How do I get a clear photo in low light?

Unfortunately, there are no u201cmagic bulletsu201d when it comes to low light imagery. Whether it was grain in the film days or noise in the current digital world, if you want to increase sensitivity to light in a photographic u201ccaptureu201d medium (film or sensor) then you have to be prepared to accept a minimum of artefacts in the resulting p

Do you get a BA or BS in business?

In the US, the usual business degree is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, or BSBA. Some colleges may call it a Bachelor of Arts or BA instead, but the degree title BA vs BS is usually irrelevant.,Outside the US, a business degree may be called a Bachelor of Commerce or B. Com.

How long will marinated chicken last in the fridge?

That is highly dependent on the marinade. Two days max. I frequently make an Hawaiian marinade with soy, pineapple juice, red wine vinegar, brown sugar etcu2026 the chicken texture especially white meat, is horrible after about 36 hours.,Horribleu2026as in, I won't eat it.,It's actually u2018predigestedu2019 in the pineapple juice and red wine vine

What is the best business plan formattemplate to use for a new start-up?

Forget the business plan. Just answer each of these headings:,A) ProblemnDefine the top three problems your customer has,B) SolutionnGive one sentence describing your solution. Include at least three differentiating features your product will have.,C) Unique Value Proposition (UVP)nHow are you at least 10% better than your competitors? Why are you

How do I decorate modern small apartments?

Adding a touch of personalization is easier in a small apartment than you might think. You only need two things to pull it off: a little decorating know-how and modern apartment decor.,The blank canvas of a new apartment can leave you wondering u201chow do I decorate my modern apartmentu201d? Taking the first steps in a homemaking project is often

How do you rotate the screen on a computer monitor?

There are many ways to rotate the screen. SO, here are the two most effective ways you can do so.,Method 1: Via KeyboardIf you have windows 7 or 8 then you can simply rotate your screen by 90u00b0,180u00b0 or 270u00b0 at anytime by just pressing three keys simultaneously.,Ctrl+Alt+ the arrow key where you want new dirrection of scree.,For example i

Which continent does Russia belong to?

Depends on what you consider a continent. Russia either spans two continents: Europe and Asia, or belongs in Eurasia. ,By most standards there are 7 continents in the world: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Yet, some geographers combine Europe and Asia into the Eurasian continent. , Russia is the larges

Whats the maximum carbs on ketogenic diet?

A person on the keto diet should limit their carb intake to up to 50 g a day. A person generally replaces high carb foods with fatty foods, such as eggs, dairy products, and fresh meat and fish. Wheat products and some fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes can be high in carbs, so checking food labels is key. According to a 2018 review of the diff

What do women envy about men?

Freedom.Don't tell me it's not true, that we're all equal now. This is the 21st century, for crying out loud!,But I'm not going to leave you with a one-worded answer here, only allowing you to ponder and downvote. Let's move into tenets and make a mini-manifesto (sometimes I'm redundant) of the freedoms men have versus the freedoms women have.,(Not

Whats inside Sleeping Beautys Castle in Disneyland?

Inside Sleeping beautyu2019s castle is a walk through attraction with stained glass windows and other displays telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. It is narrow and has a lot of stairs, you climb upstairs on one side, walk over where the drawbridge area is and down the other side. Itu2019s cute and was cutting edge when it was first installed in t

Was medieval Europe more advanced than the Roman Empire?

In a lot of ways it was more advanced, indeed.Especially concerning the living conditions of the u201ccommonersu201d.,For starters, there was no large scale slavery any more. Sure, being a serf isnu2019t exactly a dream career, but it is better than being a slave.,Whatu2019s more, the lack of slaves forced Europeans to use and invent quite a bit of

Was Newt Gingrich named after an amphibian?

Mr. Gingrichu2019s name at birth was Newton Leroy McPherson. Later, Newtonu2019s mother remarried, and he took his stepfatheru2019s surname, Gingrich. His mother always called him u201cNewtie.u201d,Looking through several biographical articles on Gingrich, I couldnu2019t find any mention of why he was given the name Newton. I would guess it was aft

Are there any websites that offers free stock videos without watermark?

There are various sites that offer free stock videos, including Pexels, Pixabay, Mazwai, Videezy, and many more. What if the video you need is only available on premium stock video websites with a watermark? Worry no more because, with ud83cudf0e Remove Logo Now software, you can remove any watermark from videos such as channel logos, subtitles, te

What is the most popular light gray interior paint?

The Best Light Gray Paint Colors areSherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW7029.,Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.,Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray SW7043.,Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil SW9165.,Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548.,Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173.,Sherwin Williams Useful Gray SW7050.,Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW7050

What is the best spaghetti bolognese recipe?

I suspect there are a million answers to this, some more traditional in style than others. There are also a few other questions on this topic already posted on Quora, so might be worth some searching.,I personally like to make mine with a combination of ground beef and spicy Italian sausage, a bit of fennel seed, onion, garlic, canned tomatoes, tom

Do you feel that homeowners should be free to apply any color they wish to their home?

Do you feel that homeowners should be free to apply any color they wish to their home?I have a friend whose architect spouse designed their lovely purple house, and itu2019s objectively a better house, using any criteria, than the cookie-cutter u201cmodern eclecticu201d houses in their overpriced neighborhood. The purple is subtle, but it wouldnu20

What are the big differences between Baton Rouge and New Orleans?

While both are very old cities with even longer histories Baton Rouge(1722) and New Orleans(1718). With settlements in both beginning u201cdiscoveredu201d in 1699. Over the years the two separated in significance as Baton Rouge was just a major strategic position on the Mississippi River. New Orleans with its easy access to the Gulf became a major

What are some examples of food that go well with mashed potatoes?

What are some examples of food that go well with mashed potatoes?Mash is so nice and so versatile it goes well with almost anything.,Although mash is universal, This answer will highlight UK foods.,I am sure there are many other uses and variations of these throughout the world.,Potato Croquettes. Dress the mashed potatoes up by dipping them in bre

Is it OK to wash raw egg yolk down the sink?

Natural food products are OK.n nHere is some information from our local community about what is NOT OK.n nu2022General hazardous waste managementnu2022Antifreezenu2022Aqueous cleaners/solutionsnu2022Batteriesnu2022Circuit boards, computers, telecommunications equipmentnu2022Containersnu2022Fuels - gasoline, fuel oil, fuel and water mixturesnu2022In

What are the ingredients in chicken ala King?

Homemade Chicken Ala King recipe, ingredients included:,2T Butter 1T oil (I use grape-seed oil),1 small onion diced,1 small sweet pepper (size of your thumb) orange/red/yellow all fine,1T flour,Directions: fry down above in butter - add flour and cook until bubbling but do not brown and add:,3/4 cup 1/2 &1/2 (half cream half milk),1/4 cup water,Sti

Why are so many in the deaf community opposed to treatments like cochlear implants? Very few in the blind community oppose treatments for blindness, very few amputees oppose prostheses, yet cochlear implants are very controversial.

tl;dr -- Deaf culture is very accepting of people in general. If a person chooses to get a cochlear implant - some see this as an attempt to cure what is not broken. To eliminate their identity to conform with the rest of society and fit in. Deaf community is about using ASL to enhance "comprehension loss", their own personal superpower. Deaf cultu

What is your favorite dark fact from history?

There is a town in Suffolk that has almost entirely vanished into the sea.,Many times throughout my childhood and my teenage years, my family and I would drive to the coast at a place called Dunwich. It is a pleasant small town on the Suffolk coast with only about one street and a museum, as well as a shingle beach and a nearby forest which is avai

What is Dolly in camera movement?

The dolly is a device with wheels that the camera is mounted to. In the movie industry, the dolly is a specialized and often used piece of gear. It is very heavy and rides on meticulously laid track. On command, a person known as the dolly grip pushes it along as the camera is rolling. Itu2019s a lot harder than it sounds as the camera has to hit c

What are the benefits of DSLR?

Bigger sensor than digital point and shoot camerasnVarious type of lenses that can be used based on neednAbility to shoot RAW format. In JPG, image is compressed and stored.nBetter control available to the photographer

What are some of the best color combinations in womens clothing?

Some of the best color combinations in womenu2019s clothing to try :Black & White combination never go wrong. For working women this combination is very powerful and adds edge to the personality. Light make up goes well with this combination as it gives you subtle look.,Yellow with grey/white/black looks refreshing and trendy always. Accessories (