Why does my mouse not work properly on smooth surfaces?

You don't say what kind of mouse you are using. The choices today are ball mice (not very common in stores today), "optical" mice (those that use a laser), trackball mice (these work essentially the same as the "optical" mice, I'll explain below), button mouse (which is essentially a tiny joystick), touchscreen or tablet with a finger or pen, and a

What colors go with mustard yellow?

Colours that go with mustard yellow are lighter or darker versions of the exact same hue; light or dark blue (navy); and of course, white (in natural fibres) and charcoal and black. Light greys I find can look dreadful. I love violet or purple as accents. And only tan or orangy-reds. And karki (dark yellow-green).,Actually golds are so beautiful to

Is coronavirus an opportunity and a threat for India?

India is the world's fourth-largest economy. It produced $9.4 trillion in goods and services in 2017. But it has a long way to go to beat the top three: China, with a production worth $23.1 trillion, the European Union with $19.9 trillion, and the United States with $17.4 trillion.,India had rapid growth despite the Great Recession. It grew 6.7% in

What is it like to live in ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Albuquerque, NM", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 18935, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicAlbuquerque-NM"}}}, {"text": "?

Having grown up in Albuquerque, then lived in Vegas for 22 years, and having travelled the U.S. a fair amount, Iu2019m tuned-in to the +/- of New Mexico and Albuquerque in particular.n nAlbuquerque possesses many attributes for living here, and these traits are baked into the culture, for example:,Albuquerqueu2026,u2026has a vibrant arts and cultur

Which are the best iPhone waterproof cases in 2019?

The people want to take the iPhone 7, when they go out for swimming, skitting, take bath in rain. you can give utmost care to your iPhone.,OTBBA,Lifeproof FRu0112 SERIES,Fansteck,OUNNE,Meritcase,Temdan,LifeProof NUUD SERIES,Pelican Marine,Singdo

If a catalyst lowers activation energy by equal amounts for both the forward and reverse reaction, shouldnt the equilibrium be changed as according to the Maxwell curve, the ratio of particle with enough activation would be different?

The catalyst lower the activation of both the forward and reverse reaction. Because these two activation energies will not be equal (generally), the equal drop in value is a greater fractional drop for on than the other. This will affect the Boltzman Factor (fraction with sufficient energy), affect the rates of the two reactions differently and so

What is the best projector for a bedroom under Euro 200?

The Emotn C1 might be a good option for you. It is a handy projector to get all of your expected wishlist that will meet up within your budget. The cost is about $169, equivalent to u00a3155. And of course, this projector will give you a more brilliant experience in every sense!,In the case of the operating systems, picture quality, connectivity, p

What are some pairs of food items that are traditionally eaten together?

Some popular food combinations from my home state of Kerala ud83dude04,Kappa and meen curryKappa is tapioca and meen is basically fish. The usual way tapioca is prepared is by boiling large chunks with some turmeric powder and salt. Sometimes they are prepared in more elaborate ways too. Like kappa kuzhachathu or kappa upperi. The fish curry used a

What is the role of public relations in communication marketing?

Communications Departments should rely on the Public Relations department to set guideline on how the company is to be portrayed, what messages are to be disseminated and best practices for the overall image of the company. The work in unisonu2026 typically. They can also be the spokesperson for a company when it comes to crisis managementu2026 eac

Which is best power bank under rs.1000?

Today in this list, you will find all the best companies like Ambrane, Mi, Realme, Syska, Philips, etc. All the power banks are under 1000 and a minimum 10000mAh. There are mostly up to 12W quick charging power banks. When you will see the list of the top power banks under 1000 then you will definitely buy your favorite one.,As you know, from these

My neighbor signed a driveway agreement with the previous owner of my home to use my driveway, but the agreement doesnt have my property listed in the property description. The description only includes his own lot. Is the agreement still valid?

An agreement between two individuals is only binding upon those two individuals. In order for such an agreement for shared use to be binding upon future owners of the property, an easement would have to be recorded and it would run with the deed, not with whoever happens to own the property at the time. So, check the deed. If thereu2019s nothing re

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?Does it need to be only one country?,Although far from EU or Canada-USA friendship ties, South America is a fairly integrated continent, land crossing are quite fluid.,I would recomend the former Inca Empire, spanning from Nazca And Cuzco in Peru to Salta, Argenti

What are the top things to do in Old San Juan?

if you enjoy history but you are not a huge fan of boring tours, give Clue Murder Mystery a shot!! My family spend around 2u20133 hours solving this unique murder mystery that guides you around Old San Juan. The tour is self-guided, but a young gentleman named Dalton, did a great job of helping us when needed. If you have ever tried an escape room,

What is the best way to bake bread rolls?

Bread rolls can be made several different ways:,The direct method is the quickest and relies on enrichments (like butter, sugar, eggs) mostly for flavor and can include potato for softness or sweet potatoes for the holidays. Bake these in a 350u2109 to 375u2109 oven until 190u2109 to 200u2109 internally. An egg (whole, yolk, or white) wash glaze is

Why cant united states build high speed trains?

They canu2019t, thatu2019s all.,They just canu2019t be good at everything, can they?,The Japanese have been building u2019em for a long, long, long time.,u25b2 N700 Series Shinkansen u201cNozomiu201d at Hamamatsu Station, Hamamatsu, JapanThe French build u2018em.,u25b2Under a downpour, a TGV going to ParisThe Italians build u2018em.,u25b2 ETR 500 C

What is your review of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra?

Mi 11 Ultra is a great flagship phone of 2021. The phone has Snapdragon 888 processor. And unlike Oneplus 9 Pro, the Mi 11 Ultra does not heat up very much. thanks to the cooling layers of Mi 11 Ultra.,There is hardly any issues in the Mi 11 Ultra except not having a 3.5mm headphone jack and Xiaomiu2019s User Interface which has tons of bloatwares

Should I choose the Google Pixel 4XL over the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Choosing Pixel4XL over iPhone 11 Pro Max would be a colossal mistake for most folks. And, while coming to this conclusion, I keep aside the iOS vs Android debate.,Pros first, which are mostly gimmicks for normal people unless you have some special needs : nSoli radar (not active in many countries since it uses 60Ghz band), Google offline voice tran

Is the GoPro Hero 7 Black worth the money?

I like the new stabilization, GoPro is doing some magic there.,Not a fan of how complicated they have made the setup.,You used to be able to use a GoPro right out the box, now you need internet and a Bluetooth device to set-up.,Which sucks when you are the side of a mountain and forgot to set-upbefore you left to ski all day (for example).,So make

How long do you reheat chicken in a microwave?

If it's a very small amount (a serving for a single meal), begin with 1.5 minutes of reheating using the normal setting on your microwaveu2014usually 1,000 watts. If you have a large amount of chicken, begin with 2.5-3 minutes of microwaving. At the halfway mark, carefully flip the chicken over so both sides heat evenly.

Why does my Google camera not work?

If your camera on some unknown Google phone is not working I suggest that you find a repair shop that specializes in Google phones and get an estimate for the repair. If it is one of the older Google phones you might consider getting a new phone.

Which country has the best food in the world in 2022?

I have visited more than 30 countries and lived in 5 in the last 15 years. I found that every country has a set of advantages and disadvantages. At one place, you may not like the weather. In another, the lack of development. Some places may have good connectivity. Others may have great landscape. You may miss your ethnic food in some places. In ot