What are some of the largest sea creatures?

They didnu2019t catch on because of their limited usefulness.,Ekranoplans are, surprisingly, very efficient and stable aircraft once riding on their slim cushions of air. That is the only advantage they have.,Their disadvantages were (among others) that they were of very limited wartime use:,They were very slow and hard to maneuver until airborne,T

Which Indian bank has the best online corporate banking site for current accounts?

To answer my own question, ICICI Bank gets a thumbs down. I signed up with them for my startup and regret it. I've visited the branch a dozen times in the past month to get things going, but the latest road blocker is just ridiculous:,To transfer money to an account in any bank across India, I can add a payee online, confirm via the SMS code, and p

What are some examples of amazing photojournalism?

Thereu2019s really too many to choose from. You can start with the greats: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, and the original Magnum Photos photographers. I love the work of Margaret Bourke-White and the FSA (Farm Securities Administration) photographers who documented life in the United States during the Great Depression, particularly Dorothea L

What is your most effective method for getting a cheap flight?

Iu2019ve taken u201cquite a fewu201d (300+) flights, 90% of them with low-cost airlines. I wasnu2019t given free drinks and food, but I paid for flights $10 instead of $1000. How?,First of all, I always used some special search engines. My favourite one, that works well with low-cost airlines mainly in Europe, is Azair. You can make several set-ups

How do I get out of a financial crisis?

I know a grocery shop owner. He owned a large scale industry earlier.,Once his industry went in huge losses and there were enormous debts as well.,He went bankrupt and his every asset was sold off.,He was left with a petty amount.,He started a small grocery shop leaving aside his ego of being a big industrialist.,Made immense efforts, started his s

What sells more, thick cookies or thin ones?

Gee that depends on the individualu2019s taste. If you want to dunk them in milk, Iu2019d say the thick ones are better. If you are just wanting a light snack or watching the scale, then the thin ones are best.

Which is the best point and shoot camera under 300 $?

To be honest this form factor is becoming scare. With the advent of cameras on phones sales of Point & Shoot have tanked. If you still want one you may want to look at the Canon PowerShot G Series. In a word amazing! A older model is well under $300.

What is the perfect door color match to light orange walls?

When you'll have the pamplet you'll find these shades.,Shades of brown-cedar, penny, tawny, amber,Shades of red- wine, crimson(to make it brighter trust me that will do good.),Shades of white-pearl, ivory, daisy, frost, porcelain.,Shades of purple- mulberry(dark like berries) lilac(this is a light shade kind of violet).

Are there any undiscovered islands left on Earth? Or have we mapped all of them?

A2A,As everyone already pointed out we are unlikely to find new island soon this planet barring four ways:,1) Temporary islands: Sand banks and other natural movement of debris and material forming land. These are incredibly short lived and will be completely unsuitable for habitation.,2) Vulcanism: As hot spots in the magma continue to wander and

What colors look good with grey pants?

Here are some great colors to wear with gray pants!,Above: An oversized crew neck sweater worn with a pair of gray jeans with a neutral-colored handbag.,Above: Gray pants worn with a white top and black accessories. Chic.,Gray pants with a black leather jacket worn over a V-neck top. Very trendy.,Gray joggers worn with a gray and white striped top,

Do German people have French-Switzerland ancestry?

Europe has a very mixed ancestry, throughout. I know a frenchman called Patrice Patton. His grandfather was the general of that name. Patrice, though, is totally French. I have a cohort of Meinertzhagen (a totally German name) cousins in Britain. They are totally English and have been for at least 200 years.,Germany, is an amalgamation, like most E

How much is 1 cup of all purpose flour in grams?

My printed conversion chart says 140 grams, but when I measured a cup out for myself and weighed it, a cup it came out 150 grams. The difference is small, and in my 60 years of baking makes no difference. Any difference may be due to how fresh the flour is, or how it's been stored since milling.

How do I connect a camera in a MacBook Air?

Numerous Mac PCs and presentations have worked in iSight, FaceTime or FaceTime HD cameras situated close to the top edge of the screen. The camera naturally turns on when you open an application that can take pictures, record recordings or make video calls. You can choose which applications are permitted to utilize the camera on your Mac.Turn the c

Is cabbage keto?

Yes it is if u r not having thyroid issues then only,trupti,dietitian.

How fast is the Formula Rossa?

The Formula Rossa is capable of accelerating up to 240 km/h (149.1 mph) and can travel 52 meters upward in just 4.9 seconds, earning it the Guinness world record as the fastest roller coaster.

What are the best airlines in the world?

Youu2019re asking the wrong person. I am extremely unfussy about airlines. As long as it has a plane that will take me where I want to go, Iu2019m good.,I once, somewhere in Africa, boarded a 727 that had clearly been in service pretty much every day since I had been in high school. The poor thing looked exhausted both outside and inside. But as it

Who makes the highest quality chocolate in the world?

Arguably, the best chocolate you can get is made by the Italian company Amedei. Both their blend of nine different high quality cocoas called '9', and also their single origin 'Porcelana' made with exclusively white cocoa beans from Venezuela would be strong contenders for the title "best chocolate in the world".,I say this from my experience as a

What are the keys to taking a good Instagram photo?

Always think about your audience and what will be interesting to them. Try to tell a story with your photos. And focus on quality, not quantity. If the quality is poor, no one will engage with your posts and you will not gain new followers.,When it comes to more technical aspects, follow these rules:One of the best tips one could give you is actual

What kind of food is Cajun?

I would describe it as the best kind of food, but itu2019s just a strong preference of mine. I discovered it in the late u201860s and have loved it ever since.,Cajun food is named for the Cajun people of the Southern Louisiana bayou areas. These communities were populated by French Canadians forced to leave Acadia. They speak a form of French and t

Whats your best recipe for Thanksgiving side dishes?

Cornbread made with a waffle iron. We had a Thanksgiving potluck at work today, and it was a hack that turned out awesome. If you can, make them in small batches so everyone can enjoy them hot off the grill with melted butter.

Which is the best 4K resolution monitor for photo editing?

Editing photos is ok to do on basic monitors, but if you plan to make a career of it, or what to level up on your photo editing skills, then youu2019ll need a monitor with color clarity up to industry standards.,There are a few different things you need for a photo-editing monitor. Weu2019ve compiled a list of the best monitors for your editing and

Who are the original Gods of the Atlantis story? As the story was told to Solon, he translated the names of the gods into their Greek equivalents. Sobek is Egyptian name for Poseidon, did he have any kids? Did one rule over an empire?

What do you want to say through the phrase u201ctranslated to Greeku201d?,The reality extracted from the ancient Greek mythology is that the Aegyptians many thousand years after translated the word Poseidon to Sobek!!!,Read :,So, Sobek is the Greek Poseidon that was transformed to a crocodile(Greek word) just to escape the defeat by the Titans. u20

What if World War 2 was capitalism vs. communism?

Rather a one sided war - you cannot show me any u201ccapitalistsu201d in that war, so there was no capitalism to fight, or be fought.,The main battle, in Russia, was between revolutionary international socialism-the USSR (though I think Stalin had to back down to the idea of u201cSocialism in one countryu201d - and fight a u201cGreat Patriotic Waru

Which is the best mobile to buy in samsung?

Hello There,,Best one is the Note Series.,Then, comes the premium S series.,Then, comes the premium mid ranger A series.,And then, the budget and mid ranger M series.,Previously, there was a C series in between the S and A series, but Samsung stopped their C series.,Thanks.

What is the best way to earn money online in 2021?

There are a ton of ways to make money online but you probably need a maximum of 5.,[Image Source/Credit: Google/Pexels],When it comes to making money, not just online, you need to specialize, and thatu2019s impossible when youu2019re thinking of doing multiple things at the same time.,Find one profitable thing and do it well.,2021 is more than half