What is the most beautiful city in Montana?

Beauty is subjective and if you look for it, can be found in places one normally wouldn't consider. ,For instance, Butte isn't the first city most people think of as being beautiful, but its historic Uptown area is home to many beautiful landmark buildings. ,Billings (where I was born and raised and currently reside) is cursed with the lack of havi

What are the details of the so called Reliance gas scam?

A detailed history of this issue was posted by Mahesh Murthy on facebook recently, and I found it pretty illuminating. Posting it verbatim here. Link to original article on facebook is at the bottom.,n,What's the big noise on Mukesh Ambani, gas pricing, Rs. 25,000 crores loss and Gujarat all about? ,Let me take a little time to set down the facts.

Im 14, what canshould I do?

I donu2019t know how much this applies to all 14-year-olds, but Iu2019ll give it a shot. I am almost 15, you know..,(Am forced to) wake up early,Sleep late,Skip breakfast,Eat a poor breakfast,Regret not eating enough,Eat the same lunch. Every. Single. Day,Remember my mom still packs my lunch,Imagine what it would be like to be able to drive,Freak o

What are some of the best unknown features of Adobe Photoshop?

There are many less known features in Photoshop, doing a damn good job !,Iu2019ll toss in this one, and I hope others will follow.,Recoloring part of an image, without selecting.[1] Choose the Hue/Saturation command, but set the popup to work on just the yellow colors !,{2] To be precise, shift the Hues to a completely opposite color (e.g. blue) an

How do I pursue a career as a financial analyst?

Iu2019ve never thought that I would become a financial analyst before, for my major is computer science and technology, which doesnu2019t seem to have any relation with it. Until when I gradually got interested in stocks and economic area, and developed huge admiration for analysts, who are so knowledgeable with great efficiency.,Then I decided to

Does Apple gives its Apple student discount in India?How to get it?

Yes They Giveud83dude0e!!,For iPad:,Student discount applies on most of their products except their smartphones.,You Need to get Verified by Unidays1.Go to Apple website and open education section,2.Click on Get Verified by Unidays Option.,3.Fill up the details asked and Upload Your Colllege ID pic.,You will be verified within 24hours.,Bonus tip: T

Is there anything that surprised you when you became a nanny or au pair?

When I became a nanny, I was surprised by how much some families wonu2019t tell you.,I had an interview with a perfectly polite, pleasant woman in her beautiful home. Her children, a five year old girl, four year old boy, and a one year old girl. The family was Ukrainian and had a Ukrainian live-in nanny, but the nanny was leaving the job so they w

Is a Miele vacuum cleaner worth the price?

Is a Miele vacuum worth the price?If you can afford it, yes. I have one. Iu2019m happy with it. I did a fair amount of research before buying it. Itu2019s probably cleans only 10% better than something costing half the price. But I expect it to last for decades. My previous two vacuum cleaners failed. I donu2019t want to have to go find a replaceme

What is the most selfish act youu2019ve experienced with a narcissist?

This is still really hard to talk about and it happened almost 10 years ago, though I still bear the scars prominently. Both physically and mentally.,This will be my first time speaking about what happened so please bear with me.,This is not going to be easy to put to words, relive, remember and share with all of you. My hope in doing so is unquest

What is the cheapest and safest country to live in?

Try the following sites - among many more u201cout thereu201d - for your comparison to avoid erroneous opinions or points of view youu2019ll read on this site:,Click: Cost of Living Comparisons, 2020 data. - compares the cost of living between cities and shows an international cost of living index map,,Click: Crime Index by Country 2020,Click: http

Can you use butter instead of vegetable oil?

For some things, sort of, yes. One can certainly use CLARIFIED butter to saute much the same way vegetable oil is used. You MIGHT also get away with using that same butter melted and added to a cake mix instead of vegetable oil. For salad dressing, forget it. By clarified I mean just the fat in butter, all milk solids removed.

Which clothing brands produce their products in the US?

apple bottomsnlouis vuittonnhollister . contom fordnversacenarmaninburberrynlevisntommy hilfigernzaranUS polo,ngiovaninlacostenmichael korsnralph laurennguessncalvin cliennvoguenchanelnguccinfendindiornpradandolce & gabbananvalentino,thats all what i know :)

Why are so many in the deaf community opposed to treatments like cochlear implants? Very few in the blind community oppose treatments for blindness, very few amputees oppose prostheses, yet cochlear implants are very controversial.

tl;dr -- Deaf culture is very accepting of people in general. If a person chooses to get a cochlear implant - some see this as an attempt to cure what is not broken. To eliminate their identity to conform with the rest of society and fit in. Deaf community is about using ASL to enhance "comprehension loss", their own personal superpower. Deaf cultu

What are best touristy things to do in Santo Domingo?

I visited Santo Domingo, DR recently. Here are some things to do:,Telerifico de Santo Domingo,Historic Walking Tour,Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo,Parque Colon, Santo Domingo,Alcazar de Colon, Santo Domingo,Los Tres Ojos National Park, Santo Domingo,Boca Chica Beach,Choco Pick,Try mofongo,Paletas Bajo Cero,The Museum of Rum & Sugar Cane,For visuals o

Can you share some underwater photography?

Here are pictures of the most amazing underwater place on Earth. It is the great barrier reef. It is off the coast of Queensland Australia. It has gorgeous underwater scenery. It has beautiful coral. The great barrier reef has beautiful fish. I'm fascinated with this reef. I hope we can save it. Global warming is destroying it. I want to go go to A

What is rasterize in illustrator?

Illustrator is a vector-drawing application, but it also supports display of bitmapped images. When you rasterize an object in illustrator, you're converting from vector to bitmapped and losing all of the vector information. Example:,This is a screen capture showing a vector star on the left, raster on the right. They look pretty much the same unti

Where is the best place in a concert hall to sit for sound?

it depends on the individual hall and what youu2019re listening too. For an acoustic, non-amplified concert, In general, the larger the ensemble, the further away I like to be so that the sound has a chance to blend before it reaches my ears. But I also donu2019t to be too far back so that I feel removed from the u201dactionu201d. I generally prefe

Where are the worlds greatest coastlines?

Apart from Rio, US-1 and Kauai, Hawai already mentioned above, I would throw in Palawan (Coron, El Nido) Philippines. The place has about 1700+ islands scattered in the archipelago on the pacific, and each of these islands have their own white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, and incredibly beautiful diving spots. ,Its difficult to capture i

What is the best thing to give to my girlfriend under 10,000 rupees?

What kind of cheapness is this? 10k? What do you get in 10k man? One round me go. My car consumes 3k fuel. What will you get for 10k? Not much I guess. Try giving one of the following ! Perhaps that will make her smile !,,u201cXiaomi-backed Yi Technologies has introduced its Yi 4K Action Camera in India.,This affordable alternative to GoPro, allows

What makes flying first class worth it?

I am currently living in Vietnam Teaching English Online and I was shopping for groceries one night. After I completed my purchase at the store I pulled out my phone to request a Grab (Uber).,The motorcycle wouldu2019ve cost me about $1usd while a Grab car wouldu2019ve cost me $5usd. I had my hands full of bags but I couldu2019ve made it work on th

Who made the rose window of Notre Dame?

The rose window of Nu00f4tre Dame Cathedral was created by the architect Jean de Chellas during the years of 1250u20131260.,Most of the original 13th century glasswork is still intact (this being before the burning. I believe the window was not touched during that horrid day).,Jean de Chellas is also credited with the creation of the south end of t

I cancelled an interview a day before a scheduled interview and the recruiter told me that, u201cI cut a meeting short so that I could talk to you. We arenu2019t interested in having you work here.u201d How do I respond?

If youu2019re applying for a job - there are a few safe bets in most situations.,There are other candidates. Likely many of them. Most likely - too many of them.,Applicants are not as unique as you think. Most of the promising candidates will have comparable CVs (at least as far as you can really conclude anything from a mere CV). Aside of the few

How large was the Titanic ship compared to modern day ships?

This is a comparison on the Titanic versus a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. As you can see, the carrieru2019s island is still taller than Titanicu2019s funnels, despite the Titanic being on top of itu2019s flight deck:,In more comparisons:,Compared to the largest ships of today, Titanic was pretty small. She was almost 270 meters long and 28 meters

What can I take to stop acid in my throat?

Some people can prevent sore throat caused by acid reflux by avoiding activities and foods that increase the risk of acid reflux and its complications.,These include:,eating small, frequent meals rather than heavy meals,not eating within 2 hours before bedtime,maintaining a healthy weight,not wearing tight clothes,not smoking tobacco,avoiding acidi

Are people overreacting to Mark Knights cartoon representation of Serena Williams?

It depends on how you define overreacting. From where Iu2019m sitting controversy like this is to be expected.,Comedy almost always offends someone. Indeed many believe a joke isnu2019t really a joke unless itu2019s at someone elseu2019s expense, but of course there are some people who donu2019t seem to understand this. Then there are those who are

Can I use agar-agar instead of gelatin while making non-bake cheesecake? If yes, how?

I believe agar-agar turns out to be runnier than gelatinu2026so I donu2019t think that will help you unless you want to add starch as wellu2026.But you shouldnu2019t even need gelatin or agar-agar for a no-bake recipe, even if you are vegan.,Normal no-bake:,No-Bake CheesecakeBest No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe | An Easy No-Bake Dessert!No-Bake Cheesecak

What are some Coffered Ceiling ideas for home?

Stylish & Trendy Coffered Ceiling Ideas For Your Home:According to many interior designers, u201cCeilings are a blank canvas, and theyu2019re a great place for adding architectural detailing to dramatize a room.u201d Thatu2019s why today, I have come up with some amazing coffered ceiling ideas. These types of ceilings are quite popular, trendy, and