What are the similarities between formative and summative assessments?

Similarities? They are both assessments, in that they let a student know how they are progressing in your subject. Both tend to refer to the assessment criteria. Both require marking (peer, self and/or teacher). Both put a degree of stress on the students (though technically this should be to a lesser degree with formative assessments).,There are m

What laptop is best in 2022?

Ironically, if you want a gaming PC of any sort, a gaming laptop is one of the more sensible choices now even from a cost-performance standpoint.,This is because retail graphics cards are still selling for about double MSRP, and prebuilt gaming desktops are a lot more expensive in general.,The one key thing to keep in mind with a gaming laptop, is

What is the difference between aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is mainly focusing on designing and testing of flying machines which can be operated in earth atmosphere like aircraft, helicopter etc. Whereas aerospace dedicated to outer atmosphere vehicles and equipments like rockets, space vehicles etc,This is the simplest answer. You can find more details from Wikipedia.

Where can I find some tiny house plans with a small indoor pool in them?

Where can I find some tiny house plans with a small indoor pool in them? Take your tiny home plans and look for the bathtub on the drawing, use a red pen and cross out the word bathtub. Use same red pen and where it said bathtub write small indoors pool and you have just readlined the the drawing to include your indoors pool!!

What are some of the creativity level 100 photos?

It is always believed that ad campaign costs a lot.But people on the internet are proving to us again and again that creativity costs $0.,Take these young people from Lagos, Nigeria as an exampleu2014without any expensive equipment or fancy gear, they took some stunning shots that could be surely mistaken for a professional ad campaign.Apparently,

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a basic income?

Advantages:Liberty. On the most basic level, everyone who works does so out of economic coercion. You have to feed, clothe, and house yourself; those things cost money, so you have to work for money.nnThis limits liberty, but is not inherently evil - humans have had to forage and "work" to provide for themselves since the dawn of time, like any oth

What is the best lighting for a room painted white?

One thing we must keep in mind before painting our walls white that white is color which gets dusted easily so the lighting options preferred for the white wall is low lighting ideas which can be an industrial light just shown in the picture above.,Other option is these pendant lights which are hanging from the ceiling ad creates a perfect vibes. W

What should I see and do in Saint Petersburg?

21 Things to do in Saint PetersburgSituated on the banks of the Neva River, the imperial capital of the 18th century Russia, Saint Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in 1703. Catherine the Great continued to add to the charm and development of the city. The city of Tsars, Saint Petersburg, is the most westernised city in Russia with a bit of

What are examples of political globalization?

Because of trade developments and financial exchanges, we often think of globalization as an economic and financial phenomenon. nNonetheless, it includes a much wider field than just the flowing of goods, services or capital. Often referred to as the globalization concept map, some examples of globalization are:,Economic globalization: is the devel

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is the oldest spreadsheet application that is used in almost all companies. Here are a few usages of Excel:,MS Excel is used popularly for calculations.,Budget plans, forecasts, expense tracking can be done using Excel.,You can visualize your data and gain insights with Excel by creating different charts and graphs with Excel.,Excel

Is it worth buying the Samsung Galaxy 10+?

Four reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Over Note 10Samsung just released its Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus; here are the things that would make you prefer Note 10 Plus to the main variant (Note 10). We already know the Samsung Galaxy Note series to come with S Pen (Stylus); however, in these new devices, the S pen comes with more functio

Can I ship my old hoodie and teddy bear to my friend in the Philippines from the UK?

Of course you can. Why would you not be able to?,I suggest you send it via tracked, or a courier.,I have sent several things to Romania, from the UK, and it got lost in the post each time. So, I decided to try UPS, although it was double the price! Once, I sent a UPS package around 7pm UK time to Romania, and by 11am Romanian time, my friend had re

How do yo find the financial statements for a company?

If itu2019s a publicly traded company, they often put their financials on the website. You can also call their inventor relations department and request a copy. Another way to get it is to just buy a single share of the companyu2019s stock, And as a shareholder they will semd you a copy.,If itu2019s a private company, good luck trying to get one un

Should I go for a SanDisk Extreme or Extreme Pro?

Go for SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64Gb one. You wonu2019t find a lot of difference. When you are copying a file and if you compare the 2, you might not find a lot of difference,in the time. So you can get 64GB instead to 32GB by compromising for a few seconds of transfer time. Hope this helps :)

What is the best thing to do with the thousands of tree seeds (oak, mountain ash, maple, beech, horse chestnut) lying on the ground following a wind storm?

Leave many where they are, so squirrels can cache (red) or bury (grey) the ones they find, and keep others aside to put out for hungry squirrels and nuthatches and rooks etc in winter. You might also like to sow a whole lot and then plant them out as seedlings in the woods to replenish the forest. If you are in the UK, you might like to minimise th

Is beef, chicken, fish or lamb curry with coconut milk kosher?

It can be but it needs to be prepared in a Kosher kitchen using proper Kosher ingredients by someone who knows what is required under Jewish law.,A lamb curry prepared in a non-Kosher establishment will not be Kosher even if all the ingredients are.,Coconut milk, despite being called u201cmilku201d is pareve, not dairy, and can be used with meat bu

Is it normal for a high schooler or a college student to bring a lunch box to school?

It always bothers me that so many people ask if something is u201cnormal".,I brought a lunch box to high school almost every day. The school lunches were not very healthy or good. When I didn't bring a lunch box it usually meant I'd be going off campus to purchase lunch.,At university my lunch box use went down but I still had one with me often tha

What are the Harry Potter magic wands made of?

Wands are made of many different types of wood, with magical cores.,Ollivander, the wandmaker in Diagon Alley, used phoenix feathers, dragon heartstrings, and unicorn hairs in his, although other wandmakers are known to use other magical cores such as veela or even thestral hair.,As a side piece of trivia:,Hermione Granger: Vine wood with dragon he

As someone from India, what foods are popular in your region?

I am from South India,Tamilnadu. We are the land of Hospitality and our language is called tamil, it has 2000 years old heritage , food ,tradition .,Lets us see the some of the famous foods of the regions of Tamilnadu.,1. Kancheepuram Idly- Kancheepuram is famous for its idlis which are not typically idly shaped. In addition, they also have cumin,

What are some important distinguishing tests in organic chemistry class 12?

From what I've come across so far, there are only a few distinguishing tests which are sometimes asked in the class XII boards. They are:,1. Baeyer's test: Aqueous bromine when added to unsaturated organic compound, gets decolourised. DOES NOT work for aromatic hydrocarbons.,2. Lucas's test: Used to distinguish 1u00b0, 2u00b0 and 3u00b0 alcohols. (

What is the definition of Customer in money service business (based on Canada laws)?

The FINTRAC system was designed to record any financial transaction over $10,000 in our banking system. Ive spoken at lengths with regards to its failure to achieve its objectives, etc. The policy itself resulted in evading as opposed to reporting as they sayu2026 more importantly, the likelihood that someone undertaking some illegal transaction fo

How do I scan a document from my Brother printer to my computer?

Yes you can. However, you will need the software of the printer installed on your computer for that function.,You can find the driver here: HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and MoreIf you donu2019t have a computer or mac, you can also scan from a mobile device using the application called HP Smart.

Which laptop is more productive for web developer?

It depends on whether you need to use Photoshop.nIf you need to use Photoshop then you have to get a Mac or a PC. Chromebook won't work.,Another considerations is weight. If you are going to have to carry it around a lot, you may not like to have a big 17 inch laptop. If you are NOT going to carry it around, the 17 inch screen is nice, and having a

What does being a u2018Karenu2019 mean?

A u201cKarenu201d is a term used on Reddit and in Internet slang in general to refer to a specific type of woman. A u201cKarenu201d is typically a woman between the ages of 30u201360 who likely has children and has the air of a suburban mother. However, what is most distinctive and important to notice about a u201cKarenu201d is that she is incredib

How were people so thin in the 70s and 80s?

When people discuss the u201cwhysu201d of our current obesity rate, they tend to glom onto the low-hanging fruit. Smaller portions! Less fast food! More GMOS and HFCS, less C17H21NO4!,They donu2019t take into account the myriad micro-factors, that in aggregate, contributed to our collective thinness back then.,If you were magically transported back