What are some interesting facts about the Harry Potter series?

Here are 16 Brilliant small details in the Harry Potter Series!Harry Potter Intros become darker every year, just like the Movies!,2. In The Harry Potter Films, Voldemortu2019s robes faded in colour every time A Horcrux was destroyed, to give the impression he was slowly fading away.,3. In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) before Harry

How Do I Clean My Cameras Sensor?

Very very carefully, or you have it professionally cleaned.,For DIY cleaning, take off the lens and turn on the manual cleaning mode which locks the shutter open. Hold the camera face down and GENTLY blow the dust off with a bulb blower from underneath, so the dust falls out.,Never use compressed air and never touch the sensor.

What is your review of the Capital One 360 Savings Account?

I'm pretty happy with Capital One 360.,Although I do have their savings account, their money market account is better. The APR on the money market account is higher at 2%. I also have their checking account and I appreciate the fact that there are no monthly fees or monthly minimums. They have an optional $1,000 overdraft line of credit which gives

What are some of the best "fun facts" you have heard?

Here's my list :,,There's an alarm clock that wakes you up by firing three puzzles into the air, you must collect and return all pieces to matching holes before stopping the clock, Until then alarm won't stop by.n,After 4 years of planning and 2 months of working every night at team of hackers at MIT, Turned a building into giant, Multicolored play

How can I push myself to do things?

Let me start by saying that I like Abdullah's answer.,Having said that, I do have some input I hope you will find useful.,The short answer to your question is that, while you may, in the short run, be able to force yourself to do something you really don't want to because either the gain you get by doing it is sufficiently large or the pain you avo

What is the difference between sociology and anthropology in UPSC syllabus?

A2A,A somewhat similar discussion was done which might help you greatly. Social Sciences: What is the difference between sociology and anthropology? Although the discussion does not deal with UPSE syllabus specifically I believe it would give you a fair idea.,To me, the scope of anthropology has a wider scope than sociology. Additionally most of th

Im 17 and my only goal is to be a housewife. What should I do to prepare myself?

These are possibly the things you should do or learn,Go for cookery classes,Go for some science classes which teach a little about the basics of pregnancy and child birth,Learn basic first aid, CPR, use of simple medicines,Learn swimming if you do not know to but love to swim. You can teach your children,Learn yoga and meditation.,Go to classes on

What are the jobs you can do with a criminology and criminal justice degree?

Thanks for the A2A, Gober Millford.,Here are a few of the many jobs that you can get with a degree in CJ. This is not an exchaustive list, so use it accordingly.,Probation Officer,Forensic Science Technician,Police Officer,Correctional Officer,Private Detective,Fish and Game Warden,Security Guard,State Trooper,Crime Scene Investigator,Computer Fore

When does McDonaldu2019s serve lunch?

McDonaldu2019s starts serving lunch at 11:00 am EST. For the countries in America u2013 it is now noon, and for Canada, it is now one ou2019clock.,In the US, McDonaldu2019s restaurants offer breakfast from opening until 10:30 AM or noon, depending on the location. In some other countries, such as the UK and Ireland, McDonaldu2019s offers breakfast

How should I start making a cv from my fresher year?

First, you need to have some good skills which can make you standout among your classmates.,Second, you should do lots and lots of projects and don't stick to a particular field, explore and experiment as much as possible. Even if the project fails, you still would have learnt something. Never say no to a project, at least when you're a fresher.,Al

What fruits and vegetables are keto friendly?

Vegetables:,Eggplant,Asparagus,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Spinach,Green Beans,Cucumber,Bell peppers,Kale,Zucchini,Celery,Brussels sprouts,Fruit:You must avoid the majority of fruit except for lemons, limes, tomatoes, and small portions of berries.

Why is "New Math" so confusing?

Because of these.,Thirty years ago computers and calculators were brand new. When we were introduced to math, we werenu2019t actually learning math. We were learning the most efficient algorithms to manually compute the results of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We were learning how to be human calculators without under

What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

It is too difficult to buy a gift for a newborn baby. Whenever we select to gift a present to some of our near dear ones, we make sure it surprises them or makes them happy. When gifting to a newborn we consider things that may be of some use to the newly became parents as well! So I remember that time when my best friend invited me to her newborn

How do I format my GoPro SD card?

Formatting your SD card is a good first step as youu2019re setting your camera up for the first time. Itu2019s also something youu2019ll want to do routinely after youu2019ve offloaded your photos and videos and want to delete them to free up space again on the memory card for new shooting.,Here are some of the reasons why you wish to format GoPro

What was your favorite food in each state you visited?

Well, Iu2019ve been to all 50 states at least 30 times each (except Alaska and Hawaii less than 15 times), so Iu2019ve eaten MANY meals in each state. So I guess weu2019re doing this.,Iu2019ve been to every region, and even every county, in every state, so I think Iu2019ve had a wide variety of food experiences. Iu2019ll even go beyond food for you

What does u201ctrue blacku201d (color) mean?

I think Mark McKee, in this thread answered the Q of u201cTrue Blacku201d the poster was looking for, I assume sought.,Black, otherwise, in a true sense, is the absence of reflected color back to our human sensory sight biology - the eyes/optic nerve. An object appears black to us, and in the opposite a white object appears as such as most if not a

How have cameras evolved over time?

Over the time camera has evolved both in size and technology. From a camera obscure(1826) of size equivalent to a room to todayu2019s camera that can fit over the top of a pen.,Lets see how they have evolved over the centuries :,1500 u2013 The Pinhole CameraWhen Mozi, a Chinese philosopher observed rays of light falling on the walls of a darkened r

What was the strangest thing you discovered when you moved into a new home?

A jar of tongues!!!,When I was 12, my parents, my sister and I moved into a new home. In the closet underneath the basement stairs, there was a jar. In the jar were things that looked like brains or tongues or some other monstrosity. My 12-year-old brain reeled with possibilities.,OK. They werenu2019t brains. They were very pale pickled peppers.,Bu

Prime vs. zoom lens, when does one become more useful over the other?

Itu2019s hard to say. It depends so much on what youu2019re looking for. Letu2019s look at the pros and cons:,Zoom lenses:,Cover a range of focal lengths.,The only option for video in many cases.,Primes:,Smaller,Cheaper,Wider aperture (u201cfasteru201d).,Better image quality.

From where can I download gigapixel images of the Milky Way released by NASA?

I know I am over a year late, and you probably found it already. However, someone may be searching for it, so here it is.,The largest pic of Andromeda 4.3 GB (as highlighted by Alankrit Gautam),https://www.spacetelescope.org/static/archives/images/original/heic1502a.psbPS: you will need photoshop to open it and will take about 2.5 GB of RAM. Totall

Why was the Brandenburg Gate built right next to the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall came after the Brandenburg Gate.,The Brandenburg Gate was in the city center at the intersection of Unter den Linden and Ebertstrau00dfe, where the wall was built. The Soviets sort of built a arched area of the Berlin Wall sticking out from the Soviet sector behind the Brandenburg Gate. It was in a special zone that no one could get

How realistic is the target of making India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024?

Itu2019s a Stretch Goal, * From IMF data, Indiau2019s GDP in 2018 was $2.7 trillionn * IMF forecast for Indiau2019s GDP in 2024 is $4.7 trillionn,Source: International Monetary Fund (IMF) database [ https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2019/01/weodata/index.aspx ], * Below is the graphical representation of the same data as above from IMF, whic

What is the role of a business analyst in the Pharma Industry?

BAu2019s have branched off into two main sectors: Technical BAs, and Business Intelligence BAs who are on a market research level supporting strategic implementations.,I can't add anymore to what's already been posted regarding the 1st type, so Iu2019ll just describe the latter. However, both are inherently connected like 1st cousins sharing common

What is the non-crystalline form of carbon?

There really isnu2019t one, since carbon prefers to be arranged in graphite rings and will link up of its own accord whenever possible. Even wood charcoal consists mainly of broken graphite rings. The hotter the charcoal cooking process, the more complete graphite rings it contains. Lamp black may be the most amorphous form.