I received $6 on Paypal. Im under 18, and Paypal will not allow me to accept my money without using a form of ID. Im also waiting for another $28. What do I do?

This would be a good time to get an ID. If you donu2019t plan on getting a driveru2019s license, you could get a u201cstate identificationu201d card, which looks for similar to a driveru2019s license. It can be used for all the same identify-related uses as driveru2019s license. You typically get it from the driveru2019s office and thereu2019s no a

Who are some of the best travel vloggers on youtube?

travel YouTubers to followSorelle Amore. It's hard not to fall in love with this quirky, travel-loving female powerhouse. ...,Sailing La Vagabonde. These two Australians have lived out their dream of sailing the oceans of the world with absolutely no previous sailing experience.,Fearless and Far. ...,Dave and Deb. ...,Drew Binsky. ...,The Bucket Li

What are some cultural faux pas in China?

Itu2019s not as serious as you may think. Sure there are a lot of things in China that you should and should not do. But thatu2019s the culture. The same thing can be said for any country, or any culture.,Being a foreigner in China, you do have some leeway. Itu2019s not that strict, but there is some things you should be aware of when going as it c

What should I do to be a millionaire online? Would my blog help me achieve that?

Mark Anastasi is the author of The Laptop Millionaire and is an online business expert. Learn how to make money online with Mark.,Bryan: How has the internet changed your life?,Mark Anastasi: Back in 2004 I was an unemployed security guard, $12,000 in debt, with no job, no money and nowhere to live.,The Internet allowed me to connect with millions

Is Spotify Premium worth the money? Why?

In my opinion, absolutely not, though I am biased for a good reason.,Back when Spotify released on PS4, I immediately subscribed, as I was under the belief that it was needed in order to even function. Sounded legit, a fee for a library of music I could listen to while gaming.,What I did not like about it was the extremely obnoxious ads. Back when

Why are American hotels so bad in general (outdated and dirty even the 4 star hotels)?

Wow. Thereu2019s a lot to this question. Iu2019ll try to be concise.,Letu2019s start with your premise. Why are American hotel so bad in general? First, this pre-supposes that American hotels in general are all bad, and I donu2019t agree with that. Does that mean there arenu2019t some damn poorly run hotels in the US? Nope. There are plenty. It dep

What is the cheapest Netflix approved camera to film a Netflix original?

The cheapest Netflix approved camera bought new is the Panasonic S1. Thatu2019s a $4,000 body, and with a basic lens, youu2019re starting out around $5,000. This camera is new enough, youu2019re not likely to get much of a break buying used.,You can probably do a little better if you can find a used Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K. I found one at

Can you use linguine with spaghetti bolognese?

You can do what you like but linguine is not the best option. Hand made fettuccine or pappardelle are better. Also rigatoni are goor or fusilli. Yuo have to consider that an heavvy sauce goes with pasta with a corpse. Linguini are good with vongole or with telline.

What equipment is needed for micro-photography?

I am assuming you mean u201cmicrou201d photographyu201d and not u201cmacrou201d photography. They are two different types of photography. Micro photography refers to anything that is generally larger than 20:1. Yes, thatu2019s it. The subject looks at least twenty times bigger on your camera's sensor than it does in real life.,To start with, you ne

How do you watch TV shows on an iPhone?

How do I personally? ,,Plex Media Server - Your Media on All Your Devices ,NetflixAmazon Instant Videon,YouTubeVideos App for TV shows purchased through iTunes.

How to write reply to email for interview?

Ideally, by saying something like u201cOK, thanks, just what I was hoping for. Iu2019ll be there, at [place] at [time] on [date]u201d.,The interview request is exactly what you have been looking for. What i your hesitation about giving an immediate agreement?

How do I study chemistry in class 11 CBSE?

NCERT prescribe certain weightage for each topic of every subject. Your teacher will have this referred to as ILO (Intended Learning Outcome) in the handbook and will be able to share the details of it to help you focus on specific areas to score good marks. Another way of approach as preparation for exams and score good marks is to follow the patt

Does Dell Inspiron 14 3000 series support all programming languages?

It depends on the specifications of the particular laptop you buy.,The Inspiron 14 3000 u201dseriesu201d,(u201cseriesu201d, as you yourself have written in the question, implying multiple models, not a single) has laptops starting at the bottom with Celeron, going all the way up to i3/i5/i7 processors.,RAM is another parameter that will vary depend

When is foreign tourism likely to restart from India?

travel restart?When will international flights start again? On what factors will the timing and the roadmap depend? What are the concepts of u2018bubblesu2019 and u2018air bridgesu2019 being considered by global aviation regulators?Written by Pranav Mukul , Anil Sasi , Edited by Explained Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 1, 2020 11:24:53 am,XA wo

Who has some amazing Minecraft building tricks?

I have a lot of them so here we go:nDon't Underestimate the Cheap Blocks:nI have won about a dozen bets by betting I can build a better looking house with an hour in Survival than they can with an hour in Creative. Cobblestone, stone, wood, planks, fences and stone brick are some of the best looking blocks in the game if you use them right.nBuild t

What does "no correlation" mean?

I have to take exception to Brian Hoangu2019s answer. He is mostly correct, but he attributes meaning to u201cno correlationu201d that is not strictly implied.,Correlation is a statistical measure. It equals the covariance of two random variables (e.g., x and y) divided by the product of their standard deviations. Covariance, in turn, is the expect

Why do many people go on vacation to Asian countries like Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, etc., instead of much closer and beautiful European countries like France and Greece? These Asian countries arent developed and too far.

Top 10 holiday countries in 2019 based on the number of Dutch holidaymakers: Germany 3,581,160,France 2,639,120Spain 2,589,120,Belgium 1,714,800,Italy 1,321,600,Austria 1,279,600,Great Britain 1,097,500,Greece 882,400Turkey 725,300Portugal 602,300,France is the number two holiday destination for the Dutch. It is nearby and many Dutch people often s

How do we find the shutter count in a used DSLR camera?

If itu2019s a mechanical film camera, you probably canu2019t. If itu2019s electronic film camera, there may be a menu item that shows shutter count. Itu2019s it a tape-based video camera, thereu2019s almost certainly such a menu item that reveals the hours on the tape heads and hours of general operation.,For digital DLRs and mirrorless, you can tr

What is the best furniture layout in small living room?

Small Living Room!Small living rooms always needs special attention while planning. Dediner simply cannot eliminate anything even if it is a small living room. Every furniture should be poaitioned well for better movement and usability.,What are basic furnitures kept in living room?A) Sofa (3 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, X seater depending upon requ

What are the latest kitchen interior design trends in 2021?

The kitchen is one of the most used space in my home and other homes too. So, every homeowner like me aspires to have a trendy kitchen. The kitchen trends keep changing with time. Some of the major kitchen interior design trends of 2021 that I have been following are indicated here for your information.,u00b7,Kitchen colors u2013 The red, emerald g

How do I cash out from my OneVanilla prepaid Visa card?

Very good question Annika!,There's a big difference between Pre Paid Debit cards that can be reloaded and a Pre Paid Non Reloadable "Gift Card" for a certain dollar amount.,OneVanilla Gift Card does not have ATM access, and it cannot be used to get cash back at the point of sale.,However, OneVanilla pre paid Visa Debit card will allow you to:,Visit

What are the different types of chickens available?

1. Garlic Basil Chicken With Tomato Butter Sauce,2. Healthy and Easy Chicken Marsala,3. Mint Lime Grilled Chicken Breasts,4. Mustard-Baked Chicken Tenders,5. Seared Chicken With Lemon Herb Pan Sauce,6. Baked Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken With Avocado Salsa,7. Brown Sugar-Spiced Baked Chicken,8. Spice-Rubbed Grilled Chicken,9. Peri Peri Beer-Soaked Chicken

How do I make the best of the Argentine Peso -> USD exchange rate discrepancy?

There's a few ways you can do this.,One option is to use Xoom to transfer money from your US account to Argentina. I've written about how to do this on my blog, and they give a fairly decent exchange rate. You'll get your money in pesos as needed. This is best for people who do not have physical dollars in the country, but have dollars in a US bank

How Do I Clean My Cameras Sensor?

Very very carefully, or you have it professionally cleaned.,For DIY cleaning, take off the lens and turn on the manual cleaning mode which locks the shutter open. Hold the camera face down and GENTLY blow the dust off with a bulb blower from underneath, so the dust falls out.,Never use compressed air and never touch the sensor.

Can anyone help interpret my dream? I was in the woods and came across the web of a very large white spider . as it finished eating a small black spider impaled on its prominent fangs, white venom dripped from them and it was then biting my thumb.

In short: - - It just means that your brain has fabricated yet another section of its own fantasies about your life, whether you remember it or not, because:,According to science, dreams have no meaning at all!,Do as I do:,Read the latest articles about dreams you can find, authored by real dream scientists - eg.:,Massive Study of 24,000 Dreams Sug

How is the Home Interiors service provided by NoBroker?

There are lots of interior solution available in market. But if you are looking for something budget friendly and quality service, you can go ahead with NoBroker Interiors. We have given end to end contract for our new home to NoBroker Interiors and they have taken care of it all. It started with the design phase where we were given a complete idea

What should one consider while writing a mission statement?

Here's a post I wrote on the subject (How Good Is Your Teamu2019s Vision/Mission Statement?) and you can also check out 20+ of My Favorite Vision & Mission StatementsNote: I use "Vision" and "Mission" statements interchangeably for the purpose of this post. ,What is a Vision/Mission Statement?,A vision/mission statement is a single sentence that ex

What are the types of hot sandwiches?

What are the types of hot sandwiches?Take the list of cold sandwiches and heat all of them to get the list of hot sandwiches.,What are you looking for, a catalog?,Meat & gravy on open face,Cheese steak,Ruben,Monte Cristo,Pastrami,Roast Beef,Corned Beef,Hamburger,Taco,Felafel,Gyros,Souvlaki,Shwarma,Thatu2019s a bakeru2019s dozen right there off of t

When will the Huawei P Smart Z get the EMUI 10 update?

Huawei announces EMUI 10 update scheduleShenzhen, China, 20 January 2020 u2013 Huawei today announced the global schedule for Huawei devices to receive the free EMUI10 update. First unveiled at Huawei Developer Conference last August, the latest version of EMUI10 introduces a new interface, Dark Mode, improved performance and security and support f