What are the most interesting "worlds largest ___" that are around the world?

Ahoy, Me Maties!,Avast ye! ( check this out!),Owned by Royal Caribbean, the worldu2019s largest cruise ship u201cSymphony Of The Seasu201d will make your jaw drop in awe!,Didnu2019t fascinate you? Here is a bit of a top view:,Symphony of the seas debuted in March 2018. Weighing at whopping 228,081-tonnes and being 1,188 feet long and over 215 feet

In terms of physical chemistry and bond energy, why is fructose more soluble in water than glucose? Both have 5 OH groups, so what makes the stark difference?

I can help you get started on thisu2026,Both glucose and fructose exist predominantly as cyclic structures in solution; The linear form is only a minor component.,In case of glucose, it is an aldohexose (one termimus is aldehyde -CHO), whereas fructose is a ketohexose, and the second carbon is a ketone -C(=O)-. Both of them cyclize by internal nucl

What was life like in Cuba before the revolution?

He was (as the Americans are fond of saying) right out of central casting.,Cubau2019s dictator was a figure of distinction. Immaculate in dress, graceful in carriage, noble in bearing, compact yet sturdily built, Batista was five feet, seven-and-a-half-inches of formidable strength. His coup du2019u00e9tat had been cunningly orchestrated. Army tank

A friend says all Mexican food is the same, made with the same few ingredients, like a sampler platter in some Mexican restaurants in the US. I want to fix some unique Mexican dishes for her from different areas of the country. What do you suggest?

First off, not to put too fine a point on it, but your friend sounds close-minded, ignorant, and possibly racist. Iu2019d consider hanging out with a better class of people. You are exhibiting an important quality thatu2019s missing in a lot of humans (and at least one current president), and that quality is curiosity! I truly hope you can help awa

What is the simplest marinade for pork chops to make them juicy and tender?

What is the simplest marinade for pork chops to make them juicy and tender?If you are after u201csimpleu201d it depends what you have on hand. Bear in mind everyone has their own preferences, there is no one u201crightu201d way to do any kind of cooking. Take a look in your cupboards and refrigerator, what do you have that is handy or readily avail

What are some modern bedroom ideas for a good night rest?

Give your modern bedroom design a platform.,Colour your way to a restful nightu2019s sleep.,Create a stunning headboard feature wall using light and shade.,Double the style factor with a matching duo of swish designer table lamps.,Make a small bedroom feel bigger by installing a floor-to-ceiling frameless mirror.,Source:

How does the CPU interact with a digital camera and a printer when printing photos?

The CPU cannot directly interact with any peripherals or external devices. Your digital camera and printer will typically be attached to your computer via USB ports which are managed by the USB controller inside the chipset or southbridge. And as with most high-speed devices in current PCI/PCIe-based x86 computers, the USB controller sits on-top a

What beaches stand out because they are extremely dangerous?

I once visited Kenya with my girlfriend who was a deep sea diver at the time.,Our hotel was marvellous, and the food was great.,We also went on several trips to see wildlife, and I must admit that the experience was fantastic u2014 just like in Attenboroughu2019s documentaries.,We saw lions, elephants, zebras, hippos and even one jaguar.,Truly amaz

What city in Canada has the largest population?

Quebec City-Windsor Corridor,The most densely populated area of Canada is what's known as the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.,Vancouver has the highest population density in Canada, according to the 2016 Census,More than two-thirds of the people living in Canada live within 100 kilometers of the U.S. border, and

What are the unique places I can see in Europe?

If you like unique nature, try Val du2019Orcia listed in UNESCO's World Cultural Landscapes. It's landscape is amazing (I was there barely 2 weeks ago). A town in the valley is called Pienza and it's a UNESCO World Heritage site.,Typical view around Val du2019Orcia,Town of Pienza on top of a hill

What does P.S. really mean?

P.S is an abbreviation of post script.P.S at the end of an article,letter or any script mean an extra information writer would like to add about the content.,More precisely,it is called u2018kosamerupuu2019 in telugu. :p

What advice would you give to parents flying with their infant for the first time?

Congratulations! Deciding to travel with your baby is a huge step and one many people take much later in life!,Without knowing a lot of the needed details I will keep this pretty generic, but it should cover basis for most regions.,Here is what you will need (including what is preferred):,Passport (for international flights)For international travel

How has the Coronavirus changed your working life for the better?

There aren't too many people that can claim they've benefited from the virus, specifically financially, unless it was some form of illegal profiteering. My conscience is clear, and I most certainly have benefited from it financially. Thankfully, my job falls under the category of essential services.,That doesn't necessarily mean that as an over-the

What happened to Abigail Elphick, the Victorias Secret "Karen"?

Abigail Elphick..Not the proudest moment in human achievement,Karen of Victoria SecretSince the video was posted and the incident Millburn police told New Jersey 101.5 that an internal investigation is ongoing into the officers' actions. No charges have been filed and neither woman filed a complaint about police or the other.,I hope that clears up

What is a good keto meal plan?

You must include 1.5 times, the body weight of protein everyday. Eg: 50 kgs bodyweight requires 75 grams of protein. Try including good fats like butter, ghee and cold pressed oils in your diet. You must also include fibers in your diet for digestion, Also include a lot of water, 3,4 liters in a day.

As of 2022, the City of Manila reaches its population to 14.8 M, which is known to be the worlds most densely populated city. What aspects of the city will be affected? If you were the mayor, how would you resolve those issues?

I disagree. Bombay, Lagos, Dar es Salam, even Karachi are much densely populated than Manila.,At any case, health is number one affected. In a congested place everyone fights to breathe fresher air. Ergo, the common illnesses much anything pertaining to lungs and immune system.,Next is food.,Next is job.,Other cities , places must be developed, so

Is it a good idea to have a shower enclosure in a bathroom along with a bath tub?

Separate shower and tub in one bathroom is a very common luxury these days. Iu2019m not sure how to answer u201cbetter idea?u201d better than that. If the house is in the right price range, then it can be a positive in selling it. If youu2019re doing it for resale only and it increases the price beyond what the neighborhood could handle, then you m

Mike Lindell says that he will be sending nearly 50,000 affidavits to the Georgia State Capitol proving fraud in the 2020 Georgia election for President. Are those affidavits authentic? If not, isnu2019t producing a false affidavit a crime?

Hm.,When is an affidavit not worth the paper itu2019s printed on?,When itu2019s full of suspicions, theories about what the witness thinks might have happened, hearsay, and not a shred of proof or evidence. Junior could claim on an affidavit that the ballots he saw being burned were real votes for Trump, but the claim falls apart upon close examina

Whats the technical difference between a "living room" and a "family room"?

A living room is for entertaining guests, in my view it shouldnu2019t have a tv, the entertainment is the guests, itu2019s not for children, itu2019s the one room that should be neat and picked up so when people come to visit they arenu2019t overwhelmed with pink and purple plastic or yellow trucks and Legos.,The family room is the space for televi

Is Paris a country near Europe?

Do you mean capital of France? Paris has no capital. However, Paris is a capital of France. We have some department that comprises Paris which they called u201cIle-de-Franceu201d this are Seine-et-Marne 77, Yveline 78, Val-d'Oise 95, Essonne 91, Hauts-de-Seine 92, Val-de-Marne 94, Seine-Saint-Denis 93, Paris 75. Note, Paris also is a department its

What is the value of an American dollar in Mexico money?

Relatively simple question.,Mexico uses Pesos. They look like this:,The value of the peso in terms of US dollars is a floating exchange rate, e.g. the Mexican government does not regulate its currency; It can be traded freely.,The current exchange rate as of now (6/8/17) is .055 US dollars per 1 peso.,In other words, you can trade 1 dollar for arou

How do you create a good quality image with a clipping path?

A clipping path in layman's terms is an outline of a dedicated or specified product, clothing, model, etc. This allows photographers; studios; magazines and other image-related companies to cut out a product from a certain background or focus on a centerpiece.,One of the other major uses for this would be in the fashion industry for both product an

How many calories are in chicken thighs?

Below is the food composition (skinless chicken leg and thigh, roasted - weight 100 g) by energy source, calories and protein, carbohydrates, fats, sugar and salt. See also the exact composition of food.,Energy 651.53 kJ,155.59 kcal,Fat 4.84 g,Carbohydrate 0.00 g,Protein 27.80 g,Sugar 0.00 g,Saturated fat 1.38 g,Salt 1,293.05 mg

Why should a master bedroom be larger than any bedroom?

I am not sure where you heard or read that a master bedroom should be larger than any other bedroom. I suspect that it has to do with some notion that in order for the parents to exert power or authority over their children, that they should have a larger sleeping area. This ultimately becomes meaningless when other factors are taken into considera

Which country is cheaper to study abroad? USA or UK?

It really depends on a lot of things.,UK UniversityIf you are a Brit, then it depends if you are Scottish or not. If you are Scottish, firstly, congratulations, you are one of Godu2019s chosen people. But secondly, you can attend university in Scotland for free - good news! You win Quora today! But if you are from England, Wales or Northern Ireland