Has any human reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

James Cameron - the Canadian filmmaker, philanthropist, and deep-sea explorer - well known for his movies The Terminator (1984), The Abyss (1989), Titanic (1997), Avatar (2009) and so on. The dive was made in March 2012, in a 24-foot submersible, called the Deepsea Challenger , designed by him.

Why do companies like Nikon sell cameras that around 16 megapixels but phone companies like Sony and Nokia sell phones that have 20 to 40-megapixel cameras?

Simply put, camera markers and phone makers are trying to solve different problems in photography. The camera maker is mostly targeting enthusiast and professional photographers trying to capture the best image possible. For consumer models, these days, theyu2019re trying to offer customers a thing they canu2019t get in a phone, because right now,

Why does Spain like paella?

There are things that we will frown upon when we see some foreign versions of Paella. These are usually chorizo, onion and peas. I saw Jamie Oliver make an awful version of Paella with onion, peas, coriander and chorizo among other things, no, no and no, we call that u201cempty fridge riceu201d. That Paella by Jamie Oliver became trending topic in

What are some little-known facts about the business world?

Because of polluted air in china, millionaire Chen Guangbiao start selling fresh air in a can, And he sells about 8 million can in 10 days and earned around $6 million within a yearcoca-cola logo is recognized by 94% of the world's population.,Every Amazon.com employee spend 2 days of the year to working at the customer service desk even the CEO je

What is the need of measuring central tendency in statistics?

Hi Greg,,Like to tell you I know ,but I don't , so I'll pass hopefully someone can help you, my guess would be that it is used as a medium to determine how things or people will react to certain situations, either way I'm guessing, be well, my friend,( Everything real is given and received in silence. ) Meher Baba

What does Many Waters symbolize in the Bible?

Within the context of prophecy, u201cmany watersu201d represents a location where large numbers of people live. Similarly, in prophetic, the earth, like in the text that says, u201cthe earth helped the woman,u201d represents a sparsely populated area.

What are some great ideas for homemade outdoor Christmas decorations?

Hello! ,Christmas decorations are so much fun to have around the home. In fact, I just put mine up the other day! The inside is much easier to craft for than the outside, but both are more than doable! You can even use the things you would normally use inside, outdoors as well. Let's take a look at some options you might consider using: ,1. Make a

Does Huobi charge a listing fee for new cryptocurrency listings?

I am unsure if they charge a price as they do not state it on their u2018apply to listu2019 web-page, but it does say the coin needs to have a trading volume of $100,000 for 30 consecutive days.,That doesnu2019t cost money, but does mean you likely need to be listed on another exchange before Huobi Exchange will accept you.,Hereu2019s a link to the

How can I calculate my capital gains?

Hello,,Capital Gain is the profit or gain that arises when you sell a Capital Asset. If you sell a Long Term Capital Asset, you will have Long Term Capital Gain and if you sell a Short Term Capital Asset, you will have a Short Term Capital Gain. If the result from sell is negative, you will have a capital loss. The Capital Gain will be chargeable t

What is Aphrodites origin story?

As her name denotes. She was born out of the foam of the waves. Her birthplace is the sea of Paphos-Cyprus near the Yeroskipou town which come from the ancient Greek words > which means holy garden.,Aphrodite. The Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure passion, and procreation. Associated with the Roman goddess Venus. The unfaithful wife of Hephaestu

Is anybody looking for a cookbook about fancy, luxurious finger food?

It would depend on what kind of finger food.It's always good to keep in mind the all-important "What women want." The answer is very personal, so you'll need to do some brainstorming before starting the search for your perfect cookbook.,Women might like fancy finger foods because they're appetizers that can be savored slowly and with the company in

With 3 days to visit, should I go to Boracay, Palawan or Siargao?

Hello! I hope you could extend your visit here in my archipelago, so you will be amazed by the diversity and the cheerfulness of the Filipino people. I want to recommend a province that is quite underrated by tourists, Batangas province.It is located in the Southern Coast of Luzon Island. It is just 80 kilometers away from the National Capital, Man

What is the most overrated American city?

Probably Las Vegas. It must be very rated highly rated to get the huge flocks of Americans and international visitors lining the crowded strip. Can it be fun? - Yes. Is it one of the very best places in American to visit? - Emphatically NO

I was starving and had one bite of a grilled cheese sandwich and was then completely full. This didnt make sense to me. Any idea why this would happen?

Its actually quite simple, the normal size of your stomach is about the same size of two fists side by side. The more you eat, the more your stomach will stretch which is the reason its easier for some people to gain weight. Because if you eat too much and stretch out your stomach to the size of a football then your body will send out signals that

What is a doctor of business administration?

1. Doctorate of Business Administration target groups: young graduates vs. senior professionalsPhD in Management and DBA programs address different target groups. Although there may be exceptions, the general rule is: People study a PhD program when they aim at a career in social sciences and eventually want to become a fulltime professor at a busi

What screams u201cIu2019m a full stack web developeru201d?

Now thatu2019s really easy:,I can do complex SQL queries, I even know how to make an outer join!,Data normalization in SQL tables is a theoretical concept, in practice if you have u201cuseru201d you make the table u201cuseru201d and thatu2019s all.,What if 2 transactions in SQL DB modify same row at the same time? Well, I guess they will figure out

What is your explanation for the Others actions in A Song of Ice and Fire?

I am not sure exactly how, or why, but my feeling is that the Others are trying to bring about a situation whereby they can be reborn, whole and human.,As only death can pay for life, I think that the creation of the Others forms part of a magical transaction, of which they are not the only product. My current feeling is that they are the cost of l

What are some important distinguishing tests in organic chemistry class 12?

From what I've come across so far, there are only a few distinguishing tests which are sometimes asked in the class XII boards. They are:,1. Baeyer's test: Aqueous bromine when added to unsaturated organic compound, gets decolourised. DOES NOT work for aromatic hydrocarbons.,2. Lucas's test: Used to distinguish 1u00b0, 2u00b0 and 3u00b0 alcohols. (

What is the best Indonesian dish?

Indonesiau2019s signature dishes are so popular they influenced food in Malaysia.,Most notable dishes of Indonesian origin include -,Indonesian Chicken Rendang,Malaysia u2018Burger Kingu2019 Rendang - BK burgers are better than most McDonaldu2019s,Indonesian Mie Goreng,Malaysia Mamak Mee Goreng,Indonesian Ayam Penyet,Malaysian Ayam Penyet,Indonesia

What would be the cost for a 2-week trip to South Korea?

My family and I went to Korea 2 years ago for a month, and I can tell you, it was an amazing place. There are cities, malls, and old Korean structures like Gyeongbokgung (uacbdubcf5uad81) Palace. The average cost of a trip to Korea in the summer can cost you around 1000 or 1200 dollars in the summer and 800 in the winter. I hope this answered your

What are the best recipes for hollandaise sauce?

Don't bother.,To do it properly is very fiddly and needs too much time (unless you make it all the time).,There is an art to it. Best to save it as something to savour at a fancy restaurant/hotel.,There's a perfectly serviceable mock version that is good for pouring over poached eggs for breakfast or asparagus for brunch/lunch. It will impress all

What can I do in the Philippines?

Cavite is basically a suburb of Metro Manila so you can visit the National Capital Region from there. Basically Metro Manila is a conglomeration of cities so here are the top three cities you need to visit in Metro Manila.,Manila - try visiting Intramuros (the oldest district in the country) which was the old fortification of Manila and has a lot o

What does your hometown look like?

Iu2019m from Kolkata , the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.,Lets explore how the u201ccity of joyu201d looks likeu2026,Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport - 5th busiest airport in India.,The identity of the city- Howrah bridgeEden Gardens- 3rd largest cricket stadium in terms of seating arrangement.,Salt Lake Stadium - 2nd l

What items are not allowed in checked luggage?

Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell batteries and apparatus containing mercury. Explosives, munitions, fireworks and flares, ammunition including blank cartridges, handguns, fire works, pistol caps.

What are some facts about Mamamoo and its members?

Mamamoo,They are well known for their ad-libs during live performances.,They always stand or sit in the same order. From left to right: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa.,Wheein and Hwasa are very close. They have been best friends since middle school and have two matching friendship tattoos.,u201cMamamoou201d was actually the original name of the gro

What are some examples of quantitative research titles?

These examples come from a graduate-level Research course in Education:,The Impact of Using Word Walls in Teaching Fifth Graders Content Vocabulary in Science.Increasing Kindergarten Verbal Participation Rates Using Story Elaboration Techniques.Using Non-competitive Flashcard Games to Improve Memory for Math Facts in Special Education.Improving the

Can I let my iPhone save only photos to iCloud without saving it to the camera roll, so there will be more space, or when the photo is already uploaded to iCloud, it automatically deleted from camera roll?

No, but you can optimize photo storage on your device to save space, by following Appleu2019s directions:,Store your photos and videos in iCloudYour photos and videos are stored on your device in their original, high-resolution version. This means that they use a lot of space on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With iCloud Photos, you can make mo

What are some good examples of employee wellness programs?

The best example of corporate wellness program is what the company I work for is having for all of us. I work for PTC India. We have hired Wellness coach Ashwani Deswal to bring experiential wellness program to the people working here. These wellness workshop provided by Mr Ashwani Deswal have been so effective. It feels alive, fresh and just so mu