If your K-Quora friends were a song, which one would they be?

u0a48 u2619 Shuffle your deck u02dauff61uff61uff61u2014filleru274du02da.* Pirate Twinkleua5c3 pop by Nayeon u2800u2800 u2800 u2800u2800 u2800u2800 u2800u2800 u2800 u2800u2800 u2800u2800 u2800 u2800u2800 u2800u2800 % just as Nayeon ,he pops everywhere with his entertaining comment %u2800u2800 u2800 u2800u2800 u2800u2800 u2800 u2800u2800 u2800u2800 u

What is the best laptop of 2019?

From my personal experience of laptops made in the last 15 years, I recommend Dell and Lenovo (formerly IBM ThinkPad).,I have refurbished about 200 laptops, maybe more.

Is Joe Biden in good enough health to take on Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is a hundred pounds overweight and lives on a diet of Big Macs. Itu2019s been a century since we had a President in worse health, and yes, Iu2019m scoring the guy with polio higher.,Obviously Biden is in better health than Trump. Why is this even a question?

How long does it take to cook a rack of lamb?

Is it a 2# rack or a 5# rack Do you want it medium rare or well done? You shouldn't throw out queries without specifics. Are you cooking it because you think it is impressive or because you really like lamb? I love the flavor of lamb and cook it approximately 13 minutes per pound, which produces a fully cooked , tender pink piece of meat. If you ar

How much does YouTube pay per subscriber?

There are thousands of questions appearing in my inbox that focus only on one problem: is Youtube paying for subscribers? The shortest answer is No. YouTube does not pay for subscribers. However, in this article I want to answer you longer because I want you really understand about how we make money through Youtube and what role the subscribers hav

Many people say Las Vegas has become an expensive tourist destination rather than what used to be a very affordable city to visit known for eating well and cheaply. What has been the main reason for the dramatic price increases in the city?

Vegas changed when big business moved in and took over the city. They changed the philosophy and business model. Before this, Vegas was the place of theme hotels, free and pay activities at almost every casino/hotel, and plenty of cheap buffets. The first time I ever visited Vegas, I was part of a foursome. We spent 4 days walking the entire strip

What are some easy fried chicken recipes without buttermilk?

I never use buttermilk! Pat dry your fresh or thawed chicken to be cooked let's assume you are cooking 6 pieces of chicken this way you can adjust the recipe accordingly.. In a medium-sized bowl large enough to accommodate one piece of chicken crack 3 eggs and mix thoroughly until egg whites and egg yolks are combined. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of salt g

Is it likely that Mount Vesuvius will destroy Naples during its next large eruption?

Let me throw some brief highlights regarding the history of Mount Vesuvius, and then I will tell you what this could mean for Naples.,Above: Graph Of The Avellino Eruption If It Were To Happen Today u2014 NOTE: Ashfall would continue to fall throughout the White Zone, and well outside this map.FACT ONE: Mount Vesuvius has had no fewer than THREE er

Which is better, Nvidia RTX 3090 or Nvidia RTX Titan?

Always go with the benchmarks to decide.,After what Iu2019ve seen online, I feel 3090 is away better than Titan - given its recent release and update compared to Titan. The price is quite high for Titan too.,Hereu2019s a comparison from Versus: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 vs Nvidia Titan V: What is the difference?And a quite reliable website (Userbench

What colour combination should be used in a living room to increase brightness?

If it is your living room..it should certainly look lively and calm. I feel light colours add to the charm of the living area and also add to enhance the brightness. Most preferred colour is white monochrome. In case of a combination, white with baby pink or white with grass green shade, or baby pink and sky blue will make the living area quite att

What are some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world?

Some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world are as follows,Living root bridges, IndiaLiving Root Bridges of Meghalaya which root made a bridge of Ficus Elastica that can bear the weight of 50 people at once and 30 meter long.,Lonar Crater Lake, IndiaLonar Lake is the Worldu2019s largest and only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic ro

Which are the best places to visit for couples for a short honeymoon?

There are many destinations in India for honeymoon, Please find some of them below:,Darjeeling:From the most breathtaking view of the sunrise over the horizon of Tiger Hills to a laid back toy train ride, Darjeeling is, in fact, the most archetypal hill station of India. A honeymoon spent here at one among the best romantic places can only be defin

What is the best temperature to cook steak on a stove top?

Look at this, don't you wish you could be here with me right now just so you can get a little bit of that smell? Mmm, you should get this, it is absolutely incredible. You can see the smoke coming out, it is building a little bit of crust, no fire, no flame, beautiful. At the same time we have the oven that is on at 400 degrees just to finish the i

How can I import goods from india?

Dear Geetanjali,,If you are importing a product ensure you have the below:,IEC - Import Export Registration,Product Research,Indiau2019s Importing Norms for the product which you are planning to import,Country Research from that you wish to Import.,Check the Countries from which you wish to import in terms of Import duty and if there are any foreig

If you had a two-month vacation, what would you do?

Iu2019d take my family on vacation to the Philippines for a family reunion in Sorsogon - my motheru2019s side of the family at least. Weu2019ll go eat all the best fresh seafood and grilled meats everyday, go to the beach, visit the hot springs resorts. Walk down memory lane. Go shopping. Eat some more.,Next maybe go swim with the whalesharks. Go s

Which is the richest country in the world in 2021?

Worlds Richest Countries by Per Capita GDPQatar,Luxembourg,Singapore,Ireland,Brunei,Norway,United Arab Emirates,Kuwait,LIechtenstein,Switzerland,Qatar has a GDP of nearly $ 143,000 a year,Worlds most prosperous Countries by Lowest Inequality IndexNorway - 65.7,Denmark - 73,Ireland - 77,Sweden - 86,New Zealand - 103,Luxembourg - 128,Malta - 161,Seyc

How do you find your credit card number without your card?

The full account number is on every credit card statement I receive from every company I can recall. Should you not have one, here's another trick:,Many credit card receipts (paper or online) will include the last 4 digits of the card account.,Your credit report (available free annually) will contain the first 12 digits, leaving off the last 4. ,Pu

In what ways is India changing for the better?

Here is what Pradeep Lokhande of http://RuralRelations.com has to say about how rural India is changing for the better:,,Ask the average woman in the village what she wants to achieve, and now she says that she wants to educate her children. For kids across Indian villages, the average distance to primary school is 1.5km and for secondary school it

Is peanut butter good for the prostate?

Is peanut butter good for the prostate?The consumption of nuts has been associated with a reduction of cancer risk, but only a few studies have examined the effects of nuts on prostate cancer risk. The current study prospectively investigated the association between the consumption of total nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, and peanut butter and the risk o

What is the secret of a pyramid?

These are some facts about the Great Pyramid:- ,,1.The pyramid is estimated to have around 2,300,000 stone blocks that weigh from 2 to 30 tons each and there are even some blocks that weigh over 50 tons.n2.The Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Pyramid of Khufu are precisely aligned with the Constellation of Orion.n3.The base

What is your favorite "going the extra mile" customer services story?

Citibank turned Nita shah's worst nightmare into a nonevent.It was late at night and Nita had to catch a flight next morning at 6:00A.M . As she was rummaging through her purse looking for papers at 10 in the night, she realized that she had left her Citibank card at a store where she had gone shopping earlier in the day.,The shop would be closed a

What are the best grossing movies of all time?

IN terms of absolute Gross,DANGAL grossed Rs. 387 Crore and is the highest grossing film of Bollywood,This is if you exclude BAAHUBALI II - whose Hindi version grossed Rs. 517 Crore in Bollywood.,IN terms of Adjusted for Inflation Gross,HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN grossed Rs. 463.78 Crore in terms of adjusted to 2016 Rupees and Rs. 489.55 Crore in terms of