How do Dropbox employees feel about Google Photos?

Source: I worked for Dropbox.,I was originally going to keep my mouth shut, but there are so many clueless answers in this thread that I can stay silent no longer.,Thoughts on Google PhotosIu2019m thoroughly impressed by what Google is doing with Google Photos. It blows my mind that a service like Google Photos came out of a company like Google. Iu

Tab S8 Vs iPad pro? Which is good for medical student?

Tab s8 works on android; so obviously more flexibility in medicine related apps; you can do hell lot of tweaks to the software and get that ever apps you want for free. Plus easier making notes, ample storage, lesser price are pros for buying it.,Coming to iPad; please, if you a student donu2019t go for iPad Pro; choose iPad Air instead, itu2019s m

Can you share some landscape art?

This is a terrific assortment of differing garden treatments that might inspire you, if any of the follow 12 rock garden ideas do float your boat, you can customize probably customize it to better fit your specific space and budget. Do enjoy ud83dudc9a,u2018Bring Tranquility To Any Home With These 12 Rock Garden IdeasBecause every backyard could us

What European country is the most worthwhile to travel to? Why?

I believe I am the right person to answer your question. nDue to the nature of my previous job, I had to travel a lot.,I mean a lot! I have visited all the countries in Europe.nI like travelling very much.,There are many amazing places to visit in Europe but if you want me to choose only one country the answer is simple. Greece.,Have you ever wonde

Why didnt Titanic just reverse its engine when it saw the iceberg?

Itu2019s been a long standing pet peeve of mine when I see documentary films showing 1st Officer Murdoch throwing Titanicu2019s engines into reverse by ringing it on the bridgeu2019s telegraphs. (Not to be confused with Marconiu2019s Telegraph machine used to send and receive wireless messages.) This is what I am referring to:,Even James Cameronu20

Which is the oldest building that a McDonalds is in?

Richard and Maurice McDonald founded the original McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino, California, and invented the u201cSpeedee Service System,u201d now commonly known as u201cfast food.u201d,Ray Kroc built and owned the first McDonaldu2019s of what became McDonaldu2019s Corporation after he became the franchise agent for the McDonald brothers

What is the best way to furnish an L-shaped living room?

Although not very common, an L-shaped living room can help you maximise space with suitable furnishings. In Indian apartments, you may find an L-shaped living room attached to a dining area. Here are a few tips to help you furnish your L-shaped living area:,1. Multiple Seating Areas: To utilise the L-shaped layout, use multiple seating arrangements

What happens to people who died before Jesus was born, or didnu2019t hear of Jesus?

OKu2026There is a fairly short answer; but you might need some background to help understand the answer, and that is a bit long. Bear with me. Christians believe that the Jews and those Gentiles who believed in the God of the Jews were looking forward in faith to the Messiah (Savior) for their salvation, even as we look back on the Savior at the cr

What other museums in Paris have you been to apart from the Louvre?

Musu00e9e Carnavalet,This museum is devoted to the history of Paris.,Musu00e9e Cluny,This museum is devoted to the middle ages, but the it also has a small department which focuses on ancient history.,The museum is housed in an an ancient Roman building, a bath complex (Thermae), which is partially preserved.,Apparently, this museum is closed for r

What is Lightroom editing?

Well, it depends on what you want to do with the photo.,There really is no u201cshouldu201d about it all. If one is perfectly happy with the photo as it was taken, then doing nothing in Lightroom is what you do.,One can make a photo look better, one can make it worse too. Itu2019s all up to you.

Which are the best, similar, and cheapest Nokia G50 5G 2022 in the US?

ud83cudf1fu27a1ufe0f 9 BEST Similar Nokia 5G 2022,u27a1ufe0f 1. Nokia XR20 5G | Android 11 | Unlocked Smartphone | Dual SIM | US Version | 6/128GB | 6.67-Inch Screen | 48MP Dual Camera | Charcoal"[EXTRACTO]"Android OS upgrades until 2024 and a 2-year warranty 6GB RAM / 128GB internal memory and MicroSD card support up to 512 GB,Designed with durabi

What some weird facts about you?

In my early teens, I loved a girl named Shraddha. But she never really liked me. In fact, she hated me for my appearance.,As a result, we didnu2019t end up together.,Then there was a girl named Sweety whom I started liking. I proposed her to which she also rejected giving some sympathy but she agreed to be friends.,But after that, there used to be

What is the difference between organic and inorganic?

After Yuanhe Li's answer, I barely have anything to add. This division is purely historical because at the time before Wohler showed that you could heat ammonium cyanate to obtain urea, there was the concept of vis vitalis. Actually, it was his professor, Ju00f6ns Berzelius, who founded the idea that there is a "vital force" in living organisms thr

What are the financial benefits of getting married?

Wow, this is a prickly topic. I will try to stay focused on the financial.,First of all, you get two exemptions and qualify for a lower tax rate in the Married column of the IRS tax table,Second, there are many saving vehicles that offer discounts to married couples versus the undefined couple.,Assuming both people in the dynamic are pursuing the s

Will an exercise physiologist help with my rheumatoid arthritis?

Greetings,,There is a reason that the joints become stiff, and toes overlap for some folks and that is internal relative to the nutritional elements in the body. Time and time again I can show people through hair tissue mineral analysis why it began and what was off balance. Otherwise, you are trying supplement and modality one after the other if y

Is inflation a bad thing for the economy? Why?

Two main reasons.,Firstly, inflation is like a virus. If you donu2019t root it out, it will spread and kill you. I assume no explanation is needed as to why 1000% inflation is bad. Well, if you donu2019t root inflation out once it starts, you will get 1000% inflation in no time.,How does this work? Inflation starts because of an excess money supply

What are some things which are extremely popular that you dislike?

[Most] SportsDonu2019t get me wrong, I actually do enjoy playing sports, although Iu2019m not good at any of them.,And maybe u201chateu201d is a bit of a strong word for it, but I just have zero interest in watching other people play sports. There are two exceptions: baseball and rugby. Baseballu2019s something I grew up watching and observing (mos

What is a value proposition?

Value proposition is what connects what you are doing to your customeru2019s world. It is why they should care about what you do. A good VP contains the following four elements:,Who (User): This should be defined with as much specificity as possible. A good STP analysis should help define the user. In case of B2B, this could be a business segment/i

Why cant I wake up with an alarm?

Most likely because your alarm is set to a ringtone that is more of a lullaby than a wakeup monster. Well, you know I have listed two extremes, but I am sure you get the point.,Here are some recommendations:,Set alarm ringtones that are different than your best music. Pick an app that offers a variety of ringtones.,Pick an app that allows you to au

Why is my chicken always tough and stringy when I bake it in the oven?

Chicken is easily overcooked, especially skinless boneless chicken breasts. Itu2019s not as big a problem with dark meat or a whole chicken.,Use a thermometer. Stop cooking breasts at 160F and rest them afterward. The temperature will rise some just resting. A final internal temperature of 165F is the target.,Skin-on, bone-in chicken is more forgiv

What are some ways of scanning a document with an Epson printer?

If the Epson in an all in one printer (one that has many functions like scan, fax, copy etc.) you can scan by requesting from the pc or by sending from the printer.,Easiest way is to send the image from the printer to the pc. To do this, you download a copy of the software for the printer from the manufacturers website and install it on your pc. Co

What is it like to live in Surat?

Hello everyone ,I am basically from Jodhpur (Rajasthan) ,have traveled to most of the places in India and from past two years living in SURAT ..!,So I wont be biased and will give some positive and negative aspects.,POSITIVE:1.CLEANLINESS :Surat is one of the cleanest city I have been to, the roads ,railway stations ,highways ,localities everything

What are some good recipes for fat bombs when you are following a keto diet?

4 Healthy Fats to Add to Your Diet u201cFat bombs should be something you use around your training or when you're in a bind on-the-go,u201d she adds. u201cGenerally, one to three per day will be sufficient,u201d says Garrison. Eating at least three strips of bacon daily when on the keto diet adds about 2000 milligrams of natural sodium to your norm

What assets and investments do well during deflation, recession, and inflation?

Before I answer your question, let me first clear out the differences between the terms deflation, recession, and inflation.,Deflation is when the amount of currency in the economy decreases, leading to a drop in prices since thereu2019s less money in circulation. On the other hand, inflation is when more amount of currency is put into the economy,