Is the Philippine aspin dog a recognized dog breed?

(Im not a good english speaker pleaee excuse my grammar),Philippine native dogs are not the one who are walking in the streets in the city. Astray dogs from the breed of irresponsible dog owner. Many provinces in the Philippines has a native dog. This native dog has a characteristics, image and attitudes that are not similar to a mongrel or mistezo

Why do some people not want children?

Iu2019m 25 years old. My boyfriend, Parker, is 26.,Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go on a 10 mile hike. It was an arduous hike with sheer rock walls with little ledges that we had to traverse for a good portion. Halfway through the hike we looked at each other and said u201chow the fuck are we going to get down from here?u201d.,Next wee

How did Darth Sidious take over the Galaxy so quickly?

Darth Sidious when he became emperor was 86, considering that he aspired to this office all his life was very slow, considering that Hitler was 45 years old when he took full power in Germany.,Darth Sidious however as a Sith has inherited a thousand years of political and economic connections so he had started very well.

How does the router know the destination Mac address?

To answer this question you need to know how routers do the forwarding decisions. I will do my best to make it simple but accurate as possible.,Router have what is called u201cRouting Tableu201d which basically a list contains all the networks the router knows how to reach. Routing tables are filled either manually or automatically. Their routing t

What is the differences and similarities between a lawyer and computer engineer?

U.S. perspectiveI was not an engineer. However, I did study computer science as an undergrad, and I wrote software for three years before attending law school.,I will start with the similarities and overlaps between writing code and practicing law as I do:,I tend toward details, intense focus, precision, and formality of expression, which are helpf

For how long do I have to aim a laser at the moon to see a dot?

There are two possible questions here. The first is simply how long would it take for a laser to travel to the moon and back.,,nThe moon is around 384,000 km away. The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. The journey is round trip, so:,,nHowever, if the question really is about seeing the dot - you won't. Ever. ,Beams of light diverge. Take a flashli

Have you ever denied an Airbnb guest? If so, why?

Yes I have declined a few. I have too much to protect here to have years of good work undone by some entitled individual who will not read or comprehend what I offer and wants to question whatever I do offer. I dread that poor review having never had one so, I simply tell them my property may not be a good fit for them and suggest they have a look

Why do all other animals have similar faces while humans have distinct faces only?

This is a very intriguing question! And one I definitely plan to return to with more insightful in-depth information, once I have the chanceu2026 (look for and EDIT/UPDATE in the near future),Because I am not an evolutionary geneticist (or any kind of geneticist) so this question is out of my field of experience or depth of knowledge, and itu2019s

Is India a failed state in 2021 as compared to China? What went wrong?

Yes. We are like Venezuela unless u have white collar job, foreign backing or inheritance money.,What went wrong ? Country's economy is given to trust fund inheritance mad*rch**s and their exam warrior chamchas and their penny for hire tullas. Productivity be damned.,China's economy is in the hands of productive class. The industries guy knows how

How do you market a brand using social media?

Social Media Marketing is a great method for companies to promote their business online through social media platforms. The main purpose is to create content tailored to each platform.,Before beginning, you must understand the benefits of marketing on social media:,Reach New CustomersWith social media, you are able to reach a greater pool of custom

What are your favorite Picrew creators?

Iu2019m going to admit something: After using Sangled like 4,000 times, I officially hate it.,Sorry.,(If you like sangled though, more power to you.),Anyways, here are my favorite picrews!,(Also, I didnu2019t make the makers (no shit, I canu2019t draw that well), so all credit goes to their respective artists blah blah blah.)carrotkake's avatar mak

What is HRM?

Human Resources,In any company, HR stands for the Human Resources department which deals with people management, recruitment and defining organisation policies among other things. They are responsible for hiring, positioning and overseeing the employees of an organisation.,Human Resources Generalists, Managers, and Directors, depending on the size

What is the best weight loss diet?

According to me to lose your weight you should follow the following diet plan:-,Drink 1 glass of lukewarm water with honey or Lime Juice as soon as you wake up from your bed.,Take the light and protein rich breakfast like Oats, Poha, Boiled egg, Sprouts, Bananas.,In midmorning take 1 fruit.,Coming to the lunch, eat fresh and healthy food like you c

What is the difference between British and Russian mentality?

I will describe the way a Russian company operates, as I have had an intimate look into its inner workings, to shed some light on the logic, strengths and shortcomings of Russian mentality.The PatriarchThe head of the company and the majority stakeholder is a Patriarch. He didnu2019t start this way, but gradually the collective need dictated he fil

What are good marketing strategies for a small business?

Just over 2 years ago, when we started, we set out to own the word "payroll" in Malaysia. We decided that whatever happened we would not let any of our competitors take ownership of this word in Malaysia.,Now, what did we mean by "own"? We meant it in the same way Google owns "search", Coke owns "cola", and Tesla owns "electric cars

How do they keep Deep Dive Dubai clean?

The water in Deep Dive Dubai is freshwater and purified by one of the most advanced water purification systems available.,Deep Dive Dubai features a massively deep freshwater swimming pool containing 14 million liters of water, as well as 56 underwater cameras and a fully explorable sunken city.,In case youu2019re wondering, the facility says it us

How long could the looming recession in the UK last for?

Based on Bank of Englandu2019s forecast, the UK is facing a 15 month recession.,u201cReminder in light of the Bank of England's gloomy announcement today that IMF also expects UK performance to be the *worst* in the G7 next year Meanwhile, Tory members and leadership candidates obsess over Boris Johnson.u201dnMujtaba Rahman, Managing Director, Eura

How do I cook white beans without soaking?

In my opinion, you must soak them overnight. They are often too old to try and cook them without soaking, and youu2019ll end up adding water to the pot just to maintain them. Soak them for at least 8u201312 hours. Then, change the water add one or two bay leaves and 3 tablespoons of olive oil and cook them slowly till they are tender inside. Add sa

Why did Chinese groups not get on with the Cantonese (see comment)?

A2A - Li Pengii[ Malaysian Context],This question made me blink and go u201chuh?u201d Had to think a bit.,u2026,This anti Cantonese is something that was overseas too as and in some comments I've seen Indonesians, Malaysians and other groups descended from Chinese hatin' on those Cantos.,Specific to me:,My paternal grandfather was Hainanese. My pat

What is your ideal U.S president? List top 5 things he must do for his own people.

One who puts the future of Americans, the world, and the country ahead of the present.,He/she needs to invest in the future with education, infrastructure.,He/she needs to get us out of eternal wars.,He/she needs to prepare for disasters (COVID-19, climate change).,He/she needs to not be bought by special interests (The health insurance industry),H

Whos the most successful entrepreneur and why?

Difficult to write this without reeking of racism but here are some of the most enterprising communities in my opinion and thus potential entrepreneurs(a) Jews - All Jews except US and Europe,(b) Indian - Gujaratis, Marwaris, Baniya, Chettiyar, Nadar, Kerala Mopla Muslims, Pinjara Muslims, Mangalorean Bunt Community, Reddiars,(c) Pakistan - Sindhi,

What are your reviews on Appleu2019s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max?

WARNING: This is a vague, untechnical review by a girl who is extremely non-techy - possibly even a borderline Luddite - and will contain totally subjective feelings rather than info about specs etc.,,Iu2026am not quite sure, honestly.,Itu2019s fast, except on one particular game, and I think thatu2019s a game bug. Everything else loads quickly, vi

How can I easily earn by affiliate marketing from clickbank?

Anyhow I am about to explain you almost everything related to Clickbank, just in case you didn't get me then go to google and type " Clickbank software udemy" you get lots of information there. Now i will describe you about Clickbank.,If you'd like to make money with ClickBank, you're not alone. ClickBank facilitates around 30,000 digital sales eac

What are some good uses for the GitHub Student Developer Pack?

The GitHub Student Developer Pack provides the resources to set up your own domain at no cost. In the rest of my answer, I rant about why it was initially hard for me, why it might've been a barrier for you, to create your own website. I include a short, somewhat comprehensive, guide meant for a student audience with little to

What are some of the creativity level 100 photos?

It is always believed that ad campaign costs a lot.But people on the internet are proving to us again and again that creativity costs $0.,Take these young people from Lagos, Nigeria as an exampleu2014without any expensive equipment or fancy gear, they took some stunning shots that could be surely mistaken for a professional ad campaign.Apparently,

What are some of the best Hindu baby boy names starting with an M?

Some good boy names are:n1. Manu - ancient progenitor n2. Madhusudhan - Slayer of Madhu (Lord Krishna)n3. Mrinal - Lotus Stalkn4. Mahaksha - One with great eyes (from Vishnu Sahasranama)n5. Mathurapati - Lord of Mathuran6. Maanyah - One who commands great respectn7. Mahaan - A great personn8. Medhavi - Highly Intelligent (from Vishnu Sahasranama)

Why does military food taste bad?

I was first introduced to Army food at Ft. Benning, GA. Thatu2019s where I had my first experience with the infamous SOS, a.k.a. Shit on a Shingle, a.k.a. Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast. Iu2019ll tell you whatu2026 I loved it so much, I can count on one hand the days that I chose not to have it for breakfast for the full duration of my enlistment. I

What is the algorithm used by Googles reverse image search (i.e. search by image)? What algorithms would I need to understand, to create similar functionality on a small scale?

It depends on what features of Google Image Search you are thinking about: the retrieval or the classification/recognition. Anyway, you can just get some general ideas about the main technologies that they are using.nWhatever the method or descriptors, rest assured that there is a lot of Google flavored optimizations and tweaking under the hood. I

What are some of the IRCTC hacks while booking a ticket online?

I am a frequent traveller in indian Railways and it has been so long since I am booking tickets through IRCTC .,In the past few years alot has changed , many new features have been introduced which are very useful for us.,Today I will share few useful hacks which can make your booking more easier and your journey more comfortable..,1 . Always opt a