How long does it take to cook basmati rice in a rice cooker?

In pressure cooker it is barely takes 10minutes to prepare the basmati rice. If you the temperature is high then rice will make less then 10 minutes. Wait until water will be evoperate and also make sure to put down pressure cooker from hob thus you can avoid to burn the rice.

Do you think The Batman could be very good but not as good as The Dark Knight?

I am going to have to agree with Milan Miloradovic on this one. I dont think The Batman is going to be as good as The Dark Knight at all.,and people have to keep in mind that I am extremely excited for Robert Pattinson Batmanu2019s film. Literally every week I have been talking about Matt Reeves Batman. But The Dark Knight stands tall and is the Ap

What is the best wireless keyboard?

The best wireless keyboard is majorly may be the logitech keyboard where they have the huge models whch is arrived in stores.Logiteh comes with wireless keyboard as they are popular.Wirekless keyboad helps them in where you cantake your keyboard anywhere you wanted.Wireless keyboard can be used in other sytems without connecting to the system.Wirel

How do I decide if I should become a Psychiatrist, Psychiatric nurse Practitioner, clinical or Counseling psychologist, or therapist? I know the general difference between the careers, but not in much detail.

A psychiatrist went to medical school and specialized in psychiatry. If you have the opportunity, ability, and money to do this, this is the one you want. You would make much more money.,Nurse practitioners are like underpaid doctors, they are able to prescribe medication and have extensive schooling. Typically they start as a registered nurse, get

How many calories are in Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold foam?

TLDR: 145 calories,Showing My Work:This is a Starbucks Cold Brew:,According to the Starbucks website, the Cold Brew has 5 calories, whether Tall, Grande, Venti, or even the thirty ounce Trenta size.,This is the Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew:,Unlike its ordinary Cold Brew sister, the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew has different calories at

How can I stop dreaming of my partner cheating?

well, the first question to ask yourself is u2018do i really trust them?u2019 like deep down. if there is any sort of resistance there that could be a reason. iu2019m sure it happens to everyone else too, iu2019ve had dreams like this. it could just be a fear of loosing that person as well, if you care about someone a lot there is always that u2018

What is the most memorable or chilling historical fact for you?

It is widely believed that fast food bars are a modern invention. However, ancient Rome does not quite agree with this statement.,The first recipe for an ancient burger can be found in the cookbook Apicius, written in the first century CE. More often, however, the name u201cOn the Subject of Cookingu201d is used. The precursor of the modern burger

Whats the geographical center of earth?

It is neither. The center of the Earth is 6360km beneath the surface. More accurately, it is half the distance from any point to the exact opposing side because of the bulge caused by centrifugal force.,Limiting your responses to Jerusalem and Mecca shows that you are not concerned about geography and geology. You are concerned about subjective bia

What salary can I expect as a fresher in financial modelling?

The financial aspect of any company is one of the most crucial ones. The current economic structure may contain several elements that may be obsolete with due time. Also, the present scenario and the prospect may have differences in massive magnitudes. To create a balance and perpetuity of financial soundness in an organization, an instrument calle

How do I add lyrics to Google Play music?

Google Now on Tap, the search engine's contextual tool for Android, hides some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve. But perhaps none is so handy to music lovers as this option, spotted by an Android Police reader: Now on Tap can serve up song lyrics directly from music apps with just a few on-screen taps. Google's Knowledge Graph system can already fi

Which is the best non gaming laptop with i5 or i7 11 gen and with thunderbolt 4 port, 100% sRGB, 16GB non solderd dual channel expandable RAM, 2 SSD slots and full metal body within the range of 80,000 and available offline?

You're seriously better off actually going to an offline store and asking. nEspecially because stock online and offline is different And there's no way to tell which will be available online or offline.,EDIT: And oh, just 2 more things.,Try Ryzen. Youu2019ll just be wasting money on Intel, especially if you wonu2019t be taking 100% benefit of Thund

Why did Germany ask the USA to stop using trench guns in WWI?

The trench guns the Germans asked the Americans to discontinue using was a shotgun known as the Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, and remanufactured in 1917. This shotgun was only 40 inches long, with a 20 inch barrel, and could hold one round in the chamber and five in the tube. It was pump action, and fired a cartridge of ni

Why are so many people unaware what narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder is?

There are a number of reasons why so few people know about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its devastating effects:,When people here the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they think that they know what it is based on popular stereotypes of narcissistic (the boorish jerk, the selfie-obsessed teenager, the fame-hungry celeb, the dodgy pol

How does the CPU interact with a digital camera and a printer when printing photos?

The CPU cannot directly interact with any peripherals or external devices. Your digital camera and printer will typically be attached to your computer via USB ports which are managed by the USB controller inside the chipset or southbridge. And as with most high-speed devices in current PCI/PCIe-based x86 computers, the USB controller sits on-top a

How do I Scan on a Canon Printer?

Make sure that your canon printer can scan. If your printer is an "all-in-one" model, it can scan. Some other printer models can scan as well, though you'll need to check the printer's documentation or product page to ensure that this is the case.,Connect your printer to your computer. Most Canon printers that can scan will also be able to connect

How do you feel about voting for President in November?

Iu2019m going to take a picture of that part of the ballot once Iu2019ve filled it out, to prove to people that I voted third party.,Also, to prove to my liberal wife and older daughter that I, unlike them, voted for a woman, while they voted for a white guy. I get to out-flank them on the u201cwokeu201d scale this round.,I love, LOVE living in a n

What was your most physically painful experience?

I have suffered many injuries in my lifetime , and have broken most of the bones in my body at one time or another. However none of these fractures or injuries compare with the pain I endured on a simple shallow dive in the Philippines.,As a divemaster I relished my free time when I could undertake a recreational dive, take my cameras and go on a n

Will Microsoft Surface Book 2 launch in India?

My gut says yes. Not on the u201cofficialu201d launch day though.,It will be an u201cexclusiveu201d-ly expensive product though; I expect it will be something north of $2,000 USD (129,766.80 INR as of 2017.10.27) for just the base model. I paid something like $3,250 USD (210,871.05 INR) for my gen 1 Surface Booku2026 which is NOT the top of the lin

What is that one picture that best describes your city country state?

Philippines,You can be considered as a good singer or frustrated singer. Nevertheless, good or not, we love singing- whatever the celebration is. Karaoke/ videoke are everywhere and there is a wide spectrum of karaoke bars here.,Almost every Philippine home has a karaoke machine or a Magic Sing microphone u2013 a digital mic that turns your televis

When data are categorized, whats the most appropriate measure of central tendency?

It depends. ,If the data are caegorized and have no order, then there is no measure of central tendency as there is no center. What is the center of "Blonde, brown, red, white, black, bald"?,If the data are categorized but ordered, then the mode makes sense.,If the data are grouped continuous data (e.g. Income < $10,000, $10,000 - $19,000 etc) t

Is there any way to transform a low resolution image to quality high resolution?

There's a thing called interpolation that will fill in missing pixels with a weighted average between the two on ether side when you expand the picture. But in reality the higer frequency information is lost and can't be recreated. The picture will have smaller pixels but the detail and sharpness just won't be there.

Whats it like to be a CS student who did not start programming until collegeuniversity?

It was a bit intimidating but not super tough. ,I wrote my first program for a course in school which taught Turbo C++, around a year before I went to college. Even that course involved no meaningful programming and so it is safe to say that I learnt it in college. That's not the worst part though. ,Till then, I pretty much had never even used a co