Which countries should I visit in Africa? Why?

I like to visit low income countries with a good track record of peace, safety, and political stability. I get affordable trips and that way, I can go to more countries.,Zanzibar and Tanzania.The best words I keep hearing is that Zanzibar is a paradise island on earth. I gotta make a trip out there to see it myself. A friend of mine just got back a

Have you bought an old house to restore? Can you show us the before after?

In 1997, my wife and I bought a bedraggled side-by-side two-family house. Each side was 2000 sq.ft., and each side was divided into ten rooms. It had been built in 1877, but had been covered with asphalt siding in the 1950s, so we didn't know much about its original architectural style.,Before we moved into the uphill side, I had the interior of th

How does active transport work?

Active transport is the movement of a substance across a cell membrane against its concentration gradient - From a low to a high concentration. There are two types of active transport:,,,1) Primary Active Transport - Primary active transport, also called direct active transport, directly uses energy to transport molecules across a membrane. Most of

Is a LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium account worth it?

Short answer is No ,,I have used premium account for over one year and I have never seen any advantage of premium account other than the option to send LinkedIn mails to people who are not connected to you , while that seems good most people who receive such mails knows it's for either advertising or for job requests so they end up ignoring these m

What does it mean when Facebook Messenger says "if you reply, the person will be able to call you and see information like your active status and when youve read messages"? How do I remove this notice?

This is simply a warning from Facebook about what will happen if you choose to reply to this personu2019s message.,You only receive this warning when someone you arenu2019t friends with ( a u201cstrangeru201d) sends you a message. When you see this warning you have two choices:,1 - Simply ignore the message,If you choose to ignore this message the

Is it possible to live cheap in the Philippines?

Yes. Although one thing I never understand is why expats insist on living in polluted and overpopulated Manila/National Capital Region, where prices are comparatively many times more expensive.,I donu2019t think they even realize that u201cprovinceu201d in the Philippines doesnu2019t mean backwater jungles and bamboo huts. The Philippines has aroun

Which Disney princess is the best and why?

Mulan. She shows a level of courage, independence, and responsibility that virtually no other Disney princess does. Instead of waiting to be saved by the men in the movie, she takes the initiative to save those men however she can. When her aged father is conscripted, she puts her life on the line by taking his place. ,Later on, she saves Captain S

What parallels can we draw between Indian and Greek mythology?

1. Indra and ZeusBoth Indra and Zeus are the kings of the gods. In addition, their weapons are thunderbolts. Both of them slay a sea-monster: Indrau2019s opponent is the serpent Vritra while Zeus fights and vanquishes Typhon. Even their abode is quite similar.,2. The Trojan War and Lanka YudhReason for Ramayan and the Trojan War is quite similar. B

How do I format a SanDisk flash drive?

u201cMy computer/This PCu201d to open File Explorer. Right click the SanDisk Cruzer drive and select u201cFormatu201d; select a file system, tick u201cQuick Formatu201d and click u201cStartu201d.

How long can a cake with strawberry filling sit out?

If the cake has a cooked fruit filling that does not contain eggs, it can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 days. Refrigerate for longer storage. It is recommended to not freeze a cake with a fresh fruit filling because the fruit may become watering when thawed. The Absolute.

What are some examples of ridiculous levels of modern censorship?

Watching movies in cinema is part of our life now. We expect to feel connected with the films shown on the screen, to be inspired by the touching lines and scenes, to be amused by the intriguing plot and funny dressings, to explore a life thatu2019s totally different from our own.,Weu2019re told that film is the eighth art. And like other forms of

Do drones only have low range transmissions with under 1 hour flight times in case people use them to spy on people, etc., just like military drones do in the Middle East?

Depend on how much you want to spend on your drone. Even a relatively small drone could carry a mobile phone that could work in any serviced area. They could also carry a satellite phone conection that could weigh less than 2KGs. Larger civilian UAVs are being developed to carry packages for delivery services. Some drones can carry 5kg. So you coul

How should someone handle living with a narcissist, especially if it is a family member?

While the word narcissism has become a popular term in the wider public, NPD is a mental illness. It is hard to handle and almost impossible without receiving personal damage.,Some of the reasons are that:,Everyone in the close social circle is affected, not just the narcissist - especially if the narcissist is a parent or spouse.,Within the wider

Which Android phone has the best battery life?

If you wanna know about smartphones then it would be definitely Ascend Mate 2 4G. It has a battery life of almost 25 hours and 54 minutes.,But if wanna know about a biggie how about this :nSamsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE:9500mAh of raw battery backup!nAnd oh, for the record - My Laptop has a battery of 2260mAh.,Thanks to Ajinkya Ghadge.

What are the best ways to cook an egg?

Fried - in at least three styles: sunny side up which is not turned in the pan and over easy which is turned once. Both of these have a u201cdippyu201d or runny center. There are higher levels of doneness up to a hard, completely cooked yolk. I like to use a very hot pan and ghee or clarified butter and get crispy edges on the egg - an unconvention

What provides the force for moving tectonic plates over the surface of the earth?

Q: What provides the force for moving tectonic plates over the surface of the earth?A; u201cLithospheric plates are part of a planetary scale thermal convection system. The energy source for plate tectonics is Earthu2019s internal heat while the forces moving the plates are the u201cridge pushu201d and u201cslab pullu201d gravity forces. nIt was on

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing three tortoise in a dream, two were very big and the other 3rd one was somehow not too small but in the dream I carried one to the house and when I decided to go for the rest I woke up?

Iu2019ll give an answer based on what is given, for without the complete dream including genders I can do no more.,A turtle in a dream represents grounded, wisdom, longevity among others things.,Google turtle totem and read up on the turtle.,The number 3 in a dream represents a conflict. This conflict is related to what the turtle is symbolic of.,A

Is a director an employee for tax purposes?

A director is not an employee of the company. He is a professional.,His income shall be taxed under the head Profits / Gains from Business / Profession and not Income from Salaries,The company is liable to deduct TDS u/s 194J at the rate of 10% on any sum paid to the directors.

Does Burger King have a chicken sandwich on their menu?

Burger King has several chicken sandwiches,Crispy chicken jr,Original chicken sandwich,Crispy chicken (this one has several different variations including the club, spicy crispy chicken & the rodeo chicken),Grilled chicken (will be returning in September if they donu2019t currently have it)

What is business administrative management?

If you just Google, you will get the answer.,In simple and in my own words, management is just like having things under control under your supervision.,Management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling all activities of organisation/business/school/hospital or whatever it is. It could be your home also.,Safety m

One night after I finished reading my Bible and said my nightly prayer. I heard a voice in my head say Luke 6:21 which I immediately opened my Bible and read that verse. Been praying to Jesus what this verse means and why I heard it in my head?

When you are hungry, whether physically or spiritually, the Lord will feed you with food, his teachings, and the blessings of the Holy Spirit.,When you are saddened, depressed, crying, the Lord will bring you joy. These are what I believe the verse means.,When you follow the teachings of Jesus, your reward will be great.,Maybe this is a verse you h

What are some cool facts about the Universe?

These are some of the cool facts about the Universe:-,The sun takes about 230 million years to travel around the Milky Way galaxy.,2. Neutron stars are the fastest spinning objects known in the universe.,The core of a neutron star is very dense. A spoonful of a neutron star weighs about a billion ton.,3. Quasars are the brightest objects in the uni

Is the train from London to Paris underwater?

Yes. But You are provided an oxygen mask for the transit under the channel. It is preferable to change to your bathing suit before the crossing, but if you canu2019t, cloth dryers are provided at no cost before arrival.

What are the best gifts for your girlfriend?

That depends on who your girlfriend is.,Before I married Joreth, I gifted her a crossbow, and she absolutely loved it. She thought it was the most amazing gift ever. Your girlfriendu2019s tastes might, and indeed probably will, be very different.,Which is the whole point.,The best thing to gift your girlfriend is something that shows you pay attent