Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?

Q: Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?,A:1971 Dr.Samuel C.Hurst invented the electronic touch screen interface, while teaching at the University of Kentucky, United States of America.,The first working somewhat touchscreen phone that you could actually buy was the IBM Simon in 1992, which featured a basic touchscreen, however it

Which country is cheaper to study abroad? USA or UK?

It really depends on a lot of things.,UK UniversityIf you are a Brit, then it depends if you are Scottish or not. If you are Scottish, firstly, congratulations, you are one of Godu2019s chosen people. But secondly, you can attend university in Scotland for free - good news! You win Quora today! But if you are from England, Wales or Northern Ireland

What are some of the benefits of homeschooling?

I started being home-schooled two years ago and I don't think I'd go back to public school.,My daily routine is pretty much as follows:,10.30 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, do some light exercise, feed cats, etc.,11.45 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Follow my parents to wherever they have to go that day. They have a business and are always ha

Which are the best, similar, and cheapest Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera 2022 in the US?

u27a1ufe0f u27a1ufe0f 7 BEST Similar Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera 2022,u27a1ufe0f 1. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera (Renewed)"[EXTRACTO]"Spend less time recharging with 6 months of battery life on one charge. Fast wire-free set up - No existing wiring required, setup quickly anywhere.,See the full picture - Crisp 2K HDR video with a wide viewing angl

Do you see any contradiction with those multinational companies in Russia claiming to uphold corporate social responsibility but refusing to divest and leave the country in response to the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war? Why or why not?

You know, this is a war in which innocent people are dying day by day, fighting for their very freedom. Itu2019s the most vile such attack since Adolf Hitler went on the warpath.,So, when I see things like u201cmultinational companiesu201d and u201ccorporate social responsibilityu201d, I sort of tune it out, especially when consumers start complain

Is there anything Britain does better than the United States?

Hmm. Let me think. The USAu2019s rate of school shootings are 6000x worse than Britainu2019s (factually proven, as Britain has had 2 school shootings in their 2000-year existence, the US has on average one every 2 months, equating to 12000 in 2000 years, 12000u00f72=6000,) most of British food would be legal to consume in America, America cannot sa

How can you fit two full-sized beds in a studio apartment?

You could put one full size bed in a murphy bed setup and access the bed at night by pulling down the bed and putting it away for more space during the day. Loft Bed example. Loft beds are handy because you can integrate storage and a desk, so itu2019s more than one piece of furniture. I lived in a 400 square ft efficiency for many years and slept

Without giving the name, who are your favourite K-pop groups?

1.,Had a rushed debut, started out as a quartet as a result,Defy concepts,F***ing banging B-sides, maybe the best B-sides out of any 3rd gen group,Their best title track is seriously slept on, even by their own fandom,Fandom has the best in-jokes,2.,Leaving their old concept behind highly paid off in the long run,Their best work comes in trilogies,

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?The SWOT analysis is a useful tool to make a quick analysis of a business case or project because it looks into the fundamentals of it and its environment and makes you think how to use your opportunities and overcome your threats, by existing strengths. Also, you can see the impact weaknesses have on yo

What was the strangest thing you discovered when you moved into a new home?

A jar of tongues!!!,When I was 12, my parents, my sister and I moved into a new home. In the closet underneath the basement stairs, there was a jar. In the jar were things that looked like brains or tongues or some other monstrosity. My 12-year-old brain reeled with possibilities.,OK. They werenu2019t brains. They were very pale pickled peppers.,Bu

Which teeth do babies get first?

Usually bottom incisors come first.,My 11 month old baby has 5 teeth in total. He got his first tooth at around 6 months which was bottom incisor. He has got two top teeth and 3 bottom ones. He has a gap in his top teeth.,My 3 year old had teeth very late around 9 months, and he also got his bottom incisor first.

Should I buy a Redmi Note 5 Pro?

Hi Let's us start by saying that it's October 2018 and somehow (and just somehow) Redmi Note 5 pro is still the most bang-for- buck smartphone on the Indian market.,When it was sold initially at Rs 13999 and then at Rs 14999( due to GST and other tax issues) it was the best sub 15k phone and now it's available at a beggarly price of Rs 12999 on Fli

What are the top free video editing software for Windows 10?

There are many free video editing tools available in the market for editing videos on Windows 10. Below is the list of most popular tools you can use to professionally edit your videos:,1. PowerDirectorIf you're new to video editing, you'll love PowerDirector Essential's extensive set of free tools.,Whether you're launching your own YouTube channel

How can I get access to truly reputable international cost-of-living comparison data?

As you mentioned in your question, you can go to companies like Towers Watson, Mercer, etc. for international data, but you better be prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get it. There's a basic version that you can access from the US State Department site that I have used in developing employee compensation for international assignmen

Which comic-book superheroes deserve a movie franchise, but dont have one yet?

There are several superheroes from comic books who deserve a big-screen film adaptation but haven't had one yet. I'm going to refrain from talking about reboots, which is a separate question altogether, and focus on only characters who haven't had a true motion picture in their name.,(1.) First and most obvious is Wonder Woman. She's one of the mos

Where is the Slaughter Pen in Gettysburg?

This is a strange one. Let me explain and in the process tell a much larger story.,The war was largely canonized in the late 1870s as memoirs came out and men died, but this era saw a massive mis-telling of the war.,Meet Varina Davis. She belongs to a category of u201cGeneralu2019s Wivesu201d who took the honor and history of their husband very ser

Some Chinese zodiac animals are used as insults in English, like Snake, Pig, Sheep, and Rat. Is it less insulting to be compared to animals in China?

Not insulting if used in proper Zodiac context. Chinese Zodiac has a huge impact on Chinese culture far more than Western astrology/ zodiacs. It permeates many aspects of life far deeper than the ideas coming from the Romans/Greeks.,Read Alanu2019s for the other interpretations (but those negative slights are NOT linked to the Zodiac)Often foreigne

I tried something new: grilling a New York strip steak well done and crispy, surrounded by black coffee juices, grilled onions, different peppers and steak sauce. Does this sound good?

This kind of question makes me happyYou have an interest, youu2019re a little excited, and youu2019re brave enough to seek expert feed back. Good on you. I have a lot to say, and there is a lot you might learn from this, so check this out.,A few things of note here:First off, good on you for experimenting. Knowledge really only comes from a combina

What are the simple small front yard landscaping ideas at low maintenance cost?

It's the landscaping details that tie together the front yard of your home that give it an impact on the people who pass by.,For your convenience, I have compiled some cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas and tips.,Step 1: Envision the IdeaIn order to develop an idea of how you want your landscaping to look, you must first do your research. Th

How scripted is Gordon Ramsays reality show "Kitchen Nightmares"?

Is kitchen nightmares staged?There will be some basic media training, but apart from that itu2019s all real. You get a few people in ever episode who are the problem and some that know the problem. This is not staged, this is life.,I have worked in kitchens where the problem is the alcoholic wife beater who wiggles the pans. Heu2019s a good cook an

How do I fry chicken wings with flour?

Not sure what your question is getting at - you put flour on the wings and fry them.,Now there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Make sure your pot is big enough so that the oil wonu2019t boil over when you put the wings in.,Youu2019ll want to season the wings with at least salt and pepper. Thereu2019s no shortage of recipes for rubs and sauce

What are the best camera apps?

Here are some best camera apps that transform your simple photos to awesome images that can be cherished lifelong.,u00b7 PhotoRus u2013 Camera & Photo Editor & Pic Collage MakerIf you want a decent editing tool that can create collages, enhance pictures, use filters, frames and convert photos to art and prepare photo grids, then this is an ideal ap

What are some unique vegetarian (no eggs) sandwich recipes?

Well you could try the coleslaw! nGet some mayonnaise (there are eggless ones available) nNow finely chop n-cabbage n-capsicum n-onions(optional) nAnd grate carrots ,Add salt and pepper to the chopped veggies and mix well.. Now add 3-4 spoons full of mayonnaise to the mixture and mix well. nApply the spread on bread and enjoy muching!

What is the most dangerous country to go for women?

Hereu2019s how it stands now according to World Population Review 2022,Top 10 for each:,OVERALL:,South Africa,Brazil,Russia,Mexico,Iran,Dominican Republic,Egypt,Morocco,India,Thailand,,STREET SAFETY,South Africa,Brazil,Argentina,Mexico,Dominican Republic,Chile,Ukraine,Malaysia,Turkey,Egypt,,INTENTIONAL HOMICIDE,South Africa,Russia,Brazil,Mexico,Dom

What car does Jennifer Aniston drive?

What car does Jennifer Aniston drive?,Toyota Prius Jennifer Aniston believes in staying practical and protecting the environment as much as they can. So it comes as no surprise that she owns Toyota Prius.,She also has a Bentley