What was the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Revolution was an epoch in history (particularly European history) that characterized the transition from 'Feudalism' to 'Capitalism' and development of the latter.,In the middle of the eighteenth century, 'English Capitalism' was characterized by the handicraft system. It was not the old craft production where each petty enterprise had

What are the simplecost effective hacks to decorate your living room?

you can look for some wholesale furniture manufacturers in your city as they have really affordable options. Or if you are purchasing furniture for guest room (which will rarely be used), then you can consider a mediocre quality products as they will save you some money also.

What are examples of input and output devices?

Here is the below list show in all examples of input and output devices.Input devices are:Digital cameraGamepadJoystickScannerWebcamTouchpadsPen InputMicrophoneGraphics TabletsCamerasVideo Capture HardwareTrackballsBarcode readerKeyboardMicrophoneMIDI keyboardPunch card readerMICR (Magnetic Ink character reader)Magnetic Tape DriveMouse (pointing de

How do they put liquor inside candy? Why doesnu2019t it dissolve the shell?

I canu2019t say that this is always the case, but oftentimes a little trick of chemistry is used to get a liquid filling inside a chocolate or hard candy shell.,What we call table sugar, sucrose, is a type of sugar called a disaccharide. This means that it is made up of two simple sugars, in this case, glucose and fructose. When the human body dige

What are some interesting but little-known facts about past US presidents?

1. George WashingtonWashington was an ultra-successful liquor distributor in the new country. He made rye whiskey, apple brandy and peach brandy in his Mount Vernon distillery.,2. John AdamsAdams and Thomas Jefferson were close friends and correspondents u2014 but they also had a bit of a rivalry. Adams' dying words were, "Thomas Jefferson survives

What is Mansa Musas net worth in 2022 dollars?

US$400 billion,Wealth. Mansa Musa is renowned for his wealth and generosity. Online articles in the 21st century have claimed that Mansa Musa was the richest person of all time. This claim is often sourced to an article in CelebrityNetWorth, which claims that Musa's wealth was the equivalent of US$400 billion.

Whats the best way to get to Narita Airport?

I prefer taking the Keisei Bus (http://www.keiseibus.co.jp/) or Airport Limousine (http://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/). They are very prompt in terms of departure time, a lot cheaper (~3000 yen) than Narita Express (NEX), very clean and comfortable (not that there are many dirty public transportation things in Japan), and overall more convenient sin

What are some of the best resignation letters?

One of the most staunch modi crtic/hater Anurag Kashyap tweeted this.,This is the level of politics, which worked for them again and again. People have woken up, specially due to social media. Voters have simply failed the sympathy narrative the media used to create around such leaders.,Let's look at what happened in 2014,after Congress lost all ov

As you get older, do you find that you want to cook less?

I have been cooking for the past thirty years, and am soon going to be fifty. What I have noticed is that I cook differently now, but not less in frequency or quantity.,I would say I have become a lot more systematic about cooking. That is the difference.,At age twenty-five, I cooked impulsively, improvised, when I got hungry. And as a result, I of

How do I make a dessert with 3 ingredients?

Place a ripe, peeled banana in a foil,Top with mini marshmallows,Sprinkle sugar over it,Seal the package,Bake in oven for 6-8 mins, 400 deg Fahrenheit.,u2018Baked Banana Marshmallow' at home, just 3 ingredients.

Is it a bad idea to have a kitchen island in a small kitchen?

You need 36u201d minimum space between the counter and an island. If there are any appliances across from or in the island, the minimum aisle is 42u201d. If that minimum can't be accommodated, yes, it is a bad idea. One solution would be an island on wheels that you could move.

How much does Justin Bieberu2019s house cost?

Welp,depends on the context of what you mean.,But, heu2019s actually doing quite well!,He is done recovering from detoxing and Lymes disease and Epstein bar, or is almost done. Here he is in 2018: (when he wasnu2019t doing so well health wise, but no one knew he was sick),People say he looked bad, but I personally think he looked good!,Here he is n

What is the most effective way to run an Etsy store?

Just a little background, I started TheCrochetNest about 2 years ago and have singlehandedly sold close to 500 pairs of crocheted baby shoes since then. Below are a list of tips and tricks that I picked up along the way.,Optimized product titles - More descriptive titles will help Etsy understand what your product is about so they can show it to mo

What cant you stand about your wife and what do you do?

She doesnu2019t consider the logistics of her interior design choices.,Planning room makeovers/remodeling/interior design is her hobby. (Could she pick a more expensive hobby?!?!) Every few months, one of her plans gets put into action.,Thatu2019s where it becomes a problem for me. Sheu2019s the planner, and Iu2019m the doer. She doesnu2019t consid

What is the best mashed potato recipe?

Mashed potatoes are a carrying mechanism for butter and milk. Let that sink in. If youu2019re making mashed potatoes with u201chealthyu201d alternatives, youu2019re making them wrong. Fine, if you like them then thatu2019s all the matters. But mashed potatoes are best made with a metric shit ton of butter and milk.,I use a potato ricer (Iu2019m out

What is the best way to request a letter for a school admission?

I think you mean an application letter. In the United States you must put together an application packet which consists of,A transcript of your grades,Your relevant test scores (usually GRE, TOEFL),Your statement of purpose,A writing sample or an example of a publication you have authored,Letters of recommendation from people who know your academic

How can I boost the cell phone signal in my mobile home?

What kind of signal? If itu2019s a mobile phone, try another network. If itu2019s UHF try changing your coax, or having your aerial looked at. If itu2019s wifi, try a better router or some extenders, and if youu2019ve got stone walls then itu2019s going to kill it dead from room to room. That goes for mobile signals too.,Until we know what the sign

How do I process bulk volume in Photoshop? I have thousands of images with the same size. I was asked to create recording and do action. But it is not getting stored as individual images with same pixel rather it is storing as board.

Hi Srinivasan Palanisamy, it is not very difficult. From your question I assume that you know how to create/record actions in Photoshop. Hence I am not writing about them.,Here I have recorded an action. It is Image>adjustments>desaturate.,(I wanted to convert all the folders in one of my folder to gray-scale images).,You can see the screensh

Where can I find a free omnigraffle template for an organizational chart?

I find some alternatives else with more free download organizational chart templates. You can find out resources like org chart with employee photos, names, titles, departments, FLSA counts, salaries etc. And all sizes of business included from small to large scale enterprises in different industries: service, technology, government, and so on.

What is Jacobs Ladder?

This s a biblical reference.,u201cJacob's Ladder (Hebrew: u05e1u05d5u05dcu05dd u05d9u05e2u05e7u05d1 Sulam Yaakov) is a ladder leading to heaven that was featured in a dream the biblical Patriarch Jacob had during his flight from his brother Esau in the Book of Genesis.u201d

What should a tourist not do in Metro Manila?

There seem to be quite a few answers about what not to do listed here. These range from the reasonable to the obvious to the fantastic.,I suggest it might be worthwhile to consider what to do when in Manila:,Budget Time for Traffic. If you are traveling for business, cluster your appointments and avoid being overly ambitious about meetings. For exa

What is on a Katz Deli pastrami sandwich?

Gosh, itu2019s been a long timeu2026but as I remember (and it is a memorable sandwich) it started with a good soft rye bread, russian dressing, a huge pile of pastrami (I asked for swiss cheese which would be a no no if Jewish mayo also a no no) and a really good brown German mustard. All held together with a toothpick spiking a great kosher dill.

How does a pandemic impact the economy?

With some 190 different countries that all are hurt to a different extent by the pandemic and have followed different policies to cope with the pandemic the only simple conclusion that can be drawn is that economic growth and economic development of nearly all countries has been or will be hurt.

What is the most useless fact you know?

If your eyes were a smartphone camera, it'll be about 576 megapixels.,Apple actually banned movie villains from using any of their products. That is, if you're playing the role of a bad guy in any movie, you're not expected to use an iphone, ipad, airpod, macbook, etc, in the movie.,Ice creams aren't used in ice cream commercials. That stuff you se