Do you think todayu2019s minimalistmodern style-loving youth will ever embrace the decor style that many older people have today? (Ex: will a black & white & stainless kitchen of today be apples & gingham in 40 years?)

Everything comes back again though not in exactly the same way.,After all todayu2019s minimalist youth are in love with mid century modern.,Right down to those tacky satellite lighting fixtures and grey and pink, (now called blush) color combos. Heywood Wakefield had a resurgence, and that apples and gingham? A throwback to the forties. The furnitu

With lunar photography from the lunar surface & lunar orbit, are there any better attributes of using non-digital cameras like what was used on Apollo missions compared to digital cameras which would probably be used on future missions to the Moon?

These days, the main advantage of film is that it has a higher u201cdynamic rangeu201d than a digital camera - more variation in brightness from the blacks to the whites. Since there is a hell of a lot of brightness variation on the surface of the moon - this might actually matter.,But even a cheap cellphone camera has the ability to rapidly snap a

Should kitchen crown molding match cabinets?

No. The crown molding should match the rest of the trim. Unless the crown molding is only at the tops of the cabinets in which case it becomes part of them and not part of the overall room trims. This stuff isnu2019t that hard to do but it is a lot easier to screw up. When in doubt get a professional opinion if you can afford it.

How do you create a good quality image with a clipping path?

A clipping path in layman's terms is an outline of a dedicated or specified product, clothing, model, etc. This allows photographers; studios; magazines and other image-related companies to cut out a product from a certain background or focus on a centerpiece.,One of the other major uses for this would be in the fashion industry for both product an

What are renewable and non-renewable resources?

Renewable Energy Resources: They can be naturally replenished and will never run out. Examples :,Solar energy,Wind Energy,Hydro-power,Tidal Energy,Biomass,Non Renewable Energy Resources: They cannot be naturally replenished and will eventually run out. Examples,Coal,Petroleum,Natural Gas

Why cant I bring toothpaste on an airplane?

You can, it just has to be in a tube thatu2019s less than 3 ounces or 100 ml. Thereu2019s no specific restriction on toothpaste, which is why international flights can give out amenity kits in business class that include a small tube of toothpaste.

What is a typical meal in the Philippines?

I have lived approximately 3 years in the Philippines between stays, my wife is filipina and one of my kids is half filipino and born there so I have gathered some experience about what Filipinos eat on a daily basis, as a snack, at home, at a restaurant, party or as street food.,I will show you a selection of pics, some are mine and some others i

How did Donald Trump label himself a wartime president combating coronavirus?

Trump wants to call himself a wartime president in hopes of being compared to FDR and Churchill. If Trump had been president when Pearl Harbor was attacked, hereu2019s a timeline of how things would have gone:,Sunday, Dec 7th:,7:55 AM (local time): Pearl Harbor is attacked. About 2,500 American service men are killed; many more wounded.,3:00 PM EST

What is the purpose of a mission statement?

There are many interesting and enlightening answers to this question. Unfortunately, they fall prey to a common problem with mission and vision statements. In the literature, the experts use the terms in 3 different ways.,In one (the one I prefer) the mission is simply a statement of what the company does and who it does it for. The vision is the h

How does Livspace work?

This was the question I asked myself when I was looking for furniture to buy for my studio flat in Mumbai. I came across the company Livspace by chance. I was browsing for furniture items and this name popped up, and I clicked on their website. I came to know for the first time that such a company with such services exists. I had thought I would ha

What are some strange facts about Harrison Ford?

He Uses His Planes To Find Missing HikersAlthough Ford has made headlines for several flying mishaps over the years, the veteran actor has also put his planes to use helping others. From time to time, he has piloted his helicopters and small planes in the service of search and rescue is available for purchase 2000, he was able to locate

What is your review of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra?

Mi 11 Ultra is a great flagship phone of 2021. The phone has Snapdragon 888 processor. And unlike Oneplus 9 Pro, the Mi 11 Ultra does not heat up very much. thanks to the cooling layers of Mi 11 Ultra.,There is hardly any issues in the Mi 11 Ultra except not having a 3.5mm headphone jack and Xiaomiu2019s User Interface which has tons of bloatwares

What are the best CCTV camera brands in India?


What are some vegan vegetable soup recipes?

There are lots of recipes out there, but most of my personal favorites contain cashew cream or coconut milk to give it some extra richness! These are some of the best comforting, filling, and satisfying vegan soup recipes:

What are the best places to work for a petroleum engineer besides the English speaking countries? Where in Europe could I work as a petroleum engineer if I graduate from a top petroleum engineering school in US? Norway? Anymore?

In Europe, the major hubs are Norway and the UK. Denmark and the Netherlands are also on the list, along with a few others. Shell, Statoil, BP, and Total have major offices in Europe. ,You can also also check out a list of countries by oil production, and just pick any of them in the top 20 or so.

Whats a dish that looks and tastes as if its hard to make but is actually very easy?

Stuffed bell peppers seem like they would be a big deal, but they're actually really easy.,You start out by boiling a pot of water. Slice the tops off of some bell peppers and remove all the innards. I like to use different colored ones, Iu2019ll show you why later,When the water is boiling drop the peppers in, make sure they are all submerged, and

What is your cancer story?

This is the cancer journey of my mother which started from 31 January 2015.,1 -MY MOM in 2014 before she was diagnosed with cancer. No disease, no symptoms nothing. She was living a really happy and healthy life.,2 --MY MOM when her treatment started in Feb 2015 . Biopsy was done in apollo hospital and the affected part was removed.,3 --MY MOM when

Besides water what beverages are popular in the Czech Republic?

Water is not a popular beverage in Czechia at all. Almost no Czech drinks is in the restaurants, for example. In fact, most restaurants donu2019t even offer you to drink water (although most of those with many foreign visitors simply have to u2013 because the foreigners demand water). The closest thing you get almost everywhere is some mineral wate

My stomach often balloons. How can I get rid of this problem?

Many people use natural bloating remedies when they need fast bloating relief. If you have bloating problem, you may want to use some natural remedies for bloating to get fast bloating relief. Natural remedies to get bloating relief include adjusting your diet, drinking more water, and getting regular exercise. If you experience excessive gas and p

Why does the interior of Putinu2019s Palace look so tacky?

The palatial interiors in which President Putin from time to time appears for public photo shoots are not tacky, seen from Moscow. Just the opposite, especially through the lens of Putinu2019s (and my) generation, they are exquisite, opulent, stylish and high-class.,If you want to furnish your interiors to President Putinu2019s taste, consider the

How does one convert .doc files to .pdf files?

For this PDFelement is best solution which is have feature to convert PDF files into word document. It is a all in one solution to edit and create PDF document.,PDFelement provides you in the best work environment to create beautiful-looking documents which you have get many features to customize your PDF according to need like you can change the f

What is the difference between operating and non-operating expenses?

Not all of the costs a business incurs relate to running the business itself. These expenses, such as staff and advertising, are known as operating expenses. Businesses also have non-operating expenses and perhaps some non-operating revenue as well, such as the cost and possible income stemming from a lawsuit.,When you prepare an income statement f

Why do Indian startup companies not become as big as the foreign ones?

Why do Indian Startups not become as big as the Foreign ones.,Before answering - it is to be noted that the chance of startups to becoming highly successful businesses are very very low. Very few startups become big and successful businesses.,Now - what you are asking is why Indian Startups dont become a Facebook or Google or Tik-Tok with a worldwi

What is the history of the concept of corporate citizenship?

Great question, Daveed Phoenix.,The idea of corporate personhood is a useful piece of legal fiction that has existed as long as the idea of corporations as a business entity has.,To understand why we treat corporations as people for certain purposes, you have to first understand the idea of business entities and the structure of a corporation, and