Is red velvet cake just cake batter dyed red?

Dear me, no! I was under the same impression myself. Apparently the color change to the vibrant maroon-red is a natural reaction of the buttermilk or vinegar with the cocoa powder that forms an integral part of the ingredient list.,This has been explained in great detail here - Why red velvet cake was originally red (and why it can't be anymore)Her

What does dreaming about snakes mean?

An ancient religious text called as Swapna Shastra offers in-depth analysis of seeing snakes in dreams. According to it, seeing snakes in dreams is usually good if you are not harming snake in your dreams in any way,If the snake bites you in your dreams then it means that in future, your health is not going to be good or you are going to suffer fro

When should I start investing in real estate property in the Philippines?

Only if the price is good and you walk into equity. Look for forecloses or rush sales. Pick the province you like. Good locations are Dumaguete, Palawan, Subic, Makati, Tagaytay, Bacoor. Baguio, lots of options.,However the Philippines doesnu2019t allow foreigners to own land.,Unless you set up a Philippine corporation you have 40% interest or part

Which is the best accounting software?

If implemented properly, accounting software can help you decrease the time and effort spent on tasks as well as provide you with more substantial insights into the performance of your team. The only issue here is thatu2026 there are too many tools to choose from.,A good way to start digging into accounting technology, though, is to try an all-in-o

What is Scandinavian interior design like?

We are lucky to witness the powerful reign of the Scandinavian style and light with its white or pale colors in every detail. If you are into interior design, the following interior design trends will come in handy. They will help you stay on the wave and catch up with the modern trends which have become household words in the last couple of months

How do I calculate break even in number of units?

The formula for calculating the units needed to breakeven is n,nWhere:n,Fixed costs $ are the total of those costs that don't change in proportion to changes in sales volume and are expressed as $ per month/year (i.e. rent, salaries of managers, insurance),Gross Profit % is the (Selling price - Cost of Goods Sold COGS) / Selling Price,Variable Cost

What are the steps to fix a Canon printer offline error?

There is a wireless communication issue between your machine and the printer when your printer says offline. The main reason is that IPs are refreshed on your printer and you can not detect it on your computer. The fast remedy here is to uninstall your printer driver and reinstall it to reset the link between the two devices. To do so, follow the s

What shocked you today?

He is from 3906.Disclaimer: This is a conspiracy theory.,I happened to come across a video from YouTube today. The video is about a person who has experienced Time travel in real life.,A person named Paul Dienach a Swiss-German teacher from Central Europe went into a coma state due to severe illness in the year 1922. During this time, he slides awa

What does this Chinese picture mean?

It's a picture of the Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac.,The Chinese animal zodiac, or shengxiao (/shnng-sshyaoww/ u2018born resemblingu2019), is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal and its reputed attributes. Traditionally these zodiac animals were used to date the years.,The 12 Animals of the Chinese Zo

What are some street smart tips that could potentially help me one day?

In the street, lack of money is the root of all kinds of evil. The same can be said about life without money in the 21st century. Make sure you deal with this basic problem first before you can tackle other problems such as love and relationships.,Donu2019t rush into a relationship. Marriages are expensive. One false move can land you into a lot of

F9: The Fast Sagas (Fast & Furious 9) Rotten Tomatoes score dropped from fresh to rotten. Why did it fall and how does it compare to the other movies in the Fast & Furious franchise?

On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 60% of 258 critics gave the film a positive review, with an average rating of 5.70/10. The site's critics consensus reads, "F9 sends the franchise hurtling further over the top than ever, but director Justin Lin's knack for preposterous set pieces keeps the action humming.",After 20 years of Fast fi

What should I do when my girlfriend says we dont have any future in our relationship because I am a Hindu and she is a Christian, but still wants us to continue our relationship?

Give her the example of my family.nMy uncle is a Hindu (Marwadi!).nMy Aunt is a Christian.,My uncle is orthodox (don't ask how he married her, everything else he is orthodox).nMy Aunt is very liberal and open minded.,My uncle is from India.nMy Aunt is from Philippines.nYes, they crossed borders when even international telephone call was unimaginabl

What are some of the volcanoes found in the Philippines?

There are 25 active volcanos in the Philippines. From where I was in San Fernando in La Union Province, the closest volcano was Pinatubo. While I was in country, I did travel to see Mayon and Taal (even witnessed an eruption of Taal ) and traveled to see both Mt Cabuyo and Pinatubo (Pinatubo was dormant when I was there).,Other actives volcanos inc

If an engagement ends, who legally owns the ring?

It varies by circumstances and jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, an engagement ring is considered a conditional gift, requiring completion of the wedding for it to become a finalized gift. In that case, if the wedding is not completed, the person who purchased the ring has a right to have it back. In other jurisdictions, the ring is considered a

Is Powerade good for meth dehydration?

Yes better than Gatorade because it contains the electrolyte potassium. Your body needs electrolytes.,Last time I had a 2 week binge on meth I drank a lot of water but did not intake any electrolytes. I had to go to the ER due to being depleted of potassium. The doctor said I would have gotten an infection in my heart from lack of potassium if I ha

What should be the rules of every marriage contract?

Both need legal counsel, no forcing nor tricking.Clear understanding of terms.,Both need to declare being of sound mind, not forced, no depression or stress or mental issue.,Clause that no action can modify the agreement, only a written amendement.,Clause that in the event of children, and any catastrophe, however unforseen, and however unthinkable

What is the best dim sum dish?

Dim Sum (u70b9u5fc3) originated from Guangdong Province, when travelers used to rest in tea houses along the Silk Road. Over time, the owners began providing snacks to their menu after it was discovered that tea aided digestion. These dishes are fully cooked and served in small steamer baskets or plates with tea during brunch.,Steamed Buns:Char Siu

How easy is watercolor painting?

Watercolor painting can be a really rewarding and fun hobby, but it does require some skill and practice to get good at it. Here are a few tips that will help you start painting like a pro:,1. Start with simple subjects - The first step is to start with simpler subjects. Once you've got a basic understanding of how to mix watercolor, color, and bru

Whats the story of your premature baby?

Well, it is a story of Premature babies, but not mine. it is about my sister.,After two miscarriages and long time treatment, my sister conceived in May 2016. She was expecting twins this time. Her pregnancy was a high risk pregnancy, hence we were taking extra care of her. She was also on complete bed rest for most of the time during her first tri

Why hasnt Apple added a standard game controller API to iOS?

They have! With iOS 7, Apple has introduced the Game Controller framework, which includes "specifications for hardware controllers to ensure that all of the controllers have consistent sets of control elements that both players and game designers can rely on."They specify three types of controllers, and also how apps are to behave with them:,,A sta

Which app is used for increasing Instagram story views?

Apps for Instagram Stories#1: Create Clean & Minimalist Templates with UnfoldUsing Instagram Stories templates is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your stories content! By using a set of templates for your Instagram Stories, you can create cohesive, on-brand content that aligns with your brand as a whole.,If you arenu2019t comfortable creating or

Can you still drink alcohol on a low-carb diet?

u201cCan you still drink alcohol on a low-carb diet?u201d,The answer is different for each person. You have to try some and find out. Some continue to lose. Others pause 2 or more weeks from a single drink.,Another problem is carb count. Mixed drinks tend to be extremely high in sugar. The alcohol we mean is hard liquor mixed with nothing but water

Are iPhones really worth the money or is it just a hype?

Yes and let me tell you why, though this may apply only to few and not all.,I still remember the iPhone from 2007, the excitement and the smartphone revolution. HTC was king with their Windows Mobile days and they used to charge around $500~$600 back then.,The trick with iPhones is to use them gently and sell them off and buy the new one - every ye

What are some of the interesting things to learn about the Egyptian pyramids?

I read it from the following articles go and read more Fascinating Facts About Egyptian Pyramids You May Not Know1.Egyptian pyramids were built to serve as royal tombs of pharaohs.,Despite the established view that pyramids were royal tombs, till date never once has a mummy of a pharaoh been f

Are there any fast food restaurants in the SF Bay Area that serve sweet potatoes?

You can get hot Korean style roasted sweet potatoes outside the Galleria supermarket in Sunnyvale. They are smaller ones, sweet and have a lovely roasting smell. Yes, they're just sweet potatoes, the kind with a yellow flesh, and you can buy them inside the Galleria (or across the big intersection at Hankook Market), but it's nice to get them pipin

What are some designs for building pergolas?

Whether itu2019s a family morning breakfast or late-night parties, there is no better place other than backyards and outdoors to do these events. A patio roof is now commonly referred to as a pergola, which is a stylish outdoor shelter with no walls. It provides decent shelter from the sun, rain, and wind while adding comfort and aesthetics.,Genera