2019s Help Center which was useless as I had forgotten both the pass and verification email.,This post has details on how you can contact them:,Whatu2019s brilliant is that you donu2019t have to wait to get in touch wi

How do you make extra crispy fried chicken?

Science.To be specific, frying it twice.This method, which I learned from studying the works of the great J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, is a brilliant way of not only ensuring that your fried chicken is extra-crispy while remaining moist inside, it paradoxically enables you to serve it more quickly.,It takes a bit of extra preparation, but it works. I did it

Is India a famous country?

INDIA is very popular around the globe for the following reasons:CricketIndia is among those countries in the world having the mostcricket frenzy people. However, the national sport of the country is hockey butcricket is highly popular among the citizens. The cricket team of India or theMen in Blue have earned 3 major world championships. Some of t

Whats the best Nvidia control panel setting for gaming?

This would vary based on the game and possibly the other specs of your system. Your best bet is to use the Nvidia Geforce Experience software that has setting suggestions for many games based on your system settings. If you are having issues with a particular game you would have to search for recommended Control Panel settings for it.,Most of the a

What are the details of the so called Reliance gas scam?

A detailed history of this issue was posted by Mahesh Murthy on facebook recently, and I found it pretty illuminating. Posting it verbatim here. Link to original article on facebook is at the bottom.,n,What's the big noise on Mukesh Ambani, gas pricing, Rs. 25,000 crores loss and Gujarat all about? ,Let me take a little time to set down the facts.

What are some good bluetooth headsets?

There are hundreds of headphones in the market, manufactured by companies both big and small. Which brand is really worth your time and money? In this list,9 of the best headphone brands in the world, based on customer feedback, expert reviews, and overall product quality.,Sennheiser:Founded in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser, Sennheiser is a German manuf

Can I eat bananas during a throat infection?

Sure, Why notu2026 its absolute fallacy that certain foods (especially fruits & vegetables) should not be consumed in certain conditions (normal Cold-Cough-Fever-Upset Stomach etcu2026) One of the healthiest foods, better than drinking coke/eating panipuri on streetu2026 Its a very good digestive, has high potassium & sugar.

What do teenage bedrooms look like today?

Iu2019m 16 and I share my room with my 14 year-old sister. And before you think thatu2019s bad, I love to talk with her at night so the idea of having my own room does not interest me.,Anyway, I took some photos so that you all could see what a ridiculous wall color choice we made when we were younger.,First off is our closet. Itu2019s not clean an

What are the most evil packaging designs?

Ingredients are required by European law to be listed on the package in order of their percentages:,Orange juice (35 %),Apple juice (28 %)White grape juice (15 %)Pineapple juice (8 %),Carrot juice (4,5 %),Peach pulp (3,6 %),Mango pulp, (1,8 %),Pear pulp (1,7 %),Passion fruit juice (1,7 %),Lemon juice,Note that apples and grapes are not in the front

What should I replace for my lunch and dinner thats healthier and filling but still cheap and needs no real cooking and doesnt go bad easily? Currently I eat a bologna sandwich, and pizza TV tray dinner (has brocoli so somewhat healthy)?

Hmm - it depends on where you draw the line for u201cno real cookingu201d and u201ccheap.u201d Thereu2019s no question that eating healthier costs more and often takes more effort. Good for you to want to try. Maybe vegetable or bean soup - choose the lower sodium varieties, and stick to soups with a clear broth instead of a creamy broth. For sandw

What are some careers in biomedical science?

Biomedical Science is one of the rare degrees that literally allows you to go into anything that you could think of. Obviously, there are some limitations to this depending on the time or money side of things but if you take funding and personal time restrictions out of the equation, it is really one of the most flexible degrees into terms of caree

What is Aphrodites origin story?

As her name denotes. She was born out of the foam of the waves. Her birthplace is the sea of Paphos-Cyprus near the Yeroskipou town which come from the ancient Greek words > which means holy garden.,Aphrodite. The Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure passion, and procreation. Associated with the Roman goddess Venus. The unfaithful wife of Hephaestu

Why is there a lot of inequality in global cities?

In a word, ego. Many people think they deserve more than others. Thereu2019s always been and always will be inequality. If you disagree, then ask yourself how many people you have met in your life that you were willing to become friends with; now ask yourself why you did not want to be friends with those you passed by. The simple truth is that you

What is your review of the Shopee app?

Yes it is! my friend!Shopee is an online shopping platform established in Singapore in 2015. It is a very good platform, from their payment system to the way they handle customers.,In addition, the platform also integrates logistics and payment support to make online shopping easy and safe, making it a one-stop platform for social e-commerce in Asi

What are the most famous theaters in the world?

Teatro Colu00f3n, Buenos Aires, Argentina.,As the second picture shows, it occupies a full city block (roughly 100 m x 100 m). But in the opera and classical music world, size is not the key parameter: its acoustics are a miracle. According to an Acoustics specialized magazine, u201cu2026(Teatro Colu00f3n) is acoustically considered to be among the

What is the most delicious instant ramen you have ever eaten?

My favorite add boiling water, cover, let stand for three minutes instant noodles are:,Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood flavorYou werenu2019t satisfied with small bits of dried chicken or scrambled egg in your regular Cup Noodles. Look at all the bits you get here.,Amazon.com : Nissin Cup Ramen Noodle Soup, Seafood, 2.68 Ounce (Pack of 6) : Grocery & Gour

How do you grill potatoes, and for how long?

Baked potatoes - in foil, on the grill at 425 degrees for around an hour until they reach an internal temp of 205 degrees.,Sliced Russet Potatoes - I would boil the sliced potatoes in water for around 6 mins. Then finish them on the preheated grill grate at about 425 deg. turning once, flipping once, until they are probe tender. Brush with butter o