Between Sony Xperia Android phone and Samsung Galaxy, which phone is of better quality? Xperia professional vs. Samsungs best smartphone? Will Japan or south Korea make a better product? Quality having the final sayu2026 who will prevail in the mob

Sony easily wins out on build quality and lack of bloatware . The Xperia Professional is a camera add-on more than a smartphone so but the Xperia 1-ii and 5ii models are also solidly built and have better weatherproofing. In terms of performance Samsung has a slight edge but Sony has better multitasking optimisation and battery management.

What site has the best free privacy policy template?

The question should be: what website has the best free legally compliant privacy policy?,In my opinion, there are none.,As of this post, I have yet to see a free website privacy policy or any generator that complies with current privacy laws and regulations. Furthermore, many of them have poorly written provisions that can put you at risk for liabi

How do I keep from wasting chicken? I am single and am trying to eat a 1500 cal diet so I keep having a pound or more spoil every week. I am switching from eating out all the time to actually cooking so yes I am this ignorant.

Okay, advice from another non-cook with the same problem:,Cook it. Freeze it. If possible, get a vacuum sealer, which infinitely improves the quality of frozen meat. if you make dishes with the meat off the bone, so much the better, as it takes up very little space in the freezer.,I currently have in my freezer half a dozen cooked chicken breasts,

Is going into the bank easier for older customers than online banking?

There are two schools of thoughts on this, and we will examine them below:,Press Releases:,May 2, 2019,Canadau2019s Banks Lose Appeal with Younger Customers, J.D. Power FindsTD Canada Trust (Large Banks) and Tangerine (Midsize Banks) Top the Ranks in Customer Satisfaction,TORONTO: 2 May 2019 u2013 While overall customer satisfaction with Canadau201

Of the 10 provinces of Canada, the 3 territories of that country, the 50 U.S. states, the District Of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), and Puerto Rico, which ones have you visited (including where you live now)?

Canada: Quebec, British Columbia (have been less than 90 minutes from Ontario for years but havenu2019t gone).,U.S.A. states-Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhide Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, (West Virginia and South Carolina have driven throug

What is South America famous for?

u201cWhat is South America famous for?u201d,South America is famous for strawberries, cocaine, crime, wind, potatoes, fernet, corruption, earthquakes, ice fields, palta, Gabriel Garcu00eda Marquez, corruption, micro-basurales, cocaine, Mario Vargas Llosa, coffee, crime, the Golden Lancehead Viper, cocaine, pisco, Jorge Amado, trees, warfare with th

Suppose we lend money to our close friends, as taught it is better to make a written agreement between both. I would like to know what type of agreement to return and lending should be written, and how, for future uncertainties?

You can get a loan agreement signed by your friend.nA loan agreement is contract between two parties, which includes all the terms and conditions like term of loan, rate of interest, mode of repayment, etc. It is to be signed by both the parties.,Attaching a sample loan agreeement.

How would I go about writing an app in Swift that allows the user to take a picture of some text around them (like a page in a book) and then convert that image to a text document?

There are many existing OCR SDKs for mobile development. Just do a quick goggle and youu2019ll find many of them. The one I have experience with is the ML from Firebase. Before jumping into making this app, make sure that your app has some potential market. Such a feature has log been implemented in many apps such as Google Translate.

What is the best way to furnish an L-shaped living room?

Although not very common, an L-shaped living room can help you maximise space with suitable furnishings. In Indian apartments, you may find an L-shaped living room attached to a dining area. Here are a few tips to help you furnish your L-shaped living area:,1. Multiple Seating Areas: To utilise the L-shaped layout, use multiple seating arrangements

Is Gimp or Photoshop better?

I believe Photoshop, LIghtroom, Premiere, Illustrator and the other Adobe apps are the best. Whenever Iu2019ve helped support systems where there were graphics artists, illustrators, or video editors theyu2019ve used Adobe products. I believe Adobe products have such huge share of the pro market is because theyu2019re the best at what they do.,GIMP

What do you think of Colonel Harland Sanders?

When a group of friends visit KFC for the first time there will be for sure someone in the group who will ask the question Hey "Who's this old man, why his picture is everywhere!",So, today lets know some of the unbelievable fact about that old man:,Colonel Harland David Sanders Biography,Age can never be an obstacle in the way to success. The life

Who is the god of thunder?

Most polytheistic religions have a god of thunder. The famous one who I havenu2019t seen mentioned yet is Bau2019al, who features as a popular local idol in the Old Testament.,In fact, YHWH (the one known popularly as just u201cGodu201d) has a showdown with Bau2019al over this very issue in 1 Kings 18. The question - does the u201cgod of thunderu20

What are the hydrometeorological hazards?

Cyclones, Typhoons, Hurricanes, flash floods, droughts, tornadoes, thunderstorms, El Nino, La Nina, storms, floods, even a storm surge.,Water and earth interacting. People might try to tell you itu2019s climate, but itu2019s weather.

Can an American explain the concept of cheese steak?

Having grown up about an hour outside of Philadelphia, I feel decently well qualified to answer this question (though I'm sure residents of the city proper might disagree). Cheesesteaks originated in Philadelphia, and are still iconic to the city. Thatu2019s why youu2019ll often see them called Philly cheesesteaks, though that seems redundant since

Scientists consider glycolysis to be one of the earliest biochemical processes to evolve in the first living cell. What are the evidences that support this?

Some theorists have proposed that the earliest living things used reactions that resemble those modern organisms use to ferment sugar, glycolysis. Yeast use a version of that reaction to get energy by turning glucose into alcohol. This makes sense because there wasnu2019t much oxygen in the early Earth and glycolysis doesnu2019t require oxygen. Som

What are the components of a great strategic plan?

From a pragmatic perspective, here is a sample list of chapters that I would include in a strategic plan:,,Our view of the market (size, who are competitors, what major trends/threats are going to happen in the next N years (1-10, depending on industry)),Our strategic goal (what do we want to achieve: if possible, numerical like % market share, pro

What is the best keyboard for iPad Air?

I'm a fan of two:n,Touchfire Keyboard and Case for iPad Air -- adds almost no weight, lays directly on your iPad screen, aligns with the magnets that are already built into your iPad, and stows away on the cover when not in use. Caveat: I loved using this keyboard on my iPad4 but they haven't released the iPad Air version yet; can pre-order now, th

What makes a good leader?

My dad served as a senior advisor to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. One of the things Gates did while interviewing potential candidates was ask these candidates' subordinates what they thought of this person.,His idea was that a good leader will have people under him who donu2019t have terrible things to say when it is safe to do so.,A leader c

Is Russia part of the UN Security?

Simple answer is that Russia is one of the five permanent members of the UNSC. The US does not have any military force or security force but relies upon the UNGA members to provided them as authorized by the UNSC and as needed.