How did photographers touch up photographs before the invention of Adobe Photoshop?

You can actually see the answer to this right inside of Photoshop, if you know what you're looking foru2014look at the icons. ,,Start with the crop tool. Why does the icon look like that? It looks like that, because the original tool looked like this:,,That awkward, sliding gizmo allowed you to choose how to crop and resize your photos, and would t

How do I make fresh strawberry cake?

Fresh Strawberry CakeINGREDIENTS2 1u20444cups sifted cake flour,1u20444teaspoon salt,2 1u20442teaspoons baking powder,1u20442cup butter,1 1u20442cups sugar,2large eggs,1teaspoon vanilla,3u20444cup fresh crushed strawberry, unsweetened,STRAWBERRY GLAZE,1u20442-3u20444cup crushed strawberry,1cup powdered sugar,2tablespoons butter, melted,1u20442teasp

Does universal health care work?

It works in England. It works in Canada. It works in Spain. It works in France. It works in Australia. It works in Sweden. It works in Denmark. It works in Finland. It works in Norway. It works in The Netherlands. It works in Japan. It works in Israel. Ask the people in any of those countries if they would want to trade their healthcare system for

Who are the enemies of Malaysia?

You asked - "Who are the enemies of Malaysia?",I am Malaysian and I fully realise that certain sensitive topics if not discussed in moderation and with prudent tact and thoughtfulness may unintentionally or inadvertently offend and cause mischief and angst.,So, be forewarned that I am not a professional writer schooled in the art of civil writing a

Which wallpaper is the best for bedroom?

Wallpaper should match the style of room,If it's romantic, try delicate damasks and florals with fine lines in muted, pastel colors.,If it's casual, faux finishes such as beadboard and stucco are simple, casual options.,If it's contemporary/fashion forward, consider bold geometrics with high gloss and metallic accents.,If it's traditional, check ou

What are the pros and cons of attaching a Canon body to a Nikon lens?

Pro: If you already own a certain lens for one system, you may save some money by purchasing an adapter instead of a lens for the other system.,Cons: Even if an adapter works, in terms of letting you attach the lens to the camera body, on newer DSLR camera/lens systems in particular, the camera will most likely not be able to communicate electronic

Can a Gemini be a soulmate for a Virgo?

Virgo man soulmates:,Aquarius woman,Gemini woman,Scorpio woman,Cancer woman,Aries woman,Virgo woman,Virgo woman soulmates:,Leo man,Libra man,Sagittarius man,Taurus man,Capricorn man,Virgo man

How much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere?

What percentage of the atmosphere is CO2?Two of these answers are flat wrong. One by a factor of more than 10, the other is so ridiculously high at 21% it shows that the writer hasnu2019t a clue.,The collapsed answer is closest to correct.,The concentration of CO2 in the air is slightly higher in the northern hemisphere and is about 0.041%. This va

What is the handiest photo tip for using the Nikon D3200?

The Nikon D3200 was my first DSLR after taking a hefty break from photography. I spent months with the camera, initially taking absolute crap, and slowly realizing the camera was really a great camera, it was just a bit sensitive. You almost have to baby it.,One of the biggest features which is lacking in the D3200 is automatic bracketing. The grea

Whats the most beautiful province in the Philippines?

I cannot really say which one because we have lots of beautiful provinces.Way up North, there is Batanes which people say is the Scotland of the country. Then Sagada, Mt. Province is called by some as the Swiss. There is Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. Coron and El Nido in Palawan are stunning with their beaches. So is Boracay Island in Aklan, Panglao

How do I do a screen mirror with an iPhone?

Assuming you have a TV with an HDMI plug, buy a lightening-to-HDMI cable. Also buy an HDMI extension cable like no enough to reach from the back of your TV to someplace, like a couch, to place the he iPhone.,Hook up the cables. With the TV turned on, plug the Lightning plug into the iPhone and use your TV remote to change the TVu2019s usual setting

Which is the best point and shoot camera under 300 $?

To be honest this form factor is becoming scare. With the advent of cameras on phones sales of Point & Shoot have tanked. If you still want one you may want to look at the Canon PowerShot G Series. In a word amazing! A older model is well under $300.

How do I apply for no credit check loans?

Most observers will quickly conclude the highest risk in my portfolio is:,Cryptocurrency: mostly Bitcoin, rest is mining and arbitrage (~10%, rebalanced) I wonu2019t explain this one. Already did so in many of my Quora answers and Quora blog. And Terrence Yang explains social-proof ICOs in his answer, on the even more speculative end of the spectru

What yellow flower grows over four feet tall, looks like a small sunflower, but instead of its prize being edible seeds, it grows knobby tubers that can be dug up and eaten in the fall?

jerusalem artichoke,One etymological theory says the name comes from girasole, Italian for sunflower, which was corrupted into Jerusalem, plus the roots' similarity in flavor to an artichoke. Jerusalem may have also come from pilgrims wanting to believe the New World would be like a new Jerusalem. The plant was native to America, but has since been

In how many ways can you cook Indian flat bread (roti)?

Indian flat breads, unlike their western counter parts are not baked in ovens. They are either dry roasted or roasted with some clarified butter(ghee) or any oil.,Some varieties are deep fried. For some varieties, special equipment are required like Tandoori oven for Tandoori roti and Rumali roti tawa for rumali roti.,So here goes the list:,1. Pulk

Why is the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Illinois so famous?

The Oak Park House is remarkable because it offers insight into different parts of one of the 20th centuries greatest architects. It is three different buildings respectively but began as one gable roof house (still entrenched in Americau2019s victorian tendencies). with the addition of the studio and workspace one sees a departure into wrights sig

How has the poverty rate in the US changed over time? will answer the latter and the former, I hope. There are, of course, many definitions of what constitutes "poverty" but using the poverty threshold & guidelines helps to keep a consistent measure across time (although one could argue it may not be the best measure).

Which mobile device offers the longest battery life?

In my opinion... ,Oukitel 10000 has the biggest battery life. ,,u200bnIt might not be the slimmest or fastest phone in the world but it's battery backup is amazing. With moderate use (web surfing, gaming, music, or anything not in excess) it can run for 5-6 days and with light usage it can run for 11 days! ,,,nIf you want to know where to buy just

What is your recommended way to prepare for case interviews for McKinsey?

As someone who has given and prepared for many case interviews, I have a few quick tips that might be helpful.,A few caveats:,Every company will have different ways of doing case interviews. I would focus on general preparation instead of focusing specifically on a company (i.e. Mckinsey) or a format.,Cases can be interviewer-led, candidate-led, or

Can you increase the ceiling height in your mobile home (ceiling, DIY)?

No, in almost all cases.,The existing roof/ceiling connections and sheathing are part of the strength, resisting wind and lateral shifting.,There are some units that use only the roof sheathing instead of the ceiling to accomplish this requirement. Those could be BUT then the problem is that a u2018mobile homeu2019 is engineered and approved at the

What are the best wines for the keto diet?

In moderation.,Even very dry red and white wine contains a significant amount of residual sugars which is a big no no for Keto.,Try distilled spirits instead BUT do not that drinking excessively is not good in any diets

How was Taylor Swift discovered?

Taylor Alison swiftTaylor Swift is a pop and country music artist. She has won many Grammy Awards including Album of the Year for her record Fearless. She is one of the most popular musical artists in the world today,Taylor Swift was born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989. She loved to sing as a young girl and was singing karaoke loc