Which country has the best food in the world in 2022?

I have visited more than 30 countries and lived in 5 in the last 15 years. I found that every country has a set of advantages and disadvantages. At one place, you may not like the weather. In another, the lack of development. Some places may have good connectivity. Others may have great landscape. You may miss your ethnic food in some places. In ot

How do large organisations manage their design assemblies, sub-assemblies, components, parts, products, and drafting of a very large assembly? Does CATIA V5 software offer more agility and sync when it comes to design management?

Hello,,It is really very good question, I am really glad that you asked such a detailed question . Let me take one by one.,1). How do large Organisations manage their Design Assemblies, parts, Drawings or in One word how do they manage their Design Data ?,So Every big organisations have PLM (Product Life cycle management) software in place to manag

What professional skills I should learn to make my resume strong?

A resume can make or break your career efforts, hence putting the right measures to build an effective resume are essential for career success. Apart from job-specific skills, there are a set of soft skills fundamental to almost every job role.,You might have a high knowledge of technology or any other skill for that matter, but it would be ineffec

What are some resume summary examples?

A resume summary is a professional statement at the top of a resume. It describes the candidate's relevant experience, skills,achievements & Awards. The purpose of this summary is to explain your qualifications for the job in 3-5 sentences and assure the manager to read your complete resume.,Examples;,Detail-oriented Mechanical Engineer and PE with

What will be a high end DSLR camera in 10 years time?

Right now, there are three DSLR manufacturers: Nikon, Canon, and Pentax. Nikon and Canon have just introduced mirrorless camera systems, the Z and EOS R systems. So naturally, they are scrambling to support those systems.,The Year of Mirrorless and the 10th Anniversary2018 was interesting, in that it was the 10th Anniversary of the first mirrorless

Where is the best place to sit at a Madison Square Garden Concert?

The two distinct upper sections behind the stage (the 300 level West Balcony and the 400 level Blue Seats) are surprisingly great seats for a concert. They have a lot more dancing space than the majority of the arena, and the only real drawback is that they are behind the stage.,A lot of legroom was removed in the renovations, to make room for more

What is the required GRE score to get a seat at a good college?

Hi,,Apart from your GRE and language test scores, your application will consist of:,Application FormMost schools prefer online applications. Most graduate schools usually release their MS application forms in July/August for the fall intake of the subsequent year. MS Application forms are detailed and contain mini-essay questions pertaining to extr

Have you ever given up in your life? What motivated you to rise again?

Left high paid, comfortable job at S&P to follow my passion for business.,I didn't have any life changing idea in hand and joined my fatheru2019s Copper cable business, to learn a and maybe grow.,I worked hard but didn't see any prospects because of high leverage and negligible markets to explore.,Started large scale share trading, after initial su

What is your favorite podcast? Why?

I prefer shows that talk about interesting topics with a fresh perspective. I like hosts who research the subject and refer to external sources as they weave fact into their opinions.,I enjoy people who can tell a good story, podcasts that re-tell urban legends or true crime tales with a flair for the material.,I like listening to speculative ficti

Which city is the best place to live in, Sydney or LA?

I lived in LA 16 years. Went through:,LA Riots. Was car jacked while 8 months pregnant, in worst part of Long Beach CA. Our personal Business ( Building) was involved in the LA Riots. Guns and more Guns, in our house for protection.,Neighbours don't talk to you, they drive up to their garage door, wait for it to open, drive in, that's it!,Everyone

Are contracts binding if only the signature pages are signed by the principals?

It depends on whether a specific form for the contract is required by law. Just to state an example (though not squarely applicable), a last will and testatment must appear in a the form required by law, otherwise, it is void.,Also, under Philippine law, a prenuptial agreement or marriage settlement must appear in a public instrument otherwise it i

How does social media analytics work?

It can make sense of your data!Using an analytics tool you will be able to make better decisions based on the information you get from if!,If you want to make sense of your data with stunning visual reports, try Whatagraph!

Can a signed contract be voided?

Several ways:,By mutual agreement of the parties.,If it is determined that performance is impossible, for example, contract for repairs to a house that subsequently burns to the ground.,If it is determined that the object of the contract was illegal, for example, contract to move material to a waste dump, only to find that the material is hazardous

What is missing for South Korea to become a better country?

As someone who since 54 years has an intensive view on Korea, has many Korean friends in Germany, has run a Korean restaurant in Germany and has often travelled to South Korea, I have these remarks:,First of all I admire what the South Koreans had achieved after the Korean war and which had made them number 10 economy in the world and member of G20

How do I make a compound interest calculator in Microsoft Excel?

The formula for compounding is as follows:,Future Value = Principal x (1+rate)^periodTo calculate interest rate simply deduct principal from the FV,This can be done in excel by typing above formula in excel and linking to input cells to make it dynamic. You can do something like this:

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?,Lane Tech Alumni Association has over 5,900 active members all over the world. As a result, the Lane Tech Alumni Association has the largest membership of any high school alumni organiza

Do you think Is it worth to purchase iPad 6th generation at the price of INR 24,000?

iPad 6th Gen also known as iPad 2018 is a tablet computer announced by Apple on March 27, 2018. It is successor to iPad 2017 also known as iPad 5th Gen.,iPad 6th Gen as on Amazon India starts from u20b924,000 as the price depends on the storage capacity selected and whether the iPad is wifi only model or wifi+cellular model.,iPad comes in two diffe

Why does Gordon Ramsay eat crab cakes first when determining a restaurants quality? Is there something specific about their taste or texture that is an indicator for him?

It's not actually about crab cakes in itself that he is interested in but the care and attention that went in to making it. Quality is the culmination of the choices you make in ingredients and method, the attention to detail and care you apply to execution.,Crab cakes are a fairly simple recipe but every step of the way in the preparation will tel

What is the algorithm used by Googles reverse image search (i.e. search by image)? What algorithms would I need to understand, to create similar functionality on a small scale?

It depends on what features of Google Image Search you are thinking about: the retrieval or the classification/recognition. Anyway, you can just get some general ideas about the main technologies that they are using.nWhatever the method or descriptors, rest assured that there is a lot of Google flavored optimizations and tweaking under the hood. I