How can I obtain a Microsoft Office business letter template?

Templates are available from many sources but two of the richest repositories, that are also well categorized and searchable are:,CNetu2019s when searched for u2018Microsoft Office Templatesu2019, (See more at: Microsoft Office Templates - Free downloads and reviews - CNET,Microsoftu2019s own online collection (See more

Do you think its easy to communicate in the three official languages, German, French, and Italian when living in Switzerland? And I dont want to forget the national language, Romansh!

Itu2019s been a while since I was last in Switzerland, but my recollection was that the locals donu2019t find it difficult.,In the German-speaking parts of the country, theyu2019re more likely to speak German as a sort of u201cfirst guessu201d on meeting a new person, the same applies to French in the French-speaking parts and (although Iu2019ve ne

How do I format a SanDisk flash drive?

u201cMy computer/This PCu201d to open File Explorer. Right click the SanDisk Cruzer drive and select u201cFormatu201d; select a file system, tick u201cQuick Formatu201d and click u201cStartu201d.

What is the best smart phone to buy for a budget of $400?

I'd suggest the Moto X Pure Edition, .,I have generally been impressed with the quality of Motorola phones--they work pretty consistently and run pure Android. Usually not the flagship phones, but for their price they're very good.

What foods are bad for dogs?

Foods that Are Harmful to DogsChocolate - contains a chemical compound that is both a heart stimulant and diuretic and potentially fatal to dogs.,Onions and garlic - whether in one large dose or smaller doses, onions and garlic contain a toxin that can build up in the dog's system, damaging red blood cells.,Grapes and raisins - an unknown substance

Whatu2019s the difference between Adobe Premiere Rush CC and Adobe Premiere CC?

Both software are used for video editing.,The key difference is that Adobe launched the Premiere Rush mainly for You Tubers, Social media creators, Video loggers i.e., for editing simple sequences.,Premiere Rush has very simple workflow, while Premiere Pro has a more advanced one.,,Differences:Itu2019s stupid to compare all the features between the

Why do atoms "want" 8 electrons in their outer shell?

Why do atoms "want" 8 electrons in their outer shell?Because 8 electrons is enough to fill up the first two subshells. After that point any more electrons are going to be added to subshells that are higher energy meaning that they are not going to be as tightly bound (since that's pretty much what higher energy means in this context).Let me give yo

What are the best vegetarian barbecue recipes?

Stuffed Mushrooms,Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Caps RecipeGrilled corn,Perfectly Grilled Corn on the CobOr elotes (Mexican style grilled corn),Grilled Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)Grilled vegetable skewers,Balsamic Vegetable Skewers RecipeWatermelon salad (trust me itu2019s actually good)

Is a LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium account worth it?

Short answer is No ,,I have used premium account for over one year and I have never seen any advantage of premium account other than the option to send LinkedIn mails to people who are not connected to you , while that seems good most people who receive such mails knows it's for either advertising or for job requests so they end up ignoring these m

Which do you think is the most beautiful city in Ukraine and why?

As others have mentioned, Lviv and Chernivtsy are among the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Lviv has experienced some incredible change in the last 10 years which was spearheaded by their former mayor. He did amazing things for the city. My wife and I regularly visit. it is one of our favorite cities in the whole world, not just Ukraine, and we a

Whats the importance of validity and reliability in scientific research?

A practice that can be replicated , can then be independently tested.,Such provides bed rock that can be used to engage all in the pursuit of knowledge that is known objectively- to say valid or reliably made.,I myself , think this is over done, when the real progress in Science can be made by thinking on that we already can know, but much is overl

What was the world like on November 11th 1111? Did anyone care that it was 11111111?

It appears nothing much happened on that date. The only thing I have been able to find is that it was a Saturday. On 11/8/1111 Otto II, Count of Hapsburg died, but that is all I could find that happened in November 1111. Only two other events in 1111 were that Henry V of Germany was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, and he invaded Hungary. If you leave o

Is it a good idea to have a shower enclosure in a bathroom along with a bath tub?

Separate shower and tub in one bathroom is a very common luxury these days. Iu2019m not sure how to answer u201cbetter idea?u201d better than that. If the house is in the right price range, then it can be a positive in selling it. If youu2019re doing it for resale only and it increases the price beyond what the neighborhood could handle, then you m

Iu2019m wanting to try the Master Cleanse then follow it with the cabbage soup diet. Does anybody know if it would hurt to continue drinking the Master Cleanse after the initial 3 days, while eating the cabbage soup for the next week?

It sounds way too extreme to me.,For one thing, your body doesnu2019t need to be cleansed or detoxed, if thatu2019s what youu2019re trying to do. You already have a variety of systems within your body that do the job much more effectively than any product you can buy or concoct.,Your best bet is to avoid interfering with those systems. You will lik

Which is the best gaming laptop under $500?

You could probably find something on ebay with a 940MX GPU under $500 that would pass as a marginal u201cgamingu201d PC.,But spending even $530 for a refurbished Acer 5 A515u201351G would get you an excellent MX150 GPU together with the amazing mobile quad-core i5u20138250U and 8GB of DDR4u2014plus the speed of its 250GB SSD.,This little wonder wil

What is statistical significance?

Generally speaking, traditional significance means:n,You designed an experiment to try to "reject" or "rule out" a particular hypothesis. The experiment has two possible outcomes: "reject" (this is generally our goal) or "inconclusive.",If the hypothesis is actually true, the experiment hopefully will answer "inconclusive." We design the experiment

What is the least expensive food to get the most amount of calories?

CHOLE BHATURE !One plate of Chole bhature cost u20b925-u20b9100 , depends on the place you are eating from. Itu2019s basically a street food dish and is easily available in North India.,This is a picture taken by me when I went to Delhi. This plate was for u20b950 and trust me after eating one full plate, you feel so full that would want to skip yo

What is the procedure for applying for an MS abroad?

In order to apply for a US university, you need to fill an online application for the program on the universityu2019s website. The application will ask for the following- (If you are applying to other countries, GRE may not be required but rest of the requirements and process will remain the same),1.) GRE Scores n2.) TOEFL or IELTS scoresn3.) State

What was a gift that made you speechless?

My wife was always telling me that I am not romantic. This year I wanted to surprise her by giving a special present on ours 40th anniversary. It wasnu2019t easy to do after 40 years.,I made a large framed photo collage from up to 100 pictures. I collect all the old photographs when we were children their teenage years and adulthood the marriage ph

How reliable is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis DMIA?

A person's fingerprints are formed when they are a tiny developing baby in their mother's womb. Pressure on the fingers from the baby touching, and their surroundings create what are called "friction ridges", the faint lines you see on your fingers and toes. These ridges are completely formed by the time a foetus is 6 months old, that's 3 months be

Whats the toughest phone call youve ever madereceived?

I can tell about the toughest phone call Iu2019ve ever received, and the toughest one Iu2019ve ever had to make, in one answer.,My daughter and her husband and their two children lived with me and my spouse for a while. The two granddaughters were Katie, 3 and Hayden, 10. Hayden had been sick, and the doc diagnosed her with strep throat. It was clo

How do you save a dying indoor bamboo plant?

u00a7 BAMBOOS u00a7n____________________________________,Bamboos have different size,shapes and color.,u200b,u200bu200b,u200bBamboos are beautiful, artistic indoor plants.,u200b,They don't need much care but when you go out and the house remains closed for many hours every indoor plant may be spoiled.,As every living things is perishable if it lack

What is the best way to store things if you live in a tiny house?

Storage is everything in a tiny house! First, use the stairs. Iu2019ve seen many creative ideas for drawers, hanging clothes and even bookshelves underneath the stairs.,Having a bed that raises up so you can store underneath it is brilliant! You can store clothes, shoes or musical equipment. (This is a great hiding place for expensive items.),Every

What are some great Excel power user hacks and tips?

Some good answers so far. ,A few more ideas are below. We spend an insane amount of time building Excel models at consulting firms, so we usually end up picking up these tips the painful way. Learning this stuff can be the difference between finishing at 1am or getting out at 9.,These should make you both faster and more accurate in Excel. Doing th

What is a popular food that you dont want to try?

Food trends come and go, but some ingredients are mainstays of the u2018foodieu2019 scene. Chefs love pushing the envelope and introducing diners to curios, from unusual cuts of meat to global dishes and wince-worthy animal innards. Weu2019ve picked 25 underused foods to sample at least onceu2026,1. LardoWhile this is something that would never app