How do I make Korean BBQ sauce?

Shredded onions, either korean pear or apple(fuji), lots of soy sauce, liquor(clear), lots of sugar, and garlic.,There are several recipes and they all include these ingredients, difference recipes would have different ratios of these ingredients and maybe extra spices.,For instance, here is a link to galbi sauce recipe in english.

What are some unknown facts and stories about the 1999 Kargil war?

I recently came across this article in India Today about the stories of five men whose extraordinary courage changed the course of the Kargil War. This is going to be quiet long so please have a bit of patience.Capt Sangwan lost a leg but is excelling as a sportsmann,Name : CAPT Satender SangwanRegiment : 16 Grenadiers nFought at : Drass/Batalikn,C

What are some things I should know about New Zealand?

We donu2019t have snakes: Frans du Plessis's answer to What are some of the venomous snakes found in New Zealand?We have only one species of venomous spider, called the katipo, which is famous in New Zealand, because it is the only venomous creature that we have. However, almost none of us have ever seen one, because it is an endangered species and

What are best touristy things to do in Santo Domingo?

I visited Santo Domingo, DR recently. Here are some things to do:,Telerifico de Santo Domingo,Historic Walking Tour,Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo,Parque Colon, Santo Domingo,Alcazar de Colon, Santo Domingo,Los Tres Ojos National Park, Santo Domingo,Boca Chica Beach,Choco Pick,Try mofongo,Paletas Bajo Cero,The Museum of Rum & Sugar Cane,For visuals o

What are some jaw dropping pics of Pippa Middleton?

When it comes to Pippa Matthews (nee Middleton) there is only one picture that springs to mind, and iu2019ve no doubt itu2019s the one everyone else remembers..,Yes she was the beautiful sister of the then Kate Midddleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge) but that day Pippa too made her mark and left people in no doubt of her natural beauty and slende

What type of cameras can we use for photography?

Iu2019m frankly tired of the u2018itu2019s not the camera, itu2019s the photographeru2019 trope constantly making itu2019s way around the community. Itu2019s both.,As a full time photographer in NYC that just returned from a 4 day assignment that took me to capitol hill; in reference to brand, make, and model, in the world of professional photograp

How can I get a free account on Netflix?

Is Netflix free?If the 3,700+ employees at Netflix lined up shoulder to shoulder to form a human Christmas tree, it would look something like this. It takes quite a bit of money to issue handsome paychecks to all these people, who work behind the scenes delivering content to the world.,Due to the $6.5 billion in operating expenses they incur each y

When purchasing smart mobile phones, what things should be seen in its configuration?

The first factor is the budget. Fix a Budget and make sure you get the phone, back cover or diary case, micro SD Card, Tempered Glass within that budget no matter what.,Mine has always been less than Rs 7K for all. In 2016 I got the Lenovo Vibe K5+ for u20b9 6,750/- in Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale which came with back cover,screen guard & I got a

What are some careers in biomedical science?

Biomedical Science is one of the rare degrees that literally allows you to go into anything that you could think of. Obviously, there are some limitations to this depending on the time or money side of things but if you take funding and personal time restrictions out of the equation, it is really one of the most flexible degrees into terms of caree

What are Mrs. Fields cookies like?

Mrs. Debbi Fieldsu2019 cookies are usually soft in texture (when fresh).,I believe the chocolate chip cookie recipe contains some ground up oatmeal, which is what sets it apart from typical chocolate chip cookie recipes.

What are some common misconceptions about the Philippines?

Misconception (n.) - a view or opinion that is incorrect based on faulty thinking or understanding.,So I came across this post and boy did I find it a perfect time to point the common misconceptions about the Philippines and the Filipinos by foreigners or many other nationalities as depicted in media or social sites, first hand experience and all t

What caused the stock market to crash?

The Everything CrashIt all started last Friday after a strong payrolls print. This manifested itself in inflation/rate hike expectations, yield curve steepening and broader commodity weakness. By mid session Friday, it was clear that the volumes and moves seen in the US were u201cdifferent this timeu201d. The Dow plummeted an eerie 666 points which

What is the most selfless or caring thing you have ever seen a cat do?

When I was in my early twenties and still living at home, I had a black and grey tabby cat that was born in our house. My bedroom was separated from the living room by a thick curtain. I went to bed early, because I worked the following day. The cat went to bed with me and a few hours later, he would go under the curtain and join the rest of the fa

How do I use my cellphone camera for better photography?

As a two-time winner of the Cannes Lions Awards and one of the judges for the HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022, film director Eugenio Recuenco has first-hand experience creating phenomenal content with a smartphone, and is the perfect person to speak about how to produce impressive works with the handy tool from a professional perspective. Here are

What is the best way to revive wooden outdoor furniture?

I've found teak oil is the best for reviving wood that's kept outdoors, it feeds the wood and gives a durable finish.,Its important to get rid of any old varnish, I recommend fine wire wool and a gentle rubbing first and then apply the teak oil.,With woodcarving for outside display, I've also found cheap car wax (in spray form) works well, other so

Why has Melania Trump decorated the White House Christmas trees with Blood red color?

Red is one of the most traditional colours of Christmas. Coincidentally, red is also the colour of the Republican party, and in that respect, the Trump Administration is about as red as you can get.,Granted, it is rather ugly. And the colour scheme isnu2019t helped by the horrendous fading green carpet.,Although, this kind of looks like a gathering

What are some of the common Russian cuisines dishes?

Russian food is simple and hearty. There are no strict rules, there are regional differences, and things are changing, but here are the meals that are ordinary for all the generations, home-cooked or offered at the casual inexpensive diners and restaurants:,Here we go. BREAKFAST.,Traditional Russian breakfast: whole-grain kasha (porridge). Oatmeal,

How Compatible are Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman?

Leo man is a proud person and considers himself above all others and pushes to show off this manner. Naturally, he requires adoration and praise by others and desires to remain in spotlight all along. Audience that he will like to have should be one of the admirers who would give him rapt attention to appease him.,,Sagittarius woman is a down to ea

What do you think about Globalization? (in your own opinion)

I am against Globalization because I know that I have need for my nation state the USA. At this moment it is defending me against an Epidemic coming in from China (2/15/2020) and that need doesnu2019t go away when the epidemic is gone as there is always another threat like it. I am against it because the oligarchs of China will steal my economy if

Why do so many people dislike coleslaw?

The standard answer for this question about any food is- people have personal tastes and preferences.,But coleslaw may be a special case. Most people have had some pretty terrible coleslaw at some point. The droopy shredded cabbage dredged in white goo and shoved into little takeout containers.,You know, the one you throw out, and just eat the sand

What are some mind blowing facts about the zodiac sign Cancer?

Facts about CancerCancer is considered one of the two money signs in the Zodiac. Taurus is the other. Cancer unlike Taurus doesnu2019t slave away constantly for coin. Instead, by fortuitous design, they may fall into money. Whether by inheritance, property, connections (going back to family), or amassing wealth from creative pursuits.,In connection

How can you fit two full-sized beds in a studio apartment?

You could put one full size bed in a murphy bed setup and access the bed at night by pulling down the bed and putting it away for more space during the day. Loft Bed example. Loft beds are handy because you can integrate storage and a desk, so itu2019s more than one piece of furniture. I lived in a 400 square ft efficiency for many years and slept

What is eating?

We cant live without eating.Make your Passover meal light and healthful with some of our healthy Passover recipes for entrees, side dishes and desserts.

Which is the costliest laptop ever sold?

Excluding ordinary laptops that are encrusted in jewels for the sake of making them more expensive, it would have to be the Acer Predator 21X gaming laptop. The machine includes a curved 21 inch screen, 2 GTX 1080 Graphic cards in SLI and an embedded mechanical keyboard all for about $9000.Beastly specs like these require a powerful cooling system

What are the longest flights from the United States?

Wikipedia already answers this question.,Hereu2019s a list of the longest currently-operating non-stop flights (as of 22 September 2017). Flights to/from the USA in bold:,Auckland-Doha Qatar AirwaysAuckland-Dubai EmiratesDallas-Sydney QantasJohannesburg-Atlanta Delta Air LinesSan Francisco-Singapore Singapore Airlines, United AirlinesLos Angeles-Ab

What are some ways to check your own ability to see color and test color accuracy?

The link in your question is based on the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test. The other popular test is the Ishihara Test (test website) but that too might be too 'easy'.,Color - Method of Action is a more challenging test that requires you to perform a number of increasingly difficult colour-matching tasks under time pressure.,,nThis test is based ar