Which places in the world are the very best for saltwater fishing?

Well - like beauty being in the eye of the beholder - the very best world fishing locations are an opinion of anglers.,Consider that this saltwater FISHING is just a sport for some of us: recreation.,and the truth - there is a HUGE global - international FISHING BUSINESS - for corporations and nation's sponsored fishing fleets (Russia, Europe, Asia

What are the SWOT analysis advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection. It is a strong tool, but it involves a great subjective element. It is best when used as a guide, and not as a prescription. Successful businesses build on their strengths, correct their weakness and protect against internal weaknesses and external threa

What are some good ideas to make living room more bright?

Bright Ideas to Create a Bright Living Room That Gives Hands-on BenefitsAlso known as the lounge room, the living room is a critical room in all homes. That is where you relax after a busy day at work; families converge and catch up, play, study, and so on. It is also important to note that the living room gives a house an elegant look. Being an im

What are some top public US universities in ME similar to Ivy Leagues, Stanford, MIT, that offer financial aid to international undergraduate students?

What field do you want to study? A school that is excellent in, say, political science or Chinese history, might not be good in chemistry or French literature, and vice versa. Why are you restricting yourself to public universities? The net cost of a private university can be as low, with financial aid.,Here are some places you might ask about inte

Hows the cost of living in Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai?

Cost of living of a person depends upon his/her economical conditions and demands. Though, we can judge living on basis of a normal person and his lifestyle.,Hereu2019s some analysis on cost of living:,Abu Dhabi vs DubaiPrice of renting a house in Dubai is 4.74% (approx) higher than in Abu Dhabi.,Purchasing groceries in Dubai is 14.43% (approx) hig

From a professional standpoint, was Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Top Gun) a good pilot?

Background: my former job was similar to a combination of u2018Charlieu2019 and u2018guy with thick glasses watching radaru2019 on Top Gun; I was an F/A-18 fighter controller in the Royal Australian Air Force. Weu2019d brief with pilots before each mission, going through the tactical plan, Iu2019d watch on radar and talk to the pilots throughout th

How do I cash out from my OneVanilla prepaid Visa card?

Very good question Annika!,There's a big difference between Pre Paid Debit cards that can be reloaded and a Pre Paid Non Reloadable "Gift Card" for a certain dollar amount.,OneVanilla Gift Card does not have ATM access, and it cannot be used to get cash back at the point of sale.,However, OneVanilla pre paid Visa Debit card will allow you to:,Visit

How is marriage and the wife if Rahu is in the 7th house (Aquarius), 7th lord Saturn is in the 5th house (Sagittarius), and Venus is in the 11th house (Gemini)?

For Leo Ascendant Venus is good in 11th,12th, 3rd, 6th and 8th houses. He is bad in Kendra HousesSince 7th lord is in 5th house and Rahu is receiving aspect from his ruler there could be delay in marriage as Saturn from 5th house aspects 7th, 11th and 2nd houses i.e., all the houses that deal with marriage,the spouse of the native will be tall, bol

Why is Takoyaki famous in the Philippines?

Just guessing here. Takoyaki is not so rigorous a recipe compared to other Japanese dishes that Filipinos can relate to better. Plus, the fact that it is meant as a street food makes it even more endearing to a country thriving on food-on-the-go. Finally, price. Lower priced in general, it has a much more economical appeal than the more traditional

Does everything happen according to Kundli?

In Horoscope, Astrology Kundli 'is innately a factual and authentic birth-chart established on the research and analysis of the astronomical carcasses as well as the planets in the universe.,Astrology Kundli is also beneficial in finding daily horoscope and prognoses of a state of- decision-making, love-life, characteristics of an individual, and m

What are some nice upscale, modern, boutique hotels in Hong Kong?

The Mira Hotel http://www.themirahotel.com/en/default.aspx,Hotel ICON http://www.hotel-icon.com/,Butterfly on Prat http://www.butterflyhk.com/butterfly-on-prat/en/index.html,Cosmo Hotel http://www.cosmohotel.com.hk/,The Luxe Manor http://www.theluxemanor.com/,Hotel LKF http://www.hotel-lkf.com.hk/

I dreamed someone cut my hair. What does that mean?

Hair for men means sorrow and for women means their money or adornments. So cutting hair is good for men, but bad for women. If you are from a military background, hair represents dignity/honour. So cutting hair for men can be bad in this context. -Islamic interpretations.

What are the graphic design trends for 2021?

Here are the predictions of design trends in 2021 from Cadabra Studio experts:,Personalized content. This trend is about making a customized experience for every website visitor. Unlike the one-fits-all approach, personalization is the way to show users only the information that is relevant to their preferences, location, search requests, and so on

What are the best recipes to make a corned beef sandwich?

The grilled Rubinu2026even though it is not Kosher.,Usual ingredients: Rye bread, shaved corned beef, sauerkraut (rinsed and wrung dry), Russian or Thousand Island dressing, sliced Swiss Cheese (or whatever).,Assemble sandwich: on rye slice, add the beef, sauerkraut, dressing and top with cheese and the other rye slice.,Lightly butter both rye slic

Does marijuana affect your food allergies? I had two food allergies test before and after marijuana and the results were quite different (skin test). Most allergies were reduced in severity.

It can. It can have a cross-reacting affect with a number of other plants, such as tomatoes and peaches, so there is substantial peer-reviewed clinical literature documenting marijuana causing allergic reactions to other foods.,It was long thought that CBD was even worse, but some studies have demonstrated that it is relatively benign. Though many

Why is the Nasdaq down today?

The treasury yield is increased by the federal reserve. To stock prices as per Warren Buffet, treasury yield is like gravity. Increasing the yield attracts the stock prices downwards.,NASDAQ is heavily geared towards tech which is the most free flying sector ( lots of speculation and low dividend payouts) and the most heavily affected.

Will work from home become the norm after this Pandemic?

I guess my answer to this question will be NO.,Work from home is only possible when there are some tough situations which an employee is facing and he has no option other than not coming to office and working. In this pandemic also the work from option is forced because of the complete lockdown enforced by the Government so that this virus doesnu20

Why does my Google camera not work?

If your camera on some unknown Google phone is not working I suggest that you find a repair shop that specializes in Google phones and get an estimate for the repair. If it is one of the older Google phones you might consider getting a new phone.

What are your plans for Valentineu2019s 2021?

Iu2019ll gift her chocolates in the morning.,Then we will hangout in some cafe.,Iu2019ll take her to the riverside and we will spend some time together.,Then Iu2019ll take her to a fancy restaurant and we will have lunch together.,In the afternoon, Iu2019ll gift her flowers.,Then Iu2019ll drop her home in the evening.,Thatu2019s all I could have pl

What are some modern country living room ideas?

Here are some of my favorite modern country living room ideas!,Bright Florals - living room bursting in colors and floral themed prints.,Farm House Style - something that will give you an old Texas feel with framed coffee table and watercolor paintings.,Blue - for light and airy feel.,You can also checkout other visual sites that are giving out som

Where exactly is the center of Indonesia, latitude & longitude wise?

I looked for the coordinates of the outer limits of the countryu2019s boundariesu2026,The western tip of Melingge Pulo Aceh, Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh, Indonesia on the island of Pulau Breueh is at longitude 95.011198,The most northern point is nearby on a neighbouring island, near the city of Pantai, Iboih at latitude 5.907130 near a beach known as

What are Hollywoods most mind-blowing movies?

There are so many movies that came to my mind when I saw the word mindfuck. The films I would list as total mindfuck movies are,1. Primer (2004)I needed to watch this time travel movie three times and read some huge explanation articles to fully understand the complexity of its timelines. You won't be able to dig it in one go. This masterpiece was

What is a good guide for calculating U.S. tax and duty rates?

U.S. Customs has groups of import specialists who can help you get startednin importing. Import specialists are organized according to commodity specialistnteams, which are assigned specific types of goods and are available tonrespond to any question you may have about U.S. importing rules and regulations. Import specialists provide information abo