How long can a tenant have visitors?

Read your rental agreement. Apartments and condos often it is two weeks - unless it is a parent who cosigned the rental agreement, such as with students.,If you rent a room in a home, often it is NO overnight guests.,If it is a house, often you have more flexibility, but it comes down to your contract.,You can't exceed fire department regulations o

Whats your point of view on Vivek Agnihotri s "The Kashmir Filesu201d movie?

A Muslim boy (say, Salman Khan) falls in love with a Kashmiri Pandit (KP) girl (say, Katrina Kaif). Salman and Katrina romance on the Dal lake in a shikara and everything is mushy lovey dovey. Katrina's father gets to know about the romance, insults Salman and prevents Katrina from meeting him. Then suddenly, riots break out in Srinagar city. Katri

How do I delete photosvideos from my iPhone 6s and not off my iCloud storage?

First, make sure you have backed up all your data to the cloud recently. Then just go into your u201call photosu201d folder and delete from there. Not in your iCloud stream, if you have that. You can go into your recently deleted photos folder to check that it's deleted. Then go to your iCloud account online and see if the pic is still there. Final

Why is Russia the biggest country in the world yet has such a small population?

Firstly, Most of country by area is a wasterlands of permafrost, bogs or arctic circle. Fertile areas of south is densely populated. The rest is more like Alaska or Northern Canada. Frost of -40C-50C is a common part of life and winter can easily take 6+ month of the year. Even to build a basic road in such conditions of extreme temperature swings

Whats the smallest country?

The smallest country in the world is likely one youu2019ve heard of before. Itu2019s quite famous in the religious world.,Vatican City.With not even covering a single square kilometer, The Vatican City is only 0.44 km squared. Located in Rome, Italy, Vatican City is home to the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church.,Vatican City has many great th

How much interior paint do I need for a 16000 square foot house?

One gallon of paint is typically specu2019d to cover 450 square feet. Paint requirements are calculated on wall size, not floor square footage. nIf you have a 16000 square foot floor, just the interior of the outside walls, with 8-foot ceilings is 128,000 square feet, which would require about 284 gallons of paint. Thatu2019s with no calculation fo

What are the pros of studying in Paris?

1.,Three colleges and universities in Paris are ranked within the top 115 higher education institutions in the world by QS World University Rankings. Ecole normale supu00e9rieure, Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, and Universitu00e9 Pierre et Marie Curie offer high quality programs in the liberal arts, sciences, technology, and medicine. These and other

In what ways is Linux superior to Windows and OS X?

Lets consider some use cases.,Desktop,Server,Embedded device/kiosk/other,Desktop generally depends, but often no.,As a desktop, it depends on your use. If you just surf the internet, you'll be fine with a chromebook which actually runs on the Linux kernel. Even if it's just Ubuntu or Mint, you'll at the very least be safer from most attacks. Now th

What are the advantages of globalisation, if any?

Globalisation lowers the cost of products and increases the profits to capitalists:n,It opens up a larger pool of unskilled and desperate work force willing to work for less, adjusting the supply and demand curve. Countries compete with each other on whose people will work for less (accept a lower standard of living and less safe working conditions

What is the difference between call center agents and customer service representatives?

Theyu2019re pretty much the same except for some few differences in terms of doing tasks. A customer service representative does the phone handling and deals with types of customer concerns. In reference to call center agents, it could either do other duties other than answering calls. However they are just basically working in the call center indu

How much would it cost to build a small building in a remote village in the Philippines?

We're currently building a house on my girlfriend's parents' land for when we visit which is frequently.,It's a simple design. 90sqm, open plan (just one big room) and a comfort room. We've made the roof flat from concrete. We chose to do this because I have a hard time sleeping, and it drowns out a lot of noise when the monsoon rains come as oppos

Why do some beaches have black sand?

Sand color is due to the color of the particles forming it. Since sand comes from the breakdown of rocks, you need to grind black rocks to get a good ammount of black colored debris. The most abundant type of black colored rock is basalt, which you can find near volcanoes having this composition, for example in the Hawaiian islands.,Provenance from

How many 14 cups does it take to make 2 cups?

4 of them would make one cup. Look at it like this 1/4 cup is actually a cup divided into 4 equal partsu2026. So 1/4 cup is 1 out of the 4 it takes to make a whole cup.,So if you need 2 cups you would need 8 of the 1/4 cups.,If 4 of them equals one full cup, then you need to do it twice. Altogether 8 of the 1/4 cups makes 2 full cups

What is the dumbest argument you have gotten into on the Internet or in real life? Why?

I will write about a guy who tried to give me a hard time here on Quora. I answered a question (see link below) on the 9th of December 2021 about a food I have mastered. Hot Wings.,At the end of the post I mentioned a few other things I am good at cooking. I mentioned Indian curry as one.,Well this bloke (I presume he is Indian) took offence at my

How can a scientific paper have copyright protection?

The scientists took the time to sit down and put words to paper. They made choices throughout, such as the wording of the hypothesis, the presenting of the data, and the wording of the conclusion. That qualifies as expressible content under copyright law.,I think the question that you are asking is whether the concepts and ideas in the paper are pr

Which countries are located in South America?

From North To South and main national languages spoken:Spanish Speaking:1. Venezuela,2. Colombia,3. Ecuador,4. Peru,5. Bolivia,6. Paraguay,7. Chile,8. Argentina,9. Uruguay,Portuguese Speaking:10. Brazil,English Speaking:11. Guyana,Dutch Speaking:12. Suriname,French Speaking:13. French Guiana (Dependent territory of France, not a free country),

What are you struggling with in your life? What would you like to have instead?

I'm 28 years old and belongs to a middle-class family.,My father is a Shopkeeper ( Paan Shop) But right now it's closed due to Covid-19,I'm not sure that I'm successful or Not please let me know in comments what do you think about me after reading my story.,About the job.,I started my first Job in 2010 in a call center and my first salary was 3200/

Will a self written contract hold up in court?

Yes self written loan agreements can be enforced in court. There are also plenty of sample loan agreements online and I suggest using those over a do it yourself document.,That said, the cost to go to court, get a judgement against them, hunt down their cash, and get it from them (if they have any), can be quite expensive. If you are asking about e

How much money does LeBron James have?

James is a professional American basketball player in the NBA. He currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and has been regarded as one of the best NBA players in the modern game.LeBron has won several championships and multiple MVP awards in his career, among others.,As of 2020, LeBron Jamesu2019 net worth is $480 million.,When LeBron was a you

What are the best ways to cook chicken?

A Roast Chicken ranks alongside national favourite Roast Beef as the perfect meat for a Sunday Lunch. Roast chicken makes a great alternative as it is a lighter, and healthier meat because it has a lower total fat content than red meats with most of that monounsaturated.,The roast chicken is also good in the summer months when some think it too hot

Why do you think there is such a negative association surrounding mental health issues?

Why do you think there such a negative association surrounding mental health issues?,Much bedlamsurrounds the,asylum-bound,,dating to before Englandu2019s first & most insanely notorious institution for the Insane: Bedlam Asylum.,10 Crazy Facts From Bedlam, History's Most Notorious Asylum - ListverseThe public impressions of the mentally ill and in

Whats an amazing loophole you found regarding free food?

Work somewhere that serves food. I know that this varies by country but where I work now, and in the U.K. And in Spain I always got food provided by the bar, restraunt or hotel I worked in.,It worked out great especially in the hotels I got my breakfast, lunch and dinner provided!

What is the best Christmas present ever?

Just two days ago, I got the best Christmas gift I've had in my 64 Christmases and most likely the best I'll ever get. It's going to be hard to top, and it was a twofer. One half has been over 44 months in the making, the other almost two years by one measure, a bit less than ten by another. I'll tell you each half separately, but the combination h

What are some good ideas for a YouTube channel?

There are many tips and good ideas I can think of. New YouTuber must know he has to work very very hard if he wants to get YouTube success with all the benefits that come with that.,Some basic tips every new YouTuber must know -,1. Quality Video - I do not mean a camera that costs a lot of money or a nice room/view. I mean a video that can be seen

How long does it take to cook 1 cup of uncooked brown rice in a pressure cooker?

Answer Source: Cookermind comRice cookers are a great way to cook rice quickly and easily. But how long does rice take to cook in a microwave rice cooker?,The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including the type of rice you are cooking, the amount of water you are using, and the power of your microwave.,Generally speaking, white ric

How can I translate Tagalog to English?

This translator has a Tagalog to English option. You can use this link: Tagalog Translate | Tagalog Translator | Tagalog TranslationGoogle Translate also has a Filipino to English option and vice versa. A quick Google search will yield multiple translators or any of the established translation apps will most likely have what you need.,Kaniguan!