Is it good to attend the IIIT Hyderabads artificial intelligence and machine learning certification program? The course duration is 15 months and the cost is 1.5 to 2 lakhs.

Three very important questions that come to mind:,Will this program provide exposure/learning experience at par with the on campus programs of IIITH ? Hence, will it make one better (or equally) employable ?,So many people on Quora (and so many others not on Quora), are learning Machine Learning/AI fulltime. What probability is that a part-time cou

What does the US Environmental Protection Agency do?

"They'll walk on their fins and get woefully weary,in search of some water that isn't so smeary.,I hear things are just as bad up in Lake Erie.",From The Lorax, Dr. Seuss, 1971Lake Erie is a large freshwater basin on the border of the US and Canada, over 9,900 square miles in size. This lake became a posterchild of pollution in the 1960u2019s when

What are the simple false ceiling designs to try in 2022?

False ceilings are highly overlooked, but necessary investments that remarkably impacts your home interior design. Know what are different types of False Ceilings available in the market and choose prudently.,Boxed Ceiling - Unique layers for your living room.,Peripheral Ceiling - Minimalist design for low ceiling homes.,Geometric Ceiling - Modern

Donu2019t you think Putin will lose in an oil price war against Saudi Arabia?

Putin is applying pressure on the House of Saud during the lead up to what appears to be a transition in power (EXCLUSIVE: Second member of key Saudi council arrested in MBS purge).,Russiau2019s foreign exchange reserves have largely recovered from the last price war, which saw them drop from $450B to $300B.,Source: Russia Foreign Exchange Reserves

Why some people feel so much static current in USA? I am from India and moved to USA last year. I particularly observed that I feel so much static current in USA than in India. What is the reason behind this?

Because India is more humid, while America can be bone dry for months on end. Dry air is a poor conductor of electricity and can cause your body to pile up enough static charges to turn it into a mini u201cVan de Graff generatoru201d. Water vapor in the air would have made it a better conductor and dissipate the charge build up from your body.,Stat

Can social media marketing really help my business?

If you have not considered social media for your marketing campaigns then you are missing out on a lot. SMM offers you a cost effective way to increase your brand presence across the globe. Almost everyone on the world has some form of social media account and you should put it at the forefront of any marketing campaign.,Benefits of SMMBrand awaren

If the Democrats eliminated the filibuster while controlling the Presidency and having a majority in the House and the Senate, how could they cement control of government for the long term?

It is extremely unlikely for Democrats to get stable control of the Senate especially with a working majority.,The thing is you get 2 senators per state, and Republicans control 29 states.,List of United States state legislatures - WikipediaThe net effect of that is it is near impossible for the Democratic party to control the Senate.,The reason Re

What happened to Abigail Elphick, the Victorias Secret "Karen"?

Abigail Elphick..Not the proudest moment in human achievement,Karen of Victoria SecretSince the video was posted and the incident Millburn police told New Jersey 101.5 that an internal investigation is ongoing into the officers' actions. No charges have been filed and neither woman filed a complaint about police or the other.,I hope that clears up

How do vegans survive?

One does not need animal products to survive. In fact, numerous studies have shown that animal products are responsible for a vast array of maladies, including many cancers. n n A vegan diet includes all grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seed, vegetables and fruits and the nearly infinite number of foods made by combining them. Many vegan versions of f

How is possible for a camera with less megapixels (Canon EOS R6 with 20mp) produce sharper photos than a camera with more megapixels (Canon EOS R with 30.3mp)?

Pixel is not measurement of Sharpness. Its all about details. When you take a photo its combination of milions of pixels, small dots with different information that makes the whole photo.nTo ensure sharp photo, you need to consider few things.n1. Lensn2. Steady handn3. Shutter speed: Low shutter speed always makes photo blurry.,Just take a photo in

What is the difference between static friction and dynamic friction?

Try to push a large desk with some force say 10 N. Let us say the desk does not move. In this case your force is being neutralized by a force of friction that is static in nature (because the desk is static or stationery) and equal to 10N, acting in the opposite direction.,Now let us say you increase the force to 12 N, and the desk still does not m

How does one soft boil an egg from cold water?

Put the egg into the cold water and turn on the heat, bring the water to the boil and the moment the water is boiling start a four minute timer, after the four minutes lift the egg out and cool it in some cold water. If the egg is too soft try another with 5 or 6 minutes.

Who owns Bondi Beach, Australia?

Who owns Bondi Beach, Australia?That would be me.,As a citizen of Australia, I own 0.00000004 of it, along with every other resident of the country. If it was made of instant coffee instead of sand, my share would be almost enough to make a cuppa. (If you come for a visit, and if you donu2019t mind weak coffee, Iu2019ll be happy to share a cup with

Which kitchen layout is the most functional?

I think corner cabinets (blind, angled, etc) are a tremendous waste of space and money. So this eliminates U and L-shaped kitchens. Galley kitchens can be fairly efficient, though can feel fairly restrictive if the counter-to-counter dimension is the minimum 42u2033 clear. So I would vote that the most efficient / functional kitchen is a large stra

What are some historical examples of volcanoes affecting the climate?

Volcanic eruption of land based are extremely rare, because climate change is usually measured at a minimum of 15 years, and most scientists consider 30 years as the best period. However there have been a few eruptions that have disrupted the weather in the areas surrounding the volcanic blasts. The best/most dramatic know example; the year 1816 is

Is the Netherlands richer than France?

Thatu2019s depends how do you define richer.,France is much bigger country and much richer as a country.,Looking per capita Netherlands looks pretty good but it doesnu2019t mean that Netherlands is richer country than France generally.,France GNP 2019 s $2,846.91B,,France Gross National Product (GNP) was reported at 2,665.945 USD bn in Dec 2020.,Th

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?,Lane Tech Alumni Association has over 5,900 active members all over the world. As a result, the Lane Tech Alumni Association has the largest membership of any high school alumni organiza

How can I make a good white Russian with soy milk? The goal is a vegan white Russian.

A White Russian is traditionally made with vodka, coffee liqueur (inevitably Kahlua), and cream (sometimes people substitute milk).[1],In general, if you're going to substitute one ingredient for another, you should compensate for the difference in taste. Given the range of options that you're substituting for, though, I don't think fidelity is the

Whats the most important thing to do in your very first one-on-one street fight?

Photo: Ridge Hand.,The first thing you need to do is run away very fast.,Almost all fights are due to alcohol. The best strategy about street fights is to not be where they take place.,If you do not want to get in a fight, do not go where people gather and drink alcohol. If you do this your chances of getting in a fight in your adult lifetime are v

Whats the most overpowered item in your favorite video game?

Well, my favorite video game is Skyrim. Funny enough, the most overpowered item in the game is a pretty normal-looking plant.,More specifically, the Jarrin Root:,This root is a very, very rare alchemical ingredient - thereu2019s only one sample of it in the entire game. Astrid gives it to you as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline to assassinate

Are there any foods that are unique to the State of Louisiana?

I Louisiana cuisine is as unique as it comes. We have a variety of food, but there are some that you can really only get in Louisiana. Or, at the very least, we do it the best! Check out these:,1. Pralines (praw-leans),The gooey caramel cookie studded with caramelized pralines can be found in most corner markets in New Orleans and as the years have

Is the Canon 1000d still a good camera?

Leanne:,Canon 100d Still Good. Here are the specs:Canon EOS 1000D - digital camera Series SpecsMODELCanon EOS 1000D - digital camera EF-S 18-55mm lens,Canon EOS 1000D - digital camera EF-S 18-55mm lens | 2766B100,Post a commentSPECSGENERALDepth2.4 in,Sensor Resolution10.1 Megapixel,Enclosure Materialplastic, stainless steel,Optical Sensor TypeCMOS,

What is the best BBQ rib place in the Bay Area?

I don't have enough experience to say which is the best, but Uncle Frank's BBQ in Mountain View was really good. They are now closed (I tried to order last night). According to Jeffrey Yip, there was a kitchen fire.,They are still available Friday through Sunday at Quarter Note Bar and Grill:1214 Apollo WaynSunnyvale, CA 94085nPhone: (408) 732-2110

In Excel, how do you calculate percentage difference?

u201cIn Excel, how do you calculate percentage difference?u201d,With any formula, rather than just memorising how to type it, it helps to first think about the relationship you are trying to measure. If you understand that, you wonu2019t need to remember the formula. It will follow logically from the concept,So how do we think about percentage diff

If you were going to drive the shortest route between two points on Earth, which route would be the longest road trip? At no point should the vehicle leave the ground or be transported by air or water to crossover.

From Magadan, Russia to Cape Point, South Africa.Longest Roadtrip on Google Maps,Prepare yourself. This answer is pages long and VERY detailed.This 24,000+ km journey is very difficult from a political and safety point of view. But possible. Certainly there are better nationalities to try this, such as Japanese, South African, Indian, to ease trave