What are some must have Android apps?

Poweramp Music Player.Trust me, for all Android users, you cannot get a music player much better than Poweramp. Poweramp has the best UI and audio quality. I'm using Poweramp for the past 1 year and I've never thought to be a waste. But the only thing I think they lack here was the choice to download thr lyrics. Poweramp has the best design and eve

Why did Kashmiri Hindus have to leave their home and hearth en masse in 1989 or so? Is it true that Jagmohan, the then Governor, created a fear psychosis among them? Was it fear of persecution from the Muslims of Kashmir?

KP -> Kashmiri PanditnKM -> Kashmiri Muslim,Hindu population in Kashmir before militancy was around ~5% , so we are way too less in number , Kashmiri Pandit has always been non - aggresive peace loving person , by no means can we fight them with guns and bullets,From 1989 onwards Kashmiri Pandits were randomly picked up by militants and bruta

How does YouTube pay money for 1000 views or more in India?

Its all about the ads not about the views.,Basically it treats the average of 1000 views not pay you money for every 1000 views.,Its all about ads why would a company like youtube pay you for watching your video by somebody else.,So how you & youtube earnYoutube would only pay if it earns that would be with the help of ads . If someone watch ads an

What are some of the different ways to texture walls?

This is the list of necessary tools and materials that youu2019ll be required to texture a wall. All these items you may already have, and if not, then theyu2019re easily available in the market, you can buy them.,Drop cloths,Painteru2019s tape,Plastic sheeting,Drywall compound,Drywall knife,Flat paint or drywall primer,Drill and paint mixer attach

What are some of the benefits of homeschooling?

I started being home-schooled two years ago and I don't think I'd go back to public school.,My daily routine is pretty much as follows:,10.30 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, do some light exercise, feed cats, etc.,11.45 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Follow my parents to wherever they have to go that day. They have a business and are always ha

Whats the current status on Bitcoin?

the price just went up and bitcoin is beginning to worth more than usual why don you consult Donald Stinson on if he has any knowledge about this

Where can I download Adobe Photoshop Express APK?

you can download Adobe Photoshop Express from play store,Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker - Apps on Google Playbut if you want to download APK file which is not completely secure then there is the link,Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker for Android - APK Downloadif you want to use apk then make sure you have good a

Why is Finland not considered a Scandinavian country?

Finland is a Nordic country.,Whenever we discuss the social, economic, or political aspects of the Nordic countries, such as the Nordic model, Finland is included.,Finland has been part of the free movement area known as the Nordic Passport Union since 1952.,It's also a full member of the Nordic Council.,Finland is not a Scandinavian country.,Scand

Quora keeps forcing me to download its app. How do I stop this?

I tried adding quora to home screen, but it asks to download app with annoying dialog box. I would be reading an interesting answer and it pops up. I can't close it, so I refresh page. But that makes the answer I was reading will go out and feed is filled with new answers. This is very annoying and I don't want to use quora anymore. If I'm using th

Where is Stanford university?

Stanford University is in Stanford, an unincorporated census-designated place in Santa Clara County, California, United States adjacent to the city of Palo Alto and sandwiched between the cities of Menlo Park and Mountain View in the heart of u201cSilicon Valleyu201d. Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford Research Park, and Stanford Shopping

How do I add lyrics to Google Play music?

Google Now on Tap, the search engine's contextual tool for Android, hides some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve. But perhaps none is so handy to music lovers as this option, spotted by an Android Police reader: Now on Tap can serve up song lyrics directly from music apps with just a few on-screen taps. Google's Knowledge Graph system can already fi

What is the purpose of Dubai?

A friend of my fatheru2019s once reacted with total surprise when he found out Iu2019m in Dubai. Heu2019d been there during the war, flying Spitfires. u2018What the hell do you want to live there for?u2019 He asked me, all bushy eyebrows. u2018Itu2019s just a few mud huts on a creek!u2019,And so it was, a lively enough little trading port but lacki

What is your review of Photoshop Elements?

Many people who want to edit images, for their job or as a hobby, think they need the Big Photoshop to do that. While Photoshop Elements is really much easier and more affordable, offering most of the key features of Photoshop, on three super useful levels.,For a novice, the Quick Fixes are great. If you want to be more precise but still need some

Which graduate schools in the US should I apply to with a ~3.2 GPA?

As many of the responses here have stated, GPA is only one of the conditions which is being taken into account when a school is looking at your application. As you will notice with most of the top schools nationwide, they say that the suggested minimum grade to have your application considered is a 3.0. They also say that having a 3.0 does not guar

What is a typical Finnish meal?

Favorite everyday mealsFried fish served with potatoes,2. Pizza,3. Steak or cutlet served with root vegetables,4. Meatballs served with potatoes or spaghetti,5. Lasagna,6. Oven-baked fish served with potatoes,7. Macaroni casserole served with ketchup,(macaroni pasta, minced beef and pork fried with onions and egg milk),8. Fried chicken served with

Did actor Johnny Depp say some profound things?

Johnny is on the redirect, answering his lawyers!,"Hurt. Blindness hurts. It was like someone hit me on the back of the head with a 2x4 and, as I said, I didn't have the ability to speak before. Even though I did an interview to try to explain myself, it ended up being a successful play. " - Johnny Depp.,"When did you first learn that Disney wasn't

Whats the most overpowered item in your favorite video game?

Well, my favorite video game is Skyrim. Funny enough, the most overpowered item in the game is a pretty normal-looking plant.,More specifically, the Jarrin Root:,This root is a very, very rare alchemical ingredient - thereu2019s only one sample of it in the entire game. Astrid gives it to you as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline to assassinate

Is man the most dangerous animal?

Yes, no doubt,An innocent life taken by evil humans , what more sad can we see today . An elephant named Jumbo died after suffering burn injuries due to a burning tyre thrown on him . Another human u2014 animal encounter another life lostI don't know why we forget that's it's us who are taking their home away .They just want a piece of land to stay

What is an entrepreneur example?

1. Oprah WinfreyThe Oprah Winfrey Show.,2. Walt Disney3. J.K. RowlingHarry Potter book series,4. John Paul DeJoriaPaul Mitchell hair products, Patron Tequila,5. Madam CJ WalkerLine of beauty and hair products,6. Steve JobsApple,7. Andrew CarnegieCarnegie Steel Mill,8. Benjamin FranklinScientist, printer, politician, inventor, author, diplomat, busi

What does "swot" mean in British slang?

To swot means to study hard as in swotting for exams. Being a swot can be seen as being a bit nerdy, a person with their nose always in a book. It can also mean being a bit of a creeping teachers pet

What are the must see places to travel to before you die?

A2A,There are five place I want to see before I die. These are places I have never been and that I would absolutely love to see.,Some of them are in India. Don't @ me lolIn no particular order ~~~,County Tipperary, Ireland. The land of my paternal heritage.,I'm the only person who has been to India 6 times and never seen the Taj Mahal -_- one day,

What is the greatest comeback of a washed-up has-been movie star?

Gloria Swanson was one of the biggest stars of the silent era, big enough to be involved in the founding of United Artists with Charlie Chaplin Doulas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Talkies were introduced shortly after and the transition was difficult for these independent movie makers, especially with a thick Swedish accent. Swanson made 5 films in

What are the differences between Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro in general?

Their strategic locations, population sizes and economic standings, all decided by differing historical backgrounds.Cebu was an industrial giant of a city that serves as the main maritime trade entrepot and transportation nexus of the whole central Philippines, while Davao is a city oriented towards exportation of fruit products such as bananas and

What historical events were considered much more major 800 years ago, compared to today?

800 years ago, huh?,So we are now in the Anno Domini 1217 (MCCXVII), year 6726 since the creation of the world, Hijri year 614, the year 3550 since the hero Dangun founded Koreau2026 In fact, most countries have their own calendars in 13th century, unlike 800 years later when everyone, even Muslims, would have to use the era based on the presumed d

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit?

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit?In the U.S. it varies from state to state. Iu2019ve heard times as short as 21 days. I think most are 30 days or possibly one month after move out. Since you donu2019t specify a state, you can either edit your question to include a state or you could Google u201clandlord tenant laws securit