Is the NEET syllabus changed in 2020?

NEET Syllabus 2020PHYSICSClass XI SyllabusUNIT I: Physical World and Measurementu2022 Physics: Scope and excitement; nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society.,u2022 Need for measurement: Units of measurement; systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derived units. Length, mass and time measurements; accuracy and precision of meas

I just purchased a gift online from the Walmart wedding registry. However, the registry isnt updating to show that the item is no longer available. What can I do to make sure someone else doesnt buy this same gift from Walmart?

If you cannot remove the gift from the registry manually, maybe refresh the page and see if that updates the list. If all else fails, send out an email to the other guests and let them know that item has been bought.,Then I'd contact Walmart and let them know there's a glitch in the wedding registry they need to take a look at.

What is GAAP and why is it necessary?

GAAP means Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, more specifically US GAAP (the accounting standards used in the US) or IFRS (the International Financial Reporting Standards used in 126 other countries across the world). Using GAAP provides uniformity in how companies report their financial performance. Having accounting standards like US GAAP

Which Chinese zodiac signs are lucky during the year of the ox or Chinese New Year 2021?

Rat, Rooster and Snake enjoy the best of luck in the year of the Ox.,The next tier is Rabbit, Monkey, Tiger and Pig. Everything goes smoothly without worry.,Ox and Dragon are not so lucky and may experience some troubles or setbacks.,The worst of luck goes to Horse, Dog and Ram. Toublesome or even dangerous year for these, must stay calm and cautio

Which is the best commercial coffee maker?

When it comes to choosing the best commercial coffee maker, there are a few things that you need to take into account. The first is the size of the machine. If you have a large office, then you will need a machine that can accommodate a lot of coffee. If you only have a small office, then you can get away with a smaller machine.,The next thing you

What is the best cheese to use for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich? Why?

The best is a good Swiss cheese. Why? Because I love ham and Swiss cheese together and Swiss melts well.,Your personal tastes may very well lead you to another good melting cheese. That's the u201cbestu201d for you. Sharp (not too sharp) cheddar, American cheese from the deli (because itu2019s a superb melter with good taste), and lots of other che

How do I answer in an interview when asked "what is your weakness"?

My friend used me as a reference for a software engineering job, and this question came up during the call.,My answer was u201cheu2019s bad at linear algebra, but heu2019s been taking online courses and learning the material on his own.u201d,He got the job.,Iu2019m sure they didnu2019t care if he knew linear algebra.

Does an expensive motherboard improve a computeru2019s performance?

A lot of reliability issues can be traced to the motherboard, and the right chipset can make a tangible difference. Obviously if you are using an i3 processor then a low end motherboard will suffice for the most part.,But there are differences when you start pairing higher end processors with higher end or more fully featured boards. The i5u2013114

What are some examples of ridiculous levels of modern censorship?

Watching movies in cinema is part of our life now. We expect to feel connected with the films shown on the screen, to be inspired by the touching lines and scenes, to be amused by the intriguing plot and funny dressings, to explore a life thatu2019s totally different from our own.,Weu2019re told that film is the eighth art. And like other forms of

What are some nice Southeast Asian cities with hot climate during European winter?

All of southeast Asian cities have hot, humid climate all year long, with occasional torrential downpours caused by monsoon and typhoons, this being Southeast Asia closer to the Equator, thus, a tropical to subtropical climate. ,Bangkok has two seasons - hot and hotter. Thailand is perfect for a noob. It's relatively safe (despite the bombings and

What are some examples of formative and summative assessments?

Giving students a rubric for how a paper will be marked is formative. The students know ahead of time what you are looking for. They also take that knowledge to other classes where they have to write papers.,Asking students to write a paper with no preparation is summative and demonstrates their ability at that point in time.

What are the names of the children of Hades? What do their names mean?

As listed on the Hades page on PARENTS[1.1] KRONOS & RHEA (Hesiod Theogony 453, Homer Iliad 15.187, Apollodorus 1.4, Diodorus Siculus 5.68.1, Hyginus Pref),OFFSPRING[1.1] THE ERINYES (by Persephone) (Orphic Hymns 29.6 70.3)n[1.2] THE ERINYES (Statius Thebaid 12.557 & 11.47)n[2.1] ZAGREUS (Aeschylus Frag 124)n[3.1] MELINOE (by Persephone)

What are the most densely populated countries?

Technically the answer is Singapore, followed by Vatican City and Malta.,However, I don't think those are good answers, since they are all effectively just cities.,The best answer is Bangladesh, which has a similar population density to Malta. And far from being just a city, it is the 7th largest country in the world by population.,This map makes t

What wont be available after 5 years?

The things which will start disappearing in the next 5u201315 years:,,Bangladesh:,Just a rise of 1 meter in the sea level and 50 percent of it's land will submerge in water. Butu2026 what can we do?,A large part of Bangladesh and India (Bay of Bengal) is vanishing under the sea at a really fast rate. Here is an NY Times article on this : Borrowed T

How do you connect HDMI computer to VGA monitor?

Thanks for A2A.,This eBay link, while it lasts, will show that you can get a basic converter cable very easily and cheaply.,I have used such cables myself. I donu2019t usually go for something quite this cheap. Iu2019ve just picked it to show that youu2019re not going to be out by hundreds of dollars.,HDTV set-top HDMI Male to VGA D-SUB 15 pins Fem

How would you improve the customer service experience?

I recently interviewed Robin Dreeke. He's in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigationu2019s elite Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program and knows more about building relationships than almost anyone I know. ,His tips for establishing rapport, a crash-course if you will are:,,1) Learnu2026 about their priorities, goals, and objectives

What is a good birthday gift for a 15-year-old girl?

Things you can gift to your teen daughter/sissy/friend:Cute pack of emoji cushions(to decorate her room)ud83dude00ud83dude18ud83dude02ud83dude0d,A big beautifully bounded and decorated diary.(to write every crazy thoughts, would be even better if it has a strong lock)ud83dudcd5,A BIIIIIIGGG box of ferrero rocher!ud83dude0d,Some really cool and fanc

How did Elon Musk become so successful?

Elon became so successful because of his obsessive-compulsive personality.When he was 11, he taught himself coding. This took time and effort and lots of perseverance. I believe this insane feat is often overlooked - I have tried to code (being taught) and I gave up after a few days. I'm 16.,Throughout his childhood, he read avidly and in abnormal

How is London School of Economics for Indian students?

It's the experience of a lifetime. It's harder than most students can adjust to within a year, extremely theoretical so writing essays and learning to skim through readings and using the otherwise ignored sources in India such as libraries and professorsu2019 visiting hours, are of prime importance.,That said, London is nothing short of a dream for

What is your review of the Huawei Honor 8X?

Hereu2019s my review of Honor 8X,SPECIFICATIONSHonor 8X - (4GB/64GB or 6GB/64GB/128GB),Color Options - There are a total of four available color options, including Black, Blue, Red and Pink.,Processor - Kirin 710 SOC,Graphic Processor - Mali-G51 MP4,Screen Size - 6.5 Full HD+ Notch,Camera - 20 MP + 2 MP Rear AI CAMERA & 16 MP Front,Battery - 3750 m

What is the difference between the contract and the schedule agreement in SAP?

Hi All,,Please find below diffrence:-,Schedule Agreement:-its a kind of outline purchase agreement which used to procure materials with in certain period of time and it consists no of iteams and date when it was procured.,procrument type is always defined inside schedule agreement.,Contract Agreement:-Contract is used for short-term relationship wi

What are the most interesting facts you know?

1. Mr. Bean's n,,2. The Worldu2019s Biggest Family - 39 Wives & 94 children - Indian,n3. Poverty could have been easily eradicatedn,n4. Options for Eating out in New Yorkn,n5. Christmas gift for Tax Payers.. n,n6. This is how Lady Gaga Looks in real.. Ain't She beautiful ?? n,n7. Abstract Art n,n8. Evolution at its best n,n9. Colombian drug lord Pa

What was Anthony Bourdain net worth?

$ I.2 million total net worth at the time of his passing. He also had a 1 million mortgage on an apartment that his ex-wife and daughter live in. He regretted buying the apartment. He said: u201cYou buy it. The bank owns it but youu2019re stuck with it u201d.,Bourdain had less than $450,000 in cash.

How many ways can a state constitution be amended?

In Delaware, the only method of amending the constitution is a vote in the two houses of the legislature.,In every other state, the legislature can approve an amendment, which is then voted upon by the constituency.,In Florida, a constitutional commission will meet every 20 years to suggest amendments, which will be voted upon by the constituency.,

Why should you stop eating 3 hours before bed?

If I followed this u201cruleu201d, I would be naught but a bag of skin and bones now.,I dislike all these u201crulesu201d because they fail to do the simplest of things, which is to take into account that everyoneu2019s metabolism and body works differently.,What works for you is not necessarily going to work for me.,Thatu2019s why when I see peopl

What happens if you always skip breakfast and only eat lunch and dinner everyday?

Nothing happens I have been doing it 42 yrs.,I was the type of kid that never was hungry in the morning. By the time lunch rolled around I was starving. I would wind up eating a huge lunch and a light dinner. I just followed that pattern well into my adult years. I occasionally will eat a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee or maybe a pastry but ver