Whats the meaning of the characters on Chinese lanterns?

There are many kinds of lanterns in China.,Like this:,This character u201cu6625u201dmeans u201cspringu201d and usually used for the Chinese Spring festival.,This one can hang up anywhere, the characters on the surface are different fonts of the word "u798f". It means u201cLucky, Surplus, Rich, Plain sailing and so onu201d,You can write your favorit

How often do customers ask oil portrait painters for extensive changes to their paintings, like adding extra people, a background that isnt there, remove something from their person, etc? How do you adjust price for labor intensive edits?

The terms of the contract have to be very specific. The artist needs 50% up front and an agreement on a u201ckillu201d fee. The details should be worked out ahead of time: clothing, setting, size etc. The artist should provide a drawing for approval before hand. When finished to the degree that matches the artistu2019s previous portrait work the co

What holds you back from living a life at the beach?

* * * * *Actually, I lived at the beach for years & years.,I would travel from place to place by bicycle, often directly on the beach at low tide, staying for a night or renting someplace by the month u2014 Brasil, North & South & Central America, Europe, Australia. Or by sea kayak, camping & spearfishing, island by island u2014 Thailand, Philippin

What port numbers and protocols does the IP camera in the sengled snap use?

Doubtful they use a port. Their user manual is of no help. Since the video is stored to the cloud, likely the camera sends a connection request to their cloud server, then sends the video clip to them. As the user, you also connect to their cloud server to view your video.,If you have a Synology NAS box, you could use any normal IP camera and the S

If an engagement ends, who legally owns the ring?

It varies by circumstances and jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, an engagement ring is considered a conditional gift, requiring completion of the wedding for it to become a finalized gift. In that case, if the wedding is not completed, the person who purchased the ring has a right to have it back. In other jurisdictions, the ring is considered a

How can I connect an iPhone to a TV with an HDMI cable?

With the Airplay feature you can play your songs wireless, Mirror your apple products screen on TV.nFor Airplay you'll need an Apple TV nApple TV can mirror your phone/macbook/ipod screen on TV and it can also play songs wirelessly.,Correction nWhere is AirPlay? ,Open your control centre( by swiping from below) nClick AirPlay to start using AirPlay

What are the best CCTV camera brands in India?


What are the best travel hacks when visiting Italy?

Kevin has some great tips, I just want to add a few:,1. Know that the majority of gelato places offer free whip cream, but most tourist don't know and never ask for it. Be sure to ask for cream or double cream (whip cream on the bottom of the cone and on top of the gelato). My Italian husband thinks it's funny that I'm so amazed by this. :Pn2. Most

What is your idea of a perfect house?

150 acres of land nowhere near an interstate, major road, or airport. 4 bedrooms, a living room, family room, large kitchen with island, 2 bathrooms and one half bath. The main bathroom should be enormous. Basement, partially finished. Mudroom, and a proper entryway with coat closets, seating, and shoe storage which lets out into a foyer. A library

How do you change the strap on a Fitbit?

Fitbit smartwatch is a great device that helps you track your fitness and activity level. But what if you want to change the strap on your Fitbit? Is it possible? read full to get the best tips,Yes, it is possible to change the strap on your Fitbit. There are different types of straps available for the Fitbit, so you can choose the one that best su

Whatu2019s the fastest you have ever been in a car on a public road?

Back in the day (early 1970s), I picked up a brand-new Fiat at the factory in Torino, Italy, we had ordered in the States. My goal was to use it as transportation to spend several months in Europe, meeting up with my Navy aviator husband at various Navy ports, and doing sightseeing with our toddler sons in between; he was stationed on an aircraft c

What are the best backdrops for portrait photography?

There are lots of backdrop options you can use in portrait photography.,There are paper backdrops like Savage seamless paper which can be purchased at B&H Photo.,There are cloth & painted backdrops that can range anywhere from $10 - thousands of dollars.,There are digital backdrops which require expertise in Photoshop to use.,For example - this pin

Where can I get Singapores companies email database?

No wonder, there are more than 400,000 registered business entities in Singapore. In 400,000 companies, you can find partnership businesses, sole proprietorship companies, LLP (Limited Liability partnership), multinational companies, headquartered businesses from diverse industries including healthcare, construction, information technology, manufac

If I visit your countrystatecity, what is the dish I should not miss?

Hey folks I'm from Malaysia. Since there is only one answer for Malaysia, which is our national dish NASI LEMAK. I'm gonna add a few, sorry for breaking the one dish rule. ,,Roti canai. It is a type if Indian influenced flatbread, a thin, unleavened bread with flaky crust often served with condiments such as curry or sambal. ,,Satay-made from marin

Do you appreciate mathematics? Why or why not?

Mathematics is the root of life. It is all around us whether we want to accept it or not. For us to even slightly understand the world we live in we need to make sense of the mathematics. Not only does it help us with the understanding of things around us it challenges our brain to think harder and faster ; basically a way to exercise our brains. M

How do I find the coefficients of kinetic and static friction?

Sliding friction (also known as kinetic friction) results from pushing the object without a change of the point of contact on the surface and the moving object. Rolling friction is dependent upon static friction, where the frictional surface actually does not permit the point of contact from sliding, but rather forces the object into a rotation. So

Where can I find cheap gaming monitors?

Any monitor with a low "input lag" will be perfect for games. ,If your willing to spend a bit more I would suggest a 144hz monitor for gaming. You can really feel the difference!

Is EXO D.Os vocals overrated?

u201cAm I the only one uncomfortable here? u201c,I have been thinking how to write an unbiased answer with valid arguments. Though I love singing, it challenges me if I have to give a convincing answer. Today is Kyungsoo's birthday and it's my first answer in 2021 so I will try.,First of all, Happy Birthday again to one of the 3 main vocalists - Ky

What does the Bible say about doing good deeds?

These are just some verses that speak on the subject.,Titus 3:14nu201cAnd let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.u201dTitus 2:7nu201cShow yourself in all respects to be a model of good works;u201dGalatians 6:9nu201cAnd let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season

How do I make tomato puree?

It is as easy as taking a handful of tomatoes and putting them through a blender.,This gives you a nice puree of tomatoes. However, depending upon your preference, you may or may not blend the tomatoes with the skin.,Without skin you will have a more smoother version of puree. Peels have nutrients and lycopene, so you can keep them for nutritional

How can I edit raw camera images in GIMP photo editing software?

There is (or used to be) an open-source project called camera raw. That is how I used to deal with RAW images before I bought the much lamented bibble (which sadly was sold to Corel, better known as Black Dwarf). If the reason for your enquiry is that you want to process RAW images on Linux, then look at RawTherapee (I did, and stayed away, but YMM

How do I install a CCTV camera at the office?

How Many Cameras You Required ?,You need Camera for Monitoring or Identification Evidence Purpose?,If its monitoring purpose 2 MP Camera & 2MP DVR Real Time is Enough.,For Security Purpose Purchase 4MP Camera 4MP DVR Real Time.,Check The Recording FPS - Frames Per Second in DVR You are Purchasing at what Mega Pixel.,For 4, 8 Minimum Cabling Distanc

What are some Indian food names starting with the letter N?

Naan roti, Naan Kheema, Naan Peshawari, Naarthangaai uruga, Nachni Bhakri, Nachni burfi,Nachni dosa, Nachni Ghavan, Nachni ladoo, Nachni poori, Nachni Roti, Nachni Thallipeeth, Nachni Methi Muthiya,Nachni til kakra, Nachni vada,Nadan mern curry, Nagori puri, Nandu curry (Crab curry), Nagapazham juice, Nahari Ghosht, Nankhatai, Narangi cake, Narangi

How will Brexit affect the Greek debt situation?

Not at all.,Even if the EU takes a small hit from UKu2019s departure in 2019 or 2021 the final debt arrangements for Greece are now already sorted out.,It is the usual lying Brexiteer myth that UK was ever forced to pay for any Greek bailout,The UKu2019s renegotiation of its EU membership in February 2016 gave further protection against Britain bei

What are the step-by-step photo manipulation tutorials for Photoshop for beginners?

Do you want to ask meaning of step by step? One modification like to adjust contrast is single step. Some tutors are counting every single action as step. For example:,Step 1 Go to File > Export > Export As.,Step 2 Choose JPEG from format drop down list.,Step 3 Click on Export button then navigate to folder where you want to save image.,Step

Have you ever walked into your home and known something wasnt right? What happened?

I was around 4 years old. My mother and I had just returned home from some activity or another. As we were getting out of the car, I noticed there were a couple of teenagers hanging out on the street. Iu2019m not sure if they were playing ball or visiting someone, but I had noticed them. Whenever we come home, our dog, Pokey, was always at the door

What is the best ingredient for making excellent French fries?

Cold water.,Immerse those bad boys, fresh cut, into a bowl of cold water for at least three hours. Drain and Pat dry; oil up the pan to fry temp. I use canola oil and small batch frying in about 2 inches of oil. Oil will cool between batches so use a thermometer and fry at least at 375 deg F.