What is the best recipe to make thick chicken gravy?

Purchase low salt chicken stock (not broth) or make your own. Reduce a quart it by half. Add three tablespoons of flour shaken with a quarter cup of cold water. It ill be thick. Make sure there are no lumps. Pour the slurry into the simmering stock and let cook together until thickened then let it cook for another two minutes. Take the gravy off th

Are mirrorless cameras as good as DSLRs?

In my opinion, mirrorless cameras are better than DSLRu2019s and DSLRu2019s are the technology of yesterday. Many photographers are unaware of this fact because more photographers combined, shoot Canon and Nikon, than any other brand and those two manufacturers were the laggards in adopting the mirrorless technology.,Nikon and Canonu2019s introduct

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a basic income?

Advantages:Liberty. On the most basic level, everyone who works does so out of economic coercion. You have to feed, clothe, and house yourself; those things cost money, so you have to work for money.nnThis limits liberty, but is not inherently evil - humans have had to forage and "work" to provide for themselves since the dawn of time, like any oth

What do designers think of Instagrams new logo in May 2016?

Some logos are such that, with the occasional tweak, they can stand the test of time. Instagramu2019s was not one of them.,This was a logo that betrayed its design roots, the Polaroid camera-evoking skeuomorph of the kind companies fell in love with after Apple went overboard with it around 2010; then rushed to distance themselves around two to thr

What are the main ingredients or where do the ingredients of Hors dOeuvres come from?

Many ingredients go into the preparation of hors du2019oeuvres (French, literally u2018outside the worku2019.). Here are some examples of hors d oeuvres?,Small fried items such as turnovers, empanadas, samosas, and egg rolls are often served with a dipping sauce. Cruditu00e9 platters (cut raw vegetables served with a dip) or even dips served with c

Where can I ride a hot air balloon in Karnataka?

Hot air balloon festival of Karnataka,The Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place in three places in Karnataka simultaneously u2013 cities Bidar and Mysore, as well as the Hampi.,A festival is a four-day event that takes place at the end of December and may extend to January. The cool weather and nice atmosphere make this a great time to enjoy a ride

What are the most dangerous animals on the planet?

Humans,Sure, mosquitoes kill more humans than humans do but does that mean theyu2019re the most deadliest? Humans have the potential to kill so much more. Their cognitive powers offer them the power to kill if they wanted to.,We can release atomic bombs, chemical weapons, and kill just about anyone if we knew the right peopleu2026,Weu2019re the one

Which is the best paint for the cement roof sheet for cooling in Mumbai?

On the basis of your budget,you can choose a variety of paints for heat reduction,Paints under low budget,You can use ,janathacem,white cement,white cement primer,white emulsion,Paints under medium and higher budget,Different heat guards of all major paint companies in India like ici,Asian,pidilite,Nippon etc

How do you make beef subgum?

Since I don't know if you're wanting beef subgum soup, chop suey, chow mein, lo mein, or what, here's the Google page. Pick your recipe.

What are some of the easiest baking recipes?

3 Ingredient Chocolate CakePREP TIME: 5 MINUTES,COOK TIME: 25 MINUTES,COURSE: DESSERT,CUISINE: AMERICAN,SERVINGS: 10,Velvety and rich chocolate loaf cake with just 3 ingredients? It can be done and you don't even need a mixer. The cake comes out so rich, with a very tender crumb.,Ingredients:1 1/2 cups full fat chocolate ice cream or gelato about 1

How does Egyptian hieroglyphics translation work?

Kim Raymoure's answer to Cryptolinguistics: If the Rosetta Stone had never been discovered, would computers now be able to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs?This goes into some detail about how Egyptian hieroglyphic translation works. Interesting, complicated stuff!

Is a southwest facing house (in the USA) not good as per Vastu Shastra?

In term of traditional Vastu Shastra, a house is considered good if it only faces north, east or northeast. It symbolise the u201carchway to victory and progress in lifeu201d.,Similar to Chinese traditional Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra wisdom is derived from the past where the surrounding environment and house structure are different.,Coming back to mo

How do the new iPhones (66 Plus) compare to current, top-of-the-line Android phones?

I'm going to compare this to unlocked, stock Android installs, because once bloatware is introduced, Android tends to be much more disappointing. But in short, the iPhone 6 is not as strong a competitor but still has superior processing performance and formidable capabilities that were found in the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 Plus, however, adds a top

What is the best way to test if an attachment is safe?

In the days of ransomware, malicious worm virus, and just annoying spoofware attacks, its hard to keep your computer and accounts safe. Phone included.,when it comes to attachments, first thing to check is the email address from where it came.,just hover your mouse cursor over their email address, and see how it looks, and look carefully.,Exampleu2

What do bf cf bd cd mean in financial accounting?

b/f: means brought forward. The balance brought forward for a new accounting period is the balance carried forward for the previous accounting period.,c/f: carried forward. This doesn't necessarily mean that the balance is a debit. It only means the balance of the accounting period to be concluded. The debit or credit value depends on the side of t

What are some superb wall art ideas which work great for any living space?

You Can Style Your Living Room Decor A Bunch For Unique Wall Art Ideas.Be it a traditional or modern living room, abstract art suits every theme. With a variety of colours and undertones, abstract art pieces can beautifully express a variety of moods through its painting. And therefore, abstract art prints are the no. 1 choice of homeowners when bu

Which is the richest country?

Qatar - $141,543 GDP (PPP) per capitaQatar has a well-developed oil exploration industry where the petroleum industry accounts for 70% of its government revenue, 60% of its GDP and 85% of its export earnings. Because of its wealth and economic success, it has been chosen as the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the first Arab nation to ever hold thi

Are "air fryers" a scam?

Are "air fryers" a scam?At 60 years old, Iu2019ve seen a lot of new u201cmiracleu201d cooking appliances come and go. At first I resisted the idea of air frying. I wanted my deep fried food submerged in hot oil, as God intended it to be.,But as with many new inventions, the key is often in the marketing, and the naming is one of those things. u201c

Is it bad to kiss another girl while in a relationship?

If you have agreed to have an open relationship, then no. If you have never talked about the idea of being with other people while still dating each other, then yeah, probably not a good idea to kiss someone else.,However, this isnu2019t always true. My old roommate was a very affectionate person - he hugged and kissed (on the cheek) everyone, like

What are some Indian brandsproductsservices that are famous outside of India?

The Story of Thums Upn n,u200b,The brand equity of Thums Up in india was so huge that eventually the cola giant Coca-Cola had to admit defeat and and accept the superiority of Thums Up over Coke.n nIt all started back in 70s when Coca-Cola, annoyed by draconian government rules for foreign investment, shut down its operation in India. Seeing the su

What do I need to pack for a trip to Costa Rica?

This is a list for a backpacker on a tight budget who likes to be active and mobile but is not spending more than a day or two trekking through jungle. This list is also useful for other Latin American countries and has been field-tested in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.,Edit: NEW complete womenu2019s packing list: following a recent trip with

What does it mean when you dream of helping someone whose pregnant and her belly is hard as a rock, you rub her tummy and few minutes later she gives birth to a baby girl but refuses to go to the doctor or hospital because it was a home birth?

Is this a person you know? What are the feelings you have?,I will give it a try but with minimal information this may not be accurate:,Giving birth is an indication of something you have waited for is about to materialise. But again it depends on the person giving birth. And in the whole dream it seems like you are incredulous about the ways things

What is the strangest thing youve found inside of a wall in a home?

My landlord. Yes, you read that correctly.,When I was in my early 20u2019s I rented one side of a duplex. The duplex was once u201cone homeu201d built in the early 1920u2019s, that had been divided on the ground floor. The side I rented was a small one bedroom unit. My landlord, was the owner of the house. I was a young and pretty blonde and he was

Why are urban areas more liberal than rural areas? Which reason is the most critical?

This question has been asked a lot. You can scan through a search of this and fund a ton of answers. Most are pretty biased because politics turns otherwise nice people into the opposite.,Anyhow, it's a matter of needs. Urban areas are heavily populated. I think NYC is rocking nearly 1000 people per square mile with 8million people. My town is prob

Is TCS a good company for freshers?

It is the worst company for anyone. So bad that I had to resign after third month after joining and look for another job. Here goes my story.,I joined TCS in July 2019 as a fresher. Since they have reduced the training period to only 10 days now, I was alloted a support project just after 15 days of joining TCS. I was naive about IT culture and man

What is the best cheap videophoto camera for traveling?

Here is the Top Budget Travel Cameras (Under $500),Panasonic Lumix ZS70 u2013 Best Budget Travel Camera.,Nikon D3500 u2013 Low Cost Travel Camera.,Canon Rebel T7 u2013 Popular Beginner Camera.,Olympus E-M10 Mark II u2013 Older 4/3rds Model.,Hope it would be a good suggestion for you.

How can I use WhatsApp on my laptop without using my phone? I cannot verify my number.

How to Use WhatsApp From a Computer or laptop.Download Thin BlueStacks App Player. To use Whatsapp in PC or Laptop, you need to Install an Android Emulator called as BlueStacks App Player.,Install BlueStacks App Player.,(It takes time for installing so wait for 10u201315 minutes)Now open bluestack application.,Sign in using your email idI'd,Now ins