What are some unusual ice cream flavors? Where arewere they sold?

Let's just say that I have a bit of a thing for ice cream [1]. Here are some of the more unusual flavors I've tried:,San Francisco Bay AreaBi Rite (Bi-Rite Creamery):n,balsamic strawberryn,basil,cheesecake with blueberry swirl,coffee toffee,earl grey,egg nog,ginger,hazelnut cocoa nib (made with Dandelion cocoa nibs),honey grahamn,honey lavender,oli

What are some adjectives for describing really good smelling foods?

Adjectives to describe foods:________________________A_________________________,acrid,aftertaste,aged,ambrosial,ample,appealing,appetizing,aromatic,astringent,______________________B__________________________,baked,balsamic,beautiful,bland,blazed,blended,blunt,boiled,brackish,briny,browned,buttered,_______________________C_________________________,

How is the repayment schedule for a personal loan generated?

Repayment schedule is a vital element of any payment agreement. Parties need to agree on how and when payments will be made. A payment agreement is a legal contract detailing the terms of installment payments between the lender (the creditor) and the payer (the debtor). Creditors and debtors can be individuals or any business entity: Free Payment A

What are the different types of students in middle school?

The blue-haired girlsColored hair, of course,Theyu2019ve probably diagnosed themselves with at least five different mental illnesses.,They wear those wolf hoodies. Yu2019all know what Iu2019m talking about.,They watch anime,Insist on people calling them by their middle name or something that isnu2019t their name at all,They only hang out with guys

What does a history buff know that others donu2019t know?

Really, really odd and downright obscure things you would never have guessed. Like Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. Has been for a while now. His father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister many years before him. But Justin doesnu2019t look like Pierre very muchu2026 he looks just like Cuban dictator and communist leader Fidel Castro.

How do you create a good quality image with a clipping path?

A clipping path in layman's terms is an outline of a dedicated or specified product, clothing, model, etc. This allows photographers; studios; magazines and other image-related companies to cut out a product from a certain background or focus on a centerpiece.,One of the other major uses for this would be in the fashion industry for both product an

Should I go for a SanDisk Extreme or Extreme Pro?

Go for SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64Gb one. You wonu2019t find a lot of difference. When you are copying a file and if you compare the 2, you might not find a lot of difference,in the time. So you can get 64GB instead to 32GB by compromising for a few seconds of transfer time. Hope this helps :)

Is there any TRULY free sound recording app for iPhone?

Yes there is one. Even i tried many and most of them have trials or limited functionality. The one im mentioning here also have a paid version but the free one contains quite all basic functions required by normal person for recording. ,Here is the linkVoice Recorder Lite : Audio Recording, Playback, Trimming and Cloud Sharing on the App StoreI hop

What are some tasty ways to prepare dungeness crab?

Thanks for the A2A, Jesse!,I really like the two answers already here. So why am am still putting my cents in? Because this is such a big part of island life for us.,When we harvested Dungeness crab, we did so on the Canadian side of Puget Sound. A group of us, about 7 or 8, would get a chicken carcass first thing in the morning from the butcher do

Who wants to visit Naran Kaghan Valley?

Naran is one of Pakistan's most popular tourism destinations, as Naran is, due to its panoramic views, one of the most renowned cities in the country and because of this wanted to visit but i couldnu2019t. I wrote a article on Naran as a fan of the town lol. You can check that article here:

Why is horse riding considered an exercise?

I have had doctors react to my riding as a form of exercise for weight loss in a negative manner. Their comment was u201cthe horse does all the worku201d. Anyone who makes a comment like that, has not ridden a horse. In 4 months of active riding a minimum of 30 hours a week, I lost 50 pounds. Many times I was just as out of breath as my horse after

Can you share some diabetic dessert recipes for the Fourth of July day 278?

Here are some easy recipes for the Fourth of July Festivals!,7 reviews u00b7 3 hours u00b7 Serves 6 u00b7 Celebrate Independence Day with a healthy and sweet, yummy treat! Whether you're on a sugar free, low-carb, keto, vegan, diabetes friendly or simply a clean eating diet, these delicious fruit popsicles are perfect for any summer party!,10 ingre

Whats a romantic, relatively easy snack?

Strawberries or cherries are always a good choice. Theyu2019re kind of a cliche in their own way but theyu2019re a staple in my book for romantic fruits. Depending on setting just feeding each other chopped up fruit with little toothpicks in them can also provide the same thing and provide variety. However, for your by the book romantic scenes of b

What are your favorite easy lunch Ideas for weight loss?

A healthy diet goes hand in hand with exercise when it comes to losing weight the right way.,Finding quick and healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss will simplify your weekdays and take the guesswork out of what to cook. Life is difficult with so much to do and so little time. Having a plan certainly helps a lot, but when it comes to eating, you

Why did European colonizers think that California was an island?

Spaniards had conquered the Aztecs and annexed the allies of Spain, Mesoamerica was in its very first days as the just founded Viceroyalty of New Spain, what would much later become Mexico and all the south-west of the US after independence and the Mexican-American War.,In this context Hernu00e1n Cortu00e9s was told by the Spanish native allies of

What is the best Indian chicken curry recipe?

The combo of chicken curry & rice is my definition of comfort food. Though there are countless recipes of chicken curries in India, I prefer to have chicken curry either prepared by my mom or myself. Over two years of making subtle changes in this recipe and doing a lot of experiments, finally, I perfected this recipe of chicken curry which I am go

How do I process bulk volume in Photoshop? I have thousands of images with the same size. I was asked to create recording and do action. But it is not getting stored as individual images with same pixel rather it is storing as board.

Hi Srinivasan Palanisamy, it is not very difficult. From your question I assume that you know how to create/record actions in Photoshop. Hence I am not writing about them.,Here I have recorded an action. It is Image>adjustments>desaturate.,(I wanted to convert all the folders in one of my folder to gray-scale images).,You can see the screensh

What sucks about AI?

What is horrible with today's AI, it makes a sort of AI alchemy mixed with pseudoscience having dangerous effects as the pseudoscientific theories about racial and ethnic classifications.,Instead of being a leading science and engineering, the mainstream, big tech AI/ML/DL is selling some math-techniques, statistic models, algorithms and black-box

Under what circumstances, an Indian firm can be dissolved?

The dissolution of partnership among all the partners under section section 39 of partnership act 1932 is called the dissolution of the firm. it involves a change in relation of partnership business,if the remaining partners continue that business.,Dissolution : Dissolution simply mean the complete break down in the relationship of partnership amon

Who is the most disgusting serial killer that not many people know about?

In the u201960s in Sydney a serial killer was stalking the city killing homeless men and leaving their bodies in the park but cutting off their genitals. They died from multiple stab wounds, usually 30 to 40 before being left castrated and naked around the city.,On the 2nd of June 1962 , the killer, William Macdonald sat in the lunch room of the Po

How will Duchess Meghan modernize and create a u201cprogressiveu201d monarchy in the UK now, one with more appropriate roles for everybody, while she is living in the US? Who is helping her other than Prince Harry?

Meghan and Harry will modernize the United Kingdom and Europe through their charitable foundation Archewell.,In fact theyu2019ve trademarked just about everything under the sun for advancement of their compassionate ethos benefiting all of humanity. How can we live without them? How can we face a day, a morning or a moment living outside their grac