Why do most airlines use the polar route from, let say, Toronto or New York to some parts of Asia and vice versa? Why not use the trans-Pacific route?

Because the Polar route is a great deal shorter, which means it takes less time and fuel.,The flight time from Toronto to Hong Kong is about 15.5 hours.,The flight time from Vancouver to Hong Kong is 13.5 hours. Add in the typical five hour flight time Toronto to Vancouver and you can see that flying from Toronto to Hong Kong over the Pacific would

What are some very low calorie foods that fill you up?

One of my favorites is Korean style seasoned cooked soy bean sprouts (kongnamulmuchim). The rich flavors and aromas from the hot pepper and sesame oil make it easy to forget that this dish is very low in calories. Your body wonu2019t think it just had ice cream, but these are genuinely enjoyable and filling.

What is a slap-in-the-face job offer?

u201cWhat is a slap-in-the-face job offeru201d?,I was given a notice that I was going to be let go and a slap-in-the-face job offer from the same employer in the same week! let me explainu2026.,I had been working for the same employer for years (on and off) and my group was getting a little light on work, although there was a lot more work on the h

What are some of the worst baby names?

These names are beautiful in their native language, but they are kinda horrible in English. ,Almog- means coral, but sounds like some Scottish dishnAsa-biblical name, but ass...is pretty much the kid's name nAvishag- biblical name, but called shag carpet in pre school and...well middle school will stink nBosmat-biblical, but kid will be called door

In medieval Europe, who was responsible for keeping the castles rooms warm?

You probably have an odd idea on how places were warmed before modern times. Real castles, in first place, had very few rooms. Most X-XII century castles had essentially one main room, which worked as living/dining room during the day, which was where the lord held his court, and where basically everything happened. At night this room turned into a

What is the proper way to season cast iron?

Seems most people are recommending vegetable oil, that works, but vegetable oil is for Portland hipsters. I recommend using bacon grease. Bacon improves everything.,1) Cook some bacon in the skillet, on the stove. ,2) Eat bacon. Repeat if you want more bacon.,3) Let the bacon grease solidify in the skillet.,4) Wipe the bacon grease around the entir

What are some easy DIY projects to do for small living spaces?

Some of these are way easier than others but most of these are super clever in my opinion. I think they offer a lot of great inspiration for a small space:Bedroomu2026Storage / Platform BedLivingroomu2026http://specialspot.net/diy-storage-solution/Life Hacks For Living Large In Small SpacesKitchenu2026These Cabinet Hacks Seriously Increased My Kitc

Whats the best recipe for key lime pie?

First you have to decide how tart you want the pie to be. Anywhere from 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup seems to work best for me. Combine this with:,3 large egg yolksn1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)nzest of one lime,That's about it for the filling. This will give you enough for a standard 8 - 9 inch pie crust. You have to make some adjustments to the

Have you ever ate baked spaghetti?

Yes, and itu2019s delicious! Hereu2019s one of my favorite recipes:,Baked SpaghettiPREP TIME 25 minutes,COOK TIME 30 minutes,SERVINGS 8 servings,This easy baked spaghetti casserole is a family favorite that is easy to prepare!,Ingredients16 oz cooked spaghetti,1/4 cup minced fresh parsley,1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese,1/3 cup grated fresh p

How many followers do I need to earn money from instagram?

It depends on your niche, but sometimes 1-10K followers is enough to start. For example, you can try InstaJet Ad Exchange.,What is InstaJet?InstaJet is an Instagram influencer platform that brings together Instagram advertisers and bloggers.,In the open catalog, you can select any influencers using convenient filters and send them an advertising ta

What can you do with the liquid from canned coconut milk?

You can drink it, its good in cocktails with rum or vodka. Or you can cook with it. A lot of curries use the liquid from coconut milk, also known as the milk. Sometimes the coconut pulp and liquid separate in the tin, all you have to do is stir them together in a pan as you use

Is the Samsung Note 20 a good upgrade from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

Poco M2 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro: Is there anything different?,The new Poco M2 Pro has a lot of similarities with Xiaomi's Redmi Note 9 Pro that went official in the country earlier this year. Today we will be taking a look at how the new Poco M2 Pro compares with the Redmi Note 9 Pro in terms of specifications.,Poco M2 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro compa

Which are the best Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones in 2022 in the US?

u27a1ufe0f u27a1ufe0f 8 BEST Similar Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phones 2022,1. Plantronics - Voyager Legend (Poly) - Bluetooth Single-Ear (Monaural) Headset - Connect to your PC, Mac, Tablet and/or Cell Phone - Frustration Free Packaging - Noise Canceling,2. INDUSTRY-LEADING NOISE CANCELLATION With industry-leading noise cancellation and superior

Does Burger King have a chicken sandwich on their menu?

Burger King has several chicken sandwiches,Crispy chicken jr,Original chicken sandwich,Crispy chicken (this one has several different variations including the club, spicy crispy chicken & the rodeo chicken),Grilled chicken (will be returning in September if they donu2019t currently have it)

Which country is the most populated in 2020?

Itu2019s still China for right now. However, in a few years, theyu2019ll be overtaken by India. Chinau2019s population is already leveling off and set to decline. Indiau2019s is still growing at a somewhat steady pace. Although its rate of growth is declining, itu2019s still growing faster than China. India still has fertility rates above replaceme

What is so special about Kerala Jack Fruit?

There is nothing called Kerala Jackfruit, rather just Jackfruit.,Jackfruit or Chakka as called in Kerala, is the most popular exotic fruit. Infact it's now accorded the status of State Fruit of Kerala and recognized as one of the popular cultural symbols of the state.,Jackfruit is widely grown in any tropical country and hence very common in Kerala

How can I become fluent in English?

I'm going to tell you one method in which your English fluency is going to improve drastically within weeks. Yes, I tried this as I was not having access to download lot of English movies at that time or to buy books. So this was the best way for me without spending any money.,Unethical hackI used to call different customer care for different produ

Are zodiac signs a real thing?

Let me tell you this.,Whether or not astrology is real, as long as it can be a tool to make better understanding of yourself, then thereu2019s truth in it.Look at people who are religious.. Whether or not their religion is real, they make it real by putting in the energy to make it apart of their life.,Other than fact, something is only as real as

What are the characteristics of the top 100 richest countries in the world?

The 100 richest countries in the world, in terms of GDP? Well considering that there are 197 countries in the world, youu2019re literally asking for common characteristics that are shared by over 50% of countriesu2026.?,Letu2019s try! Hereu2019s a list of all 100 countries ranked by GDP from the richest (USA) to the 100th (Cameron).,List of countri

What is the best name brand for exterior paint?

While painting, there are different elements to be considered. Painting the whole house in one colour will make the house look dull. Having the main house colour with one or two accent colour will make the house stand out. The elements to be considered while painting is:,SidingWindow and Door TrimFront DoorRailings and SpindlesShuttersTop Colour Co

How do you make whipped cream without heavy cream?

You do not. The gelatin is thoroughly unnecessary, of course, but you canu2019t make whipped cream without cream. Thatu2019s what whipped cream is: cream which has been beaten until foamy. If you donu2019t have cream, you may be able to make some other foamy substance (for example, fancy coffee-making devices have steam-driven gadgets which will fo

Which is the smallest country in Asia?

Three smallest countries in Asia would be:,49 Bahrain 765 km2,50 Singapore 716 km2,51 Maldives 300 km2,All islands. On the mainland smallest county in Asia would be Palestine, if it existed (disputed borders, occupied), followed by Lebanon 10,452 km2.

What makes a good leader?

My dad served as a senior advisor to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. One of the things Gates did while interviewing potential candidates was ask these candidates' subordinates what they thought of this person.,His idea was that a good leader will have people under him who donu2019t have terrible things to say when it is safe to do so.,A leader c