Which phone under $200 has the best camera?

Right now Moto G4 plus has got best phone camera in this price segment, it is a 16-megapixel shooter with f/2.0 aperture and Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). It also features a laser autofocus for quick focusing. Although the camera performs brilliant in daylight, the night performance is still questionable.

Is the Airbus A380 a profitable aircraft for Emirates?

Of course it is.,They have the largest A380 fleet andu2026it works.,Their A380 strategy seems to be working. In May, Emirates announced a record $1.93 billion profit for the 2015 fiscal year with a margin of 8.4%.,Thatu2019s a lot of money, especially considering how many airlines are failing around the globe.Why does the A380 makes them so much mo

What are renewable and non-renewable resources?

Renewable Energy Resources: They can be naturally replenished and will never run out. Examples :,Solar energy,Wind Energy,Hydro-power,Tidal Energy,Biomass,Non Renewable Energy Resources: They cannot be naturally replenished and will eventually run out. Examples,Coal,Petroleum,Natural Gas

What was it like to be in front of the Lincoln Memorial or watching TV or listening to the radio on August 28, 1963, to hear Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech?

It was hypnotic. Each time Martin told us that he had a dream, the world was pulled one step closer inside it. I had never seen or heard anything like it. The crowd was rapt. I was charged with a feverish kind of love for my friend. ,By the time Martin quoted Samuel Francis Smith's "My Country 'Tis of Thee," I figured you could measure the tears of

What is a worm in computer network?

A computer worm is a standalone malware computer program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers. Often, it uses a computer network to spread itself, relying on security failures on the target computer to access it. Unlike a computer virus, it does not need to attach itself to an existing program.,For a virus, it need an active

We have sold goods to our customer for 30L on credit. He hasnt paid the money for it for the past 1.2 years. Whenever we ask, he is asking for some more time. What can we do now? We have bills for it.

Debt recovery procedureUse the following steps u2013 from friendly reminder through to letter of demand and bad debt collection u2013 as an escalation process to contact your customers about an outstanding payment.1. Contact with a friendly payment reminderWhen payment first becomes overdue, give your customer a courtesy reminder by phoning, emaili

What is the most Indian thing ever?

In India, there are certain u2018Indianisms' that unite us all from one tip of the country to another. Everything we do is accentuated by the typically Indian style we do it in.,We're the only ones who can make illegal look legal.The words u201cHorn Ok Pleaseu201d are painted on so that vehicles overtaking from behind know they have to honk to aler

What is the benefit of not eating dinner?

I gave up eating dinner several years ago and feel so much betteru2026u2026lighter with better sleep. I eat a healthy, will balanced breakfast and lunch. Also, without dieting, I have lost ten pounds by eliminating dinner.

What are the names of the all-inclusive resorts and hotels at Disney World in Florida?

There are currently 18 Disney fully owned and operated hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort and one more Star Wars themed hotel under construction. The hotels are broken into 3 categories based on price, Value, Moderate, Deluxe. In addition to the deluxe hotels there are the associated Deluxe Villas and are part of the Disney Vacation Club. Itu20

Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?

Q: Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?,A:1971 Dr.Samuel C.Hurst invented the electronic touch screen interface, while teaching at the University of Kentucky, United States of America.,The first working somewhat touchscreen phone that you could actually buy was the IBM Simon in 1992, which featured a basic touchscreen, however it

Is the iPad useful for the NEET preparation?

(This answer was edited after I wrote NEET 22),YES, but under some conditions.I am an 11th class student and have started preparation for NEET 2 months ago.,Why I bought an iPad:I always liked the idea for having just one place/thing that will contain all study material.,With so many online classes in this pandemic, it was necessary to have a good

What will the hottest baby name be in 2021?

Instead of u201cnew ageu201d, I think people should look at older more traditional names. No reason to make up something ridiculous. Like these two are Elizabeth and Kathryn.

What is gross national product?

Gross national product (GNP) is consists of gross national production (GDP) plus factor incomes earned by foreign residents, minus income earned in the domestic economy by nonresidents.,For your information, GDP is consists of consumption (C), government spending (G), investment (I), and net export(export-import). ,Therefore, GNP=C+I+G+Net export +

Why does the 2017 Ducati Superleggera cost so much?

It is very hard to explain the astronomical price of the 2017 ducati 1299 superlaggera which is 1.12 cr ( ex_delhi) and will do even costlier in Mumbai,We should not neglect that its a Italian bike Overpriced at every thing,For a lay man or even for motorcycle enthusiast price tag of 1.12 cr is a joke and they will start comparing to the other hype

Do long-distance relationships work?

Very rarely. I've been in a long distance relationship. This is how it started and ended for me. Same thing happened to two other couples I know:,1. Two people like each other a lot. Decide to give long distance relationship a try.n2. Everyone is happy, you feel like it was a good decision.n3. The first excitement ends after a while in every relati

Which country has the most colourful flag in the world?

The country with the most colourful flag in the world is Belize with 12 colours,Many of which make up the coat of arms that provide this relatively young flag (1981) with it's complexity.,The Belize flag, like many others is steeped in political history and the prominent colours represent the political parties

How do I use face filters on Instagram?

Just make sure your app is updated, and the new feature will be available immediately. Once you've got the filters installed, you just need to open the app and tap the camera icon on the top left. From there, youu2019ll tap on the smiley face icon with sparkles surrounding its face. Unlike Snapchat, you wonu2019t need to tap your face to get the fi

What is the oldest civilization on Earth?

Civilisation literally means living in cities, where the inhabitants have defined roles and social structure. The oldest city we know about was u00c7atalhu00f6yu00fck in Anatolia, founded about 9,500 years ago.,Thatu2019s the oldest we know about, though. It might not be - indeed probably wasnu2019t - the first large, settled human town but the fir

What are the system requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro cs5?

The system requirements are rather low.,But the more you can offer Premiere Pro, the better. If you are editing a 480p timeline, you do not need much from your computer. But if you are editing a 2160p timeline, a iMac 5K might start to slow down a bit.,So it purely depends on what you are asking of Adobe Premiere Pro.

How do the Chinese eat chow mein?

Chow Mein is literally 'fried noodles', eaten in various forms in Malaysia and some countries in southeast Asia. Here's a few popular versions of fried noodles.,In the morning:,Aka 'economy noodles' because it's basic and cheap, stir fried without meat.,Mostly takeaways from street side stalls and coffee shops - stir fried rice noodles used such as

What are the specs of the FUJIFILM X-T4 camera?

I am always amazed by people who know how to go on Quora and pose a question for a definite specific fact, like equipment specs, but donu2019t seem to know how to use Google to find the same precise information any answerer would find.

What is a good guide for calculating U.S. tax and duty rates?

U.S. Customs has groups of import specialists who can help you get startednin importing. Import specialists are organized according to commodity specialistnteams, which are assigned specific types of goods and are available tonrespond to any question you may have about U.S. importing rules and regulations. Import specialists provide information abo

How can I divide rooms simply and cheaply through decoration?

Hi,,Dividing a room means you want segregate different areas for different purposes.Based on purpose , you can go for different options.,For example - If its a living room , and you want to divide the living room as living cum dinning room, you can place your furniture in the middle of the living room as an L shape design & divide both the areas.,A