Why do I look skinnier but weigh the same?

Im not sure if this is a serious question. There is alot wrong with this.,Firstly How can you eat 300u2013500 calories and still function?,If you want to lose weight HEATHILY count your calories, and calculate ur TDEE and subtract 500 from there to be in a caloric deficit.,Starving yourself will compromise your metabolism.,Also drink LOTS of water.

How does Katti translate to English?

Well, as far as I know, there isn't any single word literal translation to 'katti' in English. You can use something like: "Shut up! I don't want to talk to you!". If you are on a warpath, you can say: "Make yourself scarce if you want to live" or give a death stare and just say: "FINE!" (this will help you make that person shut up. At least for a

What is the best non-Chinese budget smartphone?

Edited: 2021,China has a wide range of smartphone companies that are rocking the whole world, Among them, some of the best are Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei.But that does not mean that China has won the market, According to 2021 stats here are the top 3 Smartphone Brands In the world.,1/. Samsung2/. Apple3/. HuaweiIn 2020 Quarter 3, Huawei was beaten by S

What if we see animals in dreams?

Animals in dreams can be extremely helpful in gaining insight into ourselves - into our psyche. Animal dreams deal with strong emotion and are usually indicative of "prime root" issues in our lives.,Animals in dreams signify our basic instincts, our deepest emotions. They appeal to our deepest desire to be wild and free.,When investigating our anim

What are some good ideas to make living room more bright?

Bright Ideas to Create a Bright Living Room That Gives Hands-on BenefitsAlso known as the lounge room, the living room is a critical room in all homes. That is where you relax after a busy day at work; families converge and catch up, play, study, and so on. It is also important to note that the living room gives a house an elegant look. Being an im

What is your recipe of the day 73?

In less than an hour you can make these yummy donuts and eat them warm! It is a simple recipe for a last minute dessert to go or a rainy day recipe, to save you from driving in the rain to the store for snacks. Whether you are vegan or not, a donut is always a treat for everyone! Fill with any jelly, or just make rings or twist with some cinnamon a

If Singapore and Malaysia go to war, which country will emerge victorious?

I am a Malaysian, but my brother-in-law is a Singaporean citizen. He was born in Malaysia, studied in Singapore, married a Singaporean and had a daughter. My niece married a Singaporean who was born and raised in Muar, Johor, Malaysia. He went to Singapore for work and became a PR. There are hundreds of thousands of families in Malaysia and Singapo

How can you clean your cellphone camera lens?

Hopefully you mean the glass cover and not the lens. The same way as cleaning glasses. A little smidgen of soap and water or if you prefer a lens cleaner which is almost all purified water with a small amount of detergent.,Avoid low molecular weight alcohols which can delaminate coatings and soften plastic.,Use a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid cellul

How do I calculate the correlation coefficient in Excel?

For linear correlations you can install the data analysis toolpak by going to options -> add-ins -> hit u2018gou2019 at the bottom -> check the analysis toolpak and hit ok -> now navigate to your data tab and select data analysis on the top right -> lastly select correlation and specify your data.,That will leverage built-in excel fu

Who will be the richest person on earth by the year 2022?

As per my thoughts someone whose main business is related to artifical intelligence because future will be the age of artifical intelligence because when corona end everything will change people is now more dependent on technology. internet user increase day by day hence future will be for someone who will give revolution in artifical intelligence,

What is it like to work at SpaceX?

SpaceX has become quite a large organization over the last few years, yet it still maintains a startup mentality and feel to it. Despite its size there's a fairly flat organizational structure. For example, I reported to the CIO, which was only a couple levels down from Elon.,I actually started out as an intern, and converted to full-time after a y

What age represents Gen X?

The Strauss & Howe Definition (they created the concept of "Millennial") runs roughly as follows:,(birthyears),"Lost" Generation - late 1800s,WWII Generation - 1900s into early 1920s,"Silent" Generation - 1920s into mid-1940s,Boomers - late 1940s to early 1960s,GenX - early 1960s to about 1980,Millennials - early 1980s to early 2000s,Plurals or "Ge

What is the best travel destination in Indonesia?

I am planning to visit Bali on my birthday this August. However, the primary reason why I am going is because my friends wanted to visit it. It is also easier to go to from the Philippines.,But if I have a choice, I will ditch Bali for:,Mt. Bromo,Borobodur,and,Rajah Ampat

How does the Pampered Chef air fryer compare to others on the market?

The Pampered Chef Deluxe Air Fryer is one of the finest air fryers in the market. Being a reviewer and kitchen gadget expert, I have used and reviewed many air fryers. I used Pampered Chef Deluxe Air Fryer for a few weeks and cooked some favored fried foods like a chicken roast, French fries, etc.,Here are some findings that I made about this air f

What was the biggest wedding fail you experiencedwitnessed?

Hoo, boy!,Deborah and I met on-line. This was really unusual at the time because the Internet was still this arcane thing used by universities and research institutions. Email, once you got off the Internet per se, was transferred via UUCP and used bang paths.,Regardless, we met in person, fell in love, and, soon, I moved down from Seattle to join

How much time does it take to mine a one-bit coin by an individual?

Calculating the time to Mine 1 BitcoinDetermining the exact time it takes to successfully mine 1 Bitcoin is very difficult since this value depends on the computing power of the equipment and the amount of competition at any single moment. On average, the time it takes for all the mineru2019s computational power in the world to obtain 1 BTC is 10 m

How do you create and sell NFT crypto art?

Buy some cryptocurrencyThe first crucial thing to understand is that youu2019ll need to pay a platform to u2018mintu2019 (i.e., generate) an NFT of your work. Most platforms want paying for that using Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the open-source blockchain platform Ethereum, which is where NFTs first launched.,Be aware that, like bitcoin and

What are some easy breakfast menus for kids and toddlers?

1)Mash a banana with your fork (toddler) and serve with milk soaked cheerios 2) coat a piece of high protein toast with Nutella, cut into fourths or eights and put some mashed fruit (bananas, strawberries) on top of each quarter piece of toast 3) if you have time, make scrambled eggs, serve with soft bread cut into u201cfun shapesu201d or make inst

Whats the toughest phone call youve ever madereceived?

I can tell about the toughest phone call Iu2019ve ever received, and the toughest one Iu2019ve ever had to make, in one answer.,My daughter and her husband and their two children lived with me and my spouse for a while. The two granddaughters were Katie, 3 and Hayden, 10. Hayden had been sick, and the doc diagnosed her with strep throat. It was clo

When will India become the largest country by population?

All ready India has second rank in Population. This second rank is very dangerous for India. People lived in India faces many difficulties and problem about there life style at the stage. Many people in would be struggled for 2 times meal. The reason for that problem is population. . At that stage the population of India is 133.92 crores. increasin

How can I create a completely new YouTube account while keeping the same email?

In 5 steps you can create a new YouTube account whilst also keeping it under one email!,Step 1: Sign into your YouTube account,Step 2: Select your profile image to bring up this view:n, ,Step 3: Select the YouTube settings button,,,Step 4: Select, "See all my channels or create a new channel",,,Step 5: Create a new Channel ,

What are the downsides of living in Arizona?

It's difficult to remain driven or serious. We just have too many recreational options. Even if we hit a traffic snag coming home, it feels like a Friday night the second we hit the driveway. nIt's light on German, Slavic restaurants. Heavy food is hard to find. nWe don't have winter. We have 8 months of Indian summer, so skiers have to drive a cou

Whats the easiest way to take 20 percent off a price?

The easiest way to find 20% of any number would be multiplying the given number by 2 and shifting the decimal point 1 digits towards left.,For example. n20% of $45 would be 45*2=90. Shifting the decimal 1 digit to the left gives us 9.,Therefore, $9 is 20% of $45.,Have a fun day!

What are the best BL dramas to watch?

So some of the best bl dramas that i have watched are -,ADDICTED- Chinese( This is a perfect Bl i literally loved it in spite of the fact that it was later censored and therefore was left incomplete),HISTORY-Taiwanese (all the series of history are really a masterpiece they are all a great fun to watch itu2019s a must try u2026.they all have quite