What are the best interiors?

,1. Pick the paint color last. I get calls all the time from homeowners who want to pick a paint color before they move in. I get the logic. Why not arrive to walls with a fresh coat of paint? Of course you can do it this way, but in my opinion itu2019s not ideal.,There are thousands of paint colors with various tints, tones and shades. And each on

Who were the most brilliant students amongst the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and what subjects and skills were they very excellent at? Could you also suggest examples of their learning skills, practice and special stories of their application?

Everyone had their own skills.,They died fighting for such things like who is most brilliant and still after so many years people are still thinking about the same as who is powerful, brilliant, best, etc.,I guess Balrama was the best who did not choose to participate in war.,Reason : Thr side of Balrama would win so itu2019s better he is out at fi

What is it about Canada that American liberals are not getting? Suppose Im an American liberal, and I successfully and legally move to Canada, what would be my first unexpected, and biggest surprise? Why? What is the biggest distortion about Canada?

I lived for three years in Vancouver, Canada. (I write u201cVancouver, Canadau201d for the benefit of the people who are more familiar with Vancouver, Washington). I had no big surprises. One Canadian acquaintance said I seemed more like a Canadian than like an American. I felt pretty well at home.,I needed to use the health care once. There was no

Should wethey make 3 time zones in the Philippines (UTC+987)?

No.,The main islands lie in a longitude range 120u00b0 to 126u00b0. Only Palawan extends to 117u00b0. That corresponds to a mean solar time of UTC+7:48 to UTC+8:24, so the nearest whole-hour time zone would be UTC+8, which is what it is now. All of the neighbours are also in this time zone. In fact, the Philippines are an ideal example of time zone

Does spraying the roof of any flat roofed house deny entry to heat from the sun?

If u201csprayingu201d means spraying with water, the roof will stay cooler due to the evaporation of water. This effect was used in many pre- and post-WWII buildings built with dead level roof decks with roof drains that were elevated an inch or two and roofed with pitch and gravel roofs. These roofs received water from misting from water circulati

If, for example, I have a business in CA as a sole proprietorship called "Amazon Tech" now, and decide to form an LLC later, can the new name be just "Amazon?"

Short answer: No, and you should drop the name for your sole proprietorship as soon as possible.,A sole proprietorship is a bit of a misnomer as it is not a legal entity. Itu2019s just u201cyou, doing stuff.u201d You donu2019t have to file with the State to u201ccreateu201d it u2014 it just materializes as soon as somebody pays you and you decide t

What should I buy for my gf on our 1st anniversary?

My husband got me an anniversary sundial that sits on the window sill and makes rainbow colors on the floor of our family room when the sun shines. It was handmade just for us and the guy who made it added a special date line to the design that the time shadow follows on our anniversary each year, and the best part is, there is a special mark on th

Should I wait for the iPad 9th generation?

It is already a great device equipped with latest A14 bionic chipset. So, we can say that its performance is almost equal to iPad Pro 2020(or even better). So, just go for iPad Air 2020 if you need it now because you would have to wait for atleast second half of 2021 to get iPad Pro 2021.,Apple is reportedly working on a new version of the iPad Pro

How do you make confectionersu2019 sugar icing?

Place the amount of confectioners sugar you need in a bowl, then add,a little liquid(Water,fruit juice coffee or whatever) add the liquid gradually,until you have a workable paste, You can add flavouring and or colouring.,Finally spread the icing over your cake and wait for it to dry.

My cellphone seems to be overheating, why is that?

Based on my experience ,,I have an iphone 5 which I already jailbroke. It was fine when I installed a few tweaks , but as i add more tweaks, my phone got hotter. I did put a tweak to monitor my phone temperature ( it was like above 40C when i'm using it ) . My battery also started to drain very quickly .,After uninstalling some tweaks, my phone was

What do you add to your fried egg sandwich?

The egg will be cooked hard and seasoned with a pinch of salt and a healthy grind of black pepper. A slice of American cheese slowly melts on top.,Iu2019ll toast a whole wheat English muffin, cover the bottom slice with mashed avocado and then place the egg on top.,The cheese covered egg gets a drizzle of sriracha and then the lid goes on top.

What is promotion mix?

A promotion mix is a set of different marketing approaches that marketers develop to optimize promotional efforts and reach a broader audience. The marketer's task is to find the right promotion mix for a particular brand.

How do you market a brand using social media?

Social Media Marketing is a great method for companies to promote their business online through social media platforms. The main purpose is to create content tailored to each platform.,Before beginning, you must understand the benefits of marketing on social media:,Reach New CustomersWith social media, you are able to reach a greater pool of custom

What are some very frugal ways to decorate your home?

since you are asking for Inexpensive home decor ideas here i am going to talk only about Wall painting, you only Require 2 to 3 different types of (colors)wall paints and a Brush(it costs around 500Rs Only..)..here i am posting some of the very simple painting which i have done in last couple of months..,1.Branch of a tree with few leaves and flowe

Are Americans the only people who actually like peanut butter?

Yes, in a world with almost 200 diverse countries, only Americans enjoys peanut butter because they like it. Everyone else just buys and eats it as a dare!,Global Top 5 counties for the sale of peanut butter,United States US$1,989m because they like it,Canada US$273m just as a dare,Nigeria US$129m just as a dare,United Kingdom US$123m just as a dar

Is Mountain Dew an energy drink?

Any drink with a lot of sugar and caffeine can be considered an u201c energy drinku201d black coffee with three sugars also qualifies and at least it isnu2019t liver failure urine color

How could cities like New York build extensive subway lines in the early 20th century, but these days it seems like a simple extension of a current line costs an arm and a leg?

This is really a good question, and it is one I have wondered myself, many times.,I live at the south end of Puget Sound, in Olympia, the Washington state capital. Right now, weu2019ve got a major light-rail project under development just north of here, the extension of Sound Transit lines north and south of Seattle.,Letu2019s use one Sound Transit

What is the best place to go in the Caribbean on vacation and why?

40 of the best Caribbean holidays(source:www.travelamass.com)Looking for postcard-perfect beaches? You've come to the right place,When it comes to holidays in the Caribbean, the common perception is that itu2019s all about beaches. But while it is true that the USP of many islands is palm-shaded sands lapped by a gin-clear bath-warm sea, the region

What is your experience with Apple Magic Keyboard?

Love it.,I type for literal hours every single day, doing software development, writing emails, writing technical documentation, posting to Quora, and everything in between. Appleu2019s keyboards during the past decade have been THE best keyboards I have ever owned.,The key travel is extremely low, especially when compared to competing keyboards. T

Is it bad to kiss another girl while in a relationship?

If you have agreed to have an open relationship, then no. If you have never talked about the idea of being with other people while still dating each other, then yeah, probably not a good idea to kiss someone else.,However, this isnu2019t always true. My old roommate was a very affectionate person - he hugged and kissed (on the cheek) everyone, like

What is life like working in Cambodia?

First thing first, it depends on what kind of job you're doing. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia's largest capital city, life for expats is typically good.,You can enjoy the multinational environment.,The cost of living is not too low and not too high comparing to cities in East Asia.,English language can go you going with much difficulty.,City night and we

A sample of 20 couples who completed premarital counseling showed a divorce rate significantly lower than the national average after 10 years of marriage. What does statistical significance of this finding mean?

Couples who go through premarital counseling are much less likely to get divorced than couples who donu2019t.,In this counseling, couples learn about and discuss issues they will face in married life. If they find they canu2019t discuss these things, or donu2019t agree about them, they can choose to break up before they get married, saving them fro

What is the experience of studying in Le Cordon Bleu like?

The experience was outstanding for me, especially If you are a foodie person, when there is chance to get to meet people whom have similar passion and discuss about food. The class atmosphere was filled up with food enthusiast, great chef, brilliant food test and the end of every classes. There are more than 50 plates which chef instructor would sh

What two colors do you mix to make brown?

Uhhhu2026.brown? I mean, I really donu2019t understand these sorts of questions.,Do you want to know what hue it is? (orange) Do you want to know what rgb values to use to get brown on a web page? (rgb(79, 40, 0) will give you a nice brown) Do you want to know how to find a color picker on the web so you can just figure it out yourself? (google u20

How does it feel in the initial days when you get selected to IASIPSIFS?

As I often start my answers, I assume a reasonable amount of capability to answer this question, being a part of the Services for about 5 years now. ,What I have pasted below is a blog post that was made by me during the first one month of the release of the results of the Civil Services Examination 2010. I hope you understand how it feels. ,,The t